这是中国的下一艘航母吗? 造船厂“意外透露”第三艘航母的设计

Is this China's next aircraft carrier? Design of Beijing's third warship is 'accidentally revealed' by its manufacturer


A picture released by China's top aircraft carrier builder might have revealed the design of the country's next warship by accident.


The image of a poster in the boardroom of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation showed three aircraft carriers, whereas Beijing currently only has two.



Reports have suggested that the extra ship could well be China's third - and most advanced - aircraft carrier.


China currently has two aircraft carriers: Liaoning, the country's first aircraft carrier, and Type 001A, the country's first domestically developed carrier.



Sources told South China Morning Post that Beijing started building its third warship at a Shanghai shipyard last year while Singapore's Zaobao.com claimed the new warship would be completed in three years' time.


However, the Chinese go nment is yet to confirm those claims.


The picture containing the alleged third vessel appeared in a social media post on June 20 by the China's top shipbuilding firm, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). But it was later deleted on the same day.


The image of the vessel was pictured in the background of a conference among senior CSIC executives in Wuhuan city, central China.


The new unidentified aircraft carrier is seen flanked by Liaoning and Type 001A.


While its predecessors are equipped with angled, jump-rack decks, the new mysterious warship has a flat-top flight deck, making an electromagnetic aircraft launch system possible, according to a report on the English website of the Chinese People's Liberation Army citing Global Times.


Additionally, three catapults shown on board the carrier would mean high speed launch capabilities, high frequency take-offs and quick responses, according to military expert Song Zhongping.


A giant 'island', or command center on the deck, could indicate that the warship is a conventionally-powered carrier rather than a nuclear-powered one, the report added.


Although the picture has prompted much discussion on the internet, CSIC has yet to release any comments about it.


China's first aircraft carrier is a retrofitted Soviet-era ship called the Liaoning, which was commissioned to the China's People's Liberation Army Navy in 2012.


Its second aircraft carrier, The Type 001A, has just successfully completed its one-month-long maiden sea trials.


The 50,000-tonne Type 001A is China's first aircraft carrier to be entirely built and designed by the country's engineers, and is set to enter service by 2020.


Naval experts claimed that China plans to have four aircraft carrier battle groups in service by 2030, according to South China Morning Post.


Apart from building and designing many prominent naval vessels, CSIC disclosed in February its plan to build China's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier as part of planned weaponry upgrades for the Chinese Navy by 2025.



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Francis Clement, Singapore, Singapore, about 9 hours ago
Do your part against Chinese predatory tricks. As per Trump trade adviser "DO NOT BUY MADE IN CHINA PRODUCTS".


Brenthawkinsmd, Redmond, United Kingdom, about 13 hours ago
Stolen plans


Mrjoshua, New York, United States, about 14 hours ago
That likes the the Nimitz class. I see hackers hard at work. Well at least ours won't break down.


Womenlover, Sydney, Australia, about 17 hours ago
It would not take china much to take over Australia with our puny little army.


Dean, USA, United States, about 17 hours ago
And you disarmed your citizenry.


Womenlover, Sydney, Australia, about 17 hours ago
I am glad that i in old age now, because in the future i see Australia being run under China.


JG66, Padstow, United Kingdom, about 15 hours ago
..and then going for New Zealand next...


kscavery, London, Cambodia, about 17 hours ago
These are just training Carriers, and prototypes for the coming fleet they will produce. Then they will build 5 at once at the same size or bigger than any other carriers. In a decade they will match the US Navy. 5 years after that they will match the rest of the world. Get your kids ready for being worked to death in camps/factories.


Gr8Dane, Phoenix MD, United States, about 16 hours ago
No, China will never match the US Navy. Ever. We're about 80 years ahead of them in every naval matter.


Ivorlendmeafiver, Timbuktoo, Cayman Islands, about 15 hours ago
Gr8,..... so why do your ships ram container ships eh ? never heard of a Chinese ship doing the same.

Gr8, 你们的船为什么要撞集装箱船呢?我可从来没有听说过哪艘中国船这么做过。

Tony Chamberlain, Manchester, United Kingdom, about 17 hours ago
lets hope it works better than their space stations


ellic2, mineral, United States, about 17 hours ago
Might not be a good idea to put all three of your carriers together like that. I know it's just a picture but it doesn't show a lot of smarts.


bagnes, no, Åland Islands, about 20 hours ago
america and france are the only countries in the world with real carriers. not ski jumps and not diesel powered, and able to hold a meaningful number of planes, over 50. the new uk ski jump carries just 12


Mavrick, Boston MA, about 21 hours ago
Gee all the hacking payed off finally we see!


Meh....., Northern Virginia, United States, about 20 hours ago
No hacking involved, the electromagnetic launch system were accidentally at the bottom of one of the boxes of missile plans that Bill and Hillary sold them.


BFGtoby, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, 21 hours ago
Don't worry it's a knockoff Chinese copy, won't last long or be reliable.


Meh....., Northern Virginia, United States, 22 hours ago
Note to China; we have 10 Carrier Battle Groups and two under construction. You have one that even the Ukraine didn't want and one undergoing sea trials. just saying.


Gary, Cheshire, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Give it twenty years when they have fifty plus carrier groups and all that extra experience and let's see what people say


Arrinera, Southampton, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Note to America; your GDP: 19 trillion. China GDP: 23 trillion. You can take the easy way out and negotiate with China for a secure and peaceful future or you can pretend you are relevant and flex your muscles before you are overcome by the sheer population of China and India. World Bank prediction is that by 2050 China will have double GDP or the US. In 2050 the US will be to China what Japan is to US today. careful what you wish for.


Ralpha1961, Atlanta, 22 hours ago
China builds magnificent cities and weaponry. They copy all our goods, illegally. The democrats are behind all this. Selling out our country for money and the hate of Christian conservative America.


Mr.Firth, East York, Canada, 17 hours ago
the US from 1900 -2000 consumed 4.5 Gigatons of cement , China from 2011-2013 consumed 6.5 Gigatons of cement . ..


parthenon99, philadelphia, United States, 22 hours ago
Mattis is on his way there.. everyone who is screaming Russia Russia Russia better think twice and pay attention to this country..we are in a lot of trouble


I miss old England, Jebasole, United States, 22 hours ago
It's being built at Lake Tahoe.


Melvin, Jacksonville, United States, 22 hours ago
Electromagnetic launch system, now I wonder where they got that from.


Size8, Mesa, United States, 17 hours ago
They have some very intelligent people in China, idiot


Ivorlendmeafiver, Timbuktoo, Cayman Islands, 15 hours ago
V2 rocket plans, I wonder where you lot got them from ??


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