印媒: 最高法院称德里“垃圾堆积如山”

SC says Delhi under 'mountains of garbage', s ms LG for inaction


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday said "mountains of garbage" in Delhi indicate that the city is facing a grave situation and s mmed the lieutenant governor (LG) for not taking appropriate action on the issue of solid waste management.



Referring to the "mountains of garbage" at the three landfill sites — Ghazipur, Okhla and Bhalswa — the court said no action has been taken by authorities, including the office of the LG due to which Delhi was facing the serious problem.


The office of LG and Delhi go nment told a bench comprising justices MB Lokur and Deepak Gupta that municipal corporations have the responsibility to deal with the issue of solid waste management.


"This is nothing but passing on the buck," an anguished bench said.


The bench also termed as "utopian" the 'state policy on solid waste management strategy' which has been framed by the LG office and observed that perhaps it would be impossible to implement as the East Delhi Municipal Corporation and the North Delhi Municipal Corporation don't have funds to carry out their day-to-day affairs.


Coming down hard on the LG, the court said that despite convening 25 meetings on the issue, Delhi was still under "mountains of dumps".


The bench directed the office of the LG to file an affidavit by July 16 indicating the time frame on the steps it is supposed to take to deal with the situation.


The Delhi go nment and the LG also informed the bench that the LG has the power to issue directions to authorities concerned under the provisions of Delhi Municipal Corporation Act on disposal of solid waste.


The apex court had on the last date of hearing asked the Centre and the Delhi go nment to clarify who could be held responsible for clearing the "mountain loads of garbage" in the national capital.


The top court's direction came days after its verdict on the power tussle between the Lieutenant Governor and the Aam Aadmi Party go nment in which it held that the LG has no independent power to take decisions and is bound by the ed go nment's aid and advice.


It had also slapped fines on 10 states and two union territories for not filing their affidavits on their policies for solid waste management strategy.


On March 27, the top court had said that days are not far when garbage mounds at the Ghazipur landfill site in Delhi will match the height of the iconic 73-metre high Qutub Minar and red beacon lights will have to be used to ward off aircraft flying over it.



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thesillycommonman-everywhere-17 hours ago

LG will not do any work and will nor give powers to ed CM to do the work .... LG is appointed by central govt.



Sayed Safdar Hussaini-17 hours ago

LG will take action only when the Central Govt will say him....Moti Chhooo...



Sojo-17 hours ago

Imagine this is the situation of Capital of India and where PM is talking about Swaach Bharat...shows how bad is the situation..its better to bring expats from other nations to clean our filth and do some basic planning for roads , drainage, town planning, solid and water waste management etc...our po iticians and govt agencies are good for nothing.



XXXYYYZZZ-17 hours ago-Follow

BJP was cheating people of Delhi by falsely accusing AAP. SC exposed BJP appointed LG



Ashok KV-17 hours ago-Follow

For LG, Modi is above all, including supreme court. Shame Shame Modi. This Modi give big on media and big stages but in action he is not even 1% of Arvind Kejriwal in promptness, frankness.



Aromal-17 hours ago-Follow

This LG will not do any work and also will not allow anybody else to work.



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