印媒: 印度一架Su-30MKI战机在马哈拉施特拉邦坠毁

Under-production Sukhoi jet crashes in Maharashtra's Nashik


NEW DELHI: An under-production Sukhoi jet crashed today in Maharashtra's Nashik.



No casualties have been reported yet. Both pilots are said to have ejected safely. The Sukhoi Su-30MKI was an under-production aircraft of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Therefore, it wasn't yet part of the Indian Air Force (IAF)


At least eight Sukhoi-30MKIs have crashed since they were inducted. The IAF has inducted around 240 of the 272 Sukhoi-30MKIs contracted from Russia for $12 billion, the bulk of them produced by HAL under licence.

至少有8架苏霍伊-30MKIs在服役伊始就坠毁了。印度空军以120亿美元的价格从俄罗斯获得了272架苏霍伊- 30mkis中的240架,其中大部分是授权印度斯坦航空有限公司生产的。


Last year in May, a frontline Sukhoi jet crashed near the border killing both pilots on board. A technical snag is believed to have stopped them from initiating ejection, suggesting they went down with plane. They met with fatal injuries and succumbed to them. The IAF has ordered a court of inquiry to investigate the cause of the accident.


Earlier in 2015, a Sukhoi-30MKI fighter aircraft had crashed at Laokhowa Boralimari village in Nagaon district of central Assam. Both the pilot and co-pilot had ejected safely then.


The Sukhoi Su-30 is a Russian-made, twin-engine fighter meant for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface missions. The first of the Su-30 planes were inducted by the IAF in the late 1990s. Since then, at least six crashes have taken place. Probes into the accidents have indicated mostly technical failure.

苏霍伊 Su-30是俄罗斯制造的双引擎战斗机,可执行全天候、空对空和空对地任务。第一批苏-30飞机是在上世纪90年代末由印度空军引入的。从那以后,至少发生了六起坠机事件。通过对事故的调查,发现主要原因都是技术故障。



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Venka Thhfh


venka thhfh-5 days ago

This is what happens when reservations take utmost priority. If HAL cannot ensure quality even after taking a complete license from Russia to build the jets themselves, then no one is to be blamed than messed up reservations in this country



Dayanand Babu


Dayanand-5 days ago-Follow

HAL can provide jobs on reservations. Not a fighter aircraft. Russia did a grave mistake by joining HAL. Lockheed Martin is smart. They are going with TATA.



Mayank Dubey


Mayank-5 days ago-Follow

Shocked to learn that. Just pray that the pilots are safe.





singhals-India-5 days ago-Follow

Cannot afford to loose the tax payers money and innocent lives due to some incompetent person in such critical places. The reservation angle needs to be clearly investigated.



Ravi Kulkarni


Ravi Kulkarni-5 days ago-Follow

this is the result of SC/ST reservations. The way to go is merit. That is when India will become self reliant. If the gt is so concerned about SCs and Its then let them pay the sry they would earn and keep them out of the job. Let that job be held by a person of merit. In that way SC and Its are happy and at the same time meritocracy is set in.



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