印媒: 印度不顾美国的压力与俄罗斯进行S-400导弹交易

India to go ahead with S-400 missile deal with Russia despite US pressure


NEW DELHI: India will go ahead with the Rs 39,000 crore acquisition of five advanced S-400 Triumf air defence missile sy ems from Russia despite pressure from the US, asserted defence minister Nirm Sitharn here on Friday.



India has now reached the "conclusive stage" in the procurement of the S-400 sy ems after negotiating the deal with Russia over the last few years, much before the recent US law called CAATSA (Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act) came into force to deter countries from buying Russian won sy ems.

在最近几年与俄罗斯谈判后,印度已进入了采购S - 400系统的“决定性阶段”,前不久被称作CAATSA(通过制裁对抗美国对手)的法案开始生效,这个法案的目的就是为了阻止各国购买俄罗斯武器系统。

"I don't see it as choosing between the US and Russia…We have told the US Congressional delegation (that visited India recently) that we have had continuous relations with Russia, including defence procurements, which have endured for years," said Sitharn, dismissing CAATSA as "a US law and not a UN law".


TOI was the first to report in October 2015 that India had kicked off plans to acquire the S-400 missile sy ems, which can detect, track and destroy hostile strategic bombers, stealth fighters, spy planes, missiles and drones at a range of up to 400-km and altitude of 30-km.


CAATSA will figure in the inaugural "two-plus-two" dialogue between Sitharn and foreign minister Sushma Swaraj with their American counterparts, Jim Mattis andMike Pompeo, which is now slated for early-September after its July 6 meeting was cancelled by the US due to scheduling problems.


India and the US will also discuss bilateral military pacts like Communications, Compatibility and Security Arrangement (COMCASA) and the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-Spatial Cooperation (BECA), which are being pushed by the US for over 15 years now, in the two-plus-two dialogue.


But Sitharn said "final positions are yet to be arrived" in the discussions over COMCASA, which the US says will allow India more access to advanced military technologies and platforms with encrypted communications like Predator-B and MQ-9 Rer drones.

但西塔拉曼表示,在有关COMCASA的讨论中,“尚未达成最终立场”。美国表示,COMCASA将让印度获得更先进的军事技术和平台,并使用诸如“捕食者- b”和MQ-9“收割者”无人机等加密通信方式。

"The two-plus-two meeting will be about develo and strengthening the strategic and defence cooperation between India and the US, how to go forward with LEMOA (the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement inked in 2016) and defence buys," said Sitharn.



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MrBoobs-Right Here-12 hours ago

hahahahahah...now it makes sense why Modi invited Trump to Republic Day parade....so he can show Trump that his pressure means nothing and India bought the wons they wanted.



What is in Name-India-12 hours ago

Good decision! USA is really unpredictable as a nation to trust.



Deepak Cm-11 hours ago

First handled Chinq with Dhoklam and now the IS with S-400. Show the world that we cannot be bullied & we will lead our lives in our own ways. We are not the dirty Pakis to hold begging blow in front of US



Sudip-12 hours ago-Follow

we will do whatever suits our interest.... good move.... Jai Hind



Smoking Kills Weed-Weed Republic of India-11 hours ago-Follow

Modi is a boon for Mother India.. Best PM in the history of India. I want him to rule this country for atleast next 10 years. Sachcha Deshbhakt PM.



Karan-Dehradun-10 hours ago-Follow

India needs Modi for another 10 years



N Renganathan-Location-12 hours ago-Follow

we must strictly honour our prior commitments with Russia or even for that matter U S too .
U S must not enlarge its bilateral issues into a multilateral one




Ankit-11 hours ago-Follow

Russian missile defence sy ems are the best in the world now. India should go ahead with it. Also it should try and make them in India to boost self reliance and employment. Russia needs money. It will easily accede to this demand



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