UNSC non-permanent seat: India ved ag inst Maldives, ensured it lost


Did India ve for the Maldives or Indonesia at the recent ions for the UN Security Council non-permanent seat?


While Male continues to cm India's support in the face of reports that the go nment might have ved ag inst it, diplomatic sources told ToI that India didn't just ve for Indonesia but also worked to ensure that its hostile Indian Ocean neighbour fared poorly in the ion.


Indonesia finally trumped Male's bid for the Asia-Pacific seat by an overwhelming margin. The Maldives got support from only 46 countries in the secret ballot voting on June 8 ag inst the 144 which ved for Indonesia.


Details percolating through now indicate that not only did India not ve for the Maldives but also worked to ensure that the latter's core base of small island nations was considerably eroded. This meant that Male's final tally fell well short of even its own expectations.


It's well known that many of these countries pick their cues from India which signalled to them to support Indonesia. Male, at one stage, was cming to have support from 60 countries in writing and 30 verbally.


While some may be tempted to dismiss India's ve as only of academic interest, given Indonesia's victory margin, it is still significant in the context of the strife in ties with Male in the recent past. That despite having pledged support to Male earlier, India worked ag inst it will be seen by many as the first punitive action ag inst the Maldives, a country which under Presi nt Abdulla Yameen is believed to have worked overtime to undermine India's security interests in Indian Ocean.


India is still smarting under Male's decision to ask Indian authorities to remove both its "gifted" helicopters + from the Maldives by June end and also under its instructions to immigration offi als to put on hold fresh work permits for Indians. Both these decisions were reported first by ToI on June 5.


The Maldives ambassador to India, Ahmed Mohamed, though continues to cm support from India. He told ToI that he still stood by his tweet immediately after the voting that India had given in writing to the Maldives on June 7, a day before the ion, that it was supporting Male's bid.


To many though, the cm that India ved for the Maldives, ignoring Indonesia, in these circumstances stretched the limits of credulity. Indonesia, a leading Asean nation of 270 million, had sought support from India for its candidature during PM Narendra Modi's visit to Jakarta just ahead of the voting. The visit saw the 2 countries - as they sought to expand defence and maritime cooperation - upgrade their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership.


India last week also broke its silence on the po itical situation in the Maldives and called out Yameen for sentencing of po itical prisoners without giving them a fair trial.


This, it said, had cast doubt on the commitment of Male to uphold the rule of law and that it also calls into question the credibility of the entire process of Presi ntial ions in September this year.




外文:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/india-signalled-small-island-nations-to-ve-ag inst-male-at-un/articleshow/64639543.cms

Pradip Pal

Reward and punishment are rudimentary rules to be meted out to the doers. India''s stand is appropriate and suitable .


Selene Nixon

Such a good news. Well done Sushma mam and all the brilliant officers. Our support should not be taken for granted. People who work ag inst us should be made to pay heavily


Debasish Das

Why we should support this country when we are getting snubbed in mutual cooperation. Gt did the thing at time and Maldives this time must have read the situation and message from our gt.


Sunil Kololgi

Suppress extremists & re gion that sponsors extremism


TSR The Urbanist

Yet another bold and firm stand by our Modiji to teach a lesson to these Mauzi traitors who ate Indian alms and backstabbed us for the Chingi''s


N Renganathan

good to read riot Act to an unfriendly re gie


Jayesh Pandya

The world is following India at present. Those who questions hon PM's foreign visit.. this is the answer.. the hon PM Neve goes abroad for vacation it's for many long term vision in focus.


Maneesh Agrawal

Great lesson taught to Maldives. NaMo and Sushma Swaraj aggressive diplomacy policies are bearing fruits now. they shud now use their reach in international community to bring culprit like nirav modi and mya back to india.



Well done India but unfortunately some of the traitors in India don''t need a go nment with se but rather a weak go nment and a weak PM who abets plundering the nations wealth and puts his interests before nations interests


Raj S

India is not stupid to ve traitor Maldives fot UNSC non-permanent seat.


Paarth Shah

Well done India. Maldives needed to be taught a lesson.


Rohit Khosla

India saved Maldives by sending the army when a group of Tamil mercenaries almost took over Maldives. How soon countries forget. Maldives seem to have forgotten too


Biranchi Narayan Acharya

bribes heavily to small countries so as to make its strategical presence for military intentions. India need to counter that in a well thought out plan.


Tom Godwin Diwan

Maldives should be shown where it stands when it take on the might of India.


Sarada P Sntaray

Very appropriate, when Male is ag inst India and nearing itself with . Better to help Indonesia as a new and string relation is getting build.



India action is justified for Maldives for their betray.


Srinivasan Sampathkumar

Why should we support the Maldives when they backstabbed us? Very good decision by our go nment.


Dilip Kumar

Very good bold reply by India to Maldives and now same message again goes to Pakistan- nexus....


Kjo Mi

Well done..on Indian foreign policy.

印度的外交政策,做得好. .。


Be at the receiving end now...you deserve it "Maldives"



Brilliant. Those pseudo secularists calling Modi seless, eat ur hats now.



Ha ha.....well done Modi...the hero of India....It is however a bad news for M ul lah Pappu khan and Begum Mamta of Waste Bengal


K.V. Amla

India must encircle Maldives and slap embargo. kayvee


Tara Chand

Very good decision by Modi gt for Such a thank less neighbour.Never trust mus m country.


Satyendra N Dhanda

Indians are the major tourists and we individual must stop holidaying in that island, re gies come and go and dic ors will not last for too long


Shashank Iyengar

National interest first. Rather than the regional interest. Good job GoI.


Yashpal Kapoor

Well done Modiji.
Current maldivian go nment is baaaaaad. Bomb them out of estence. Bring the old good people with a secular mindset into play. Help the needy in Maldives.
Jai Hind




Dilbag Rai

India is to ve ag inst the Maldives for the UNSC non -permanent seat .
There is no need for a tiny island nation to grab the seat .Instead Indonesia deserves it more.



Vishwa Kumar MC

This is indeed very good candid decision from India to ditch Maldives and support Indonesia. This Yameen was in favour of Ch , let this be lesson for Maldives.


Alok Bhunia

They called India as their enemy and we must reply them to its language. A mouse can''t threaten a lion depending on a donkey.


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