印媒: 高额的临床医学学费让许多医生陷入债务陷阱

Amdavad - Ahmedabad - 1 hour ago -Follow

Fees of sc st candidates paid by government in private medical colleges. So now only rich or reserved can be a doctor but poor and middle class general catagory students have to suffer most.



Myviews - 33 mins ago -Follow

Pvt medical clg fees are as high as 18-20 lakhs per year (total 90 lakhs) without management... management seats in range of 2 crore...Thus pvt colleges are filled with only rich dumb students & thus, pvt clg doctors are worthless & danger to society.



Engineer - 35 mins ago -Follow

Wonder such a serious real concern was never raised by anyone in the recent

Parliament session.



Aadhu - 38 mins ago -Follow

Thank God for this article! Atleast now some will realise the plight of genuine doctors. Yes, definitely it has become a degree only for the rich! After the struggle in MBBS reaches an end after 1 year of compulsory rural internship the real struggle starts for getting a PG seat. Many doctors who are over 25 or reaching 30 are still living with the parents' pocket money as they would be preparing for a PG seat of their choice in a govt college.
The stipend / salary mentioned as 60k is seen only in northern India and nowhere in south. Everybody says doctors are money mongerers...but there are few hundred thousands silently suffering with financial burden on their shoulders..and that includes every doctor from a middle class family.




Dubai Guy - 51 mins ago -Follow

MCI is yet another MAFIA that controls the 1.3 Bilion people of the Indian subcontinent. A country with such a poor record on health care is just restricting the no. of doctors to get cleared. The people of India are under siege.



Anonymous - 1 hour ago -Follow

Why not give give loan from govt . treasury
for Rs.50lakhs on admission at Medical college and write off this amount after 5 years on completion of M B B S/BDs course as govt writes off loans every year in cases of farmers .




Rakesh Goel - ncr - 1 hour ago -Follow

Medical profession is not as lucrative from earning point as it look from out side. Specialty to bear the cost of education from private college and hope to repay by earning is serious debt trap. For a loan seeker from lower and middle class it may prove death trap. Second the degrees from such medical colleges are not getting it''s due recognition and always have question on quality of education given by them.



H Tej - 4 hours ago -Follow

Salaried doctors earn less and should go in private practice.Salaried service are for dumb doctors who got admission by money only and not by knowledge.



Shrinivas - 1 hour ago -Follow

But in medical education it doesn't end with MBBS. MD or MS follows.Now even that is not enough.Students have to do DM or MCH.This entire from private institute comes to 6 to 7.5 Crores.



Yogesh Sharma - Location - 49 mins ago -Follow

The government should opnen atleast one good medical college in every district of the country with 100% hostel facility for students and staff to face this problem.



Bhupinder Pal Pal - 53 mins ago -Follow

Fo you think people are fool?. Most of the students in these colleges are incompetent children of doctors or corrupt govt employees who already have tonns of money with them.
Yes, some genuine children who miss due to dirty reservation system are also trapped but the number is very small.




Ramu Ramakesavan - chandler - 1 hour ago -Follow

I don''t understand why more medical colleges cannot be opened. There is enough patients needing care in India. I think it is organized crime by politicians to raise money for election by reducing supply



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