Deserter 'NRI husbands' may soon lose assets, passports


NEW DELHI: The government is considering changes in the law to enable confiscation of an absconding NRI husband’s share of joint property and prevention of alienation of commonly held land to build pressure on delinquent spouses who refuse to answer court summons.



Spurred by reports of several cases, many from Punjab, of “NRI husbands” who marry women promising an attractive lifestyle but turn deserters soon after, a group of ministers has shortlisted possible measures that will act as a deterrent and also help deliver justice to wives in distress.


These measures include a dedicated website for putting up unanswered summonses which will be set up by the ministry of external affairs. If husbands facing legal action refuse to answer or evade summonses, these will be deemed to have been served once they appear on this website. This is to deal with offenders who move countries and sometimes change identities to evade the legal process.


Also under consideration are strict measures like revocation of passports in case of husbands who fail to respond to summonses and declaring them absconders.


Compulsory registration of NRI marriages within 48 hours of a wedding being solemnised is another measure that will be put on fast track now.


The development is significant as the GoM, comprising of senior ministers like Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Maneka Gandhi and Ravi Shankar Prasad, felt that there is a strong need to find solutions, even innovative ones, to tighten the law and bring the non-resident Indian offenders to book. Singh chaired the deliberations.

由于包括Sushma Swaraj,Rajnath Singh,Maneka Gandhi和Ravi Shankar Prasad等高级部长在内的GoM认为,强烈需要寻求解决方案,甚至是创新解决方案,以收紧法律,居民印度罪犯预定。辛格主持了审议。

The move will take the shape of a Cabinet proposal after legal scrutiny. The GoM, which had considered the legal tenability of measures, is understood to be in agreement of the changes in the law that will be required. According to officials, there will be a need to amend the code of criminal procedure (CrPC), the marriage registration act and passport rules.


What about the men suffering aboard due to fake cases in India. Time has changed. Law should be gender neutral. Thousands of NRI men are deserted abroad but nobody listen. Legal terrorism.




Rj Di

My friend is completely ruined by a greedy and useless wife who completely destroyed a very good human by framing false cases against him and his family. Instead of giving a divorce they are trying to mint s much money possible as the guy is an nri. The nri is now spending all his salary on lawyers and other expenses.

Rj Di




oh my god, another law for women, the life of men is going to be like ATM machine for women, he will die everyday, in India the life of husband is like slave, if these law comes, good family's will ruin there life's by rounding into courts,it is dangerous to live in India like husband, these law makers are ruining men's life.



Prakki Satyamurty

I know several cases of false allegations by women upon their spouses living and working abroad. Actually the scoundrels are the lawyers who instigate baseless allegations.




What about NRI wife?? Who leave husband in India. Stop making one sided law and also include provisions to strict punishments in case of false allegations.




good move.. now NRIs will not prefer to marry a girl from India.. otherwiseves will be ruined if they get greedy women...i




Yet another mockery of gender equality. This goes to show it is only used as a weapon when convenient. The effective solution is to fast track the cases, bring closure within a maxmum of six hearings, with only one appeal against the judgement, which again needs to be closed within three hearings. A total time frame of one year from the time of filing the case should be fixed for such cases. Otherwise the couple remain unhappy and the cases keep getting dragged on causing unnecessary mental anguish.



Satish Arora

My story is about ugly divorce I went through soon after coming to US from India

We can see hundreds of books about men being abusive to women. Men are generally perceived to be abusive. Behind these perceptions, women secretly and slowly abuse in a silent manner like slow venom. And by the time one realizes, it is too late and man is already tangled in the web. Unfortunately, many divorces turn ugly and it is usually due to one partner resorting to dirty divorce tactics. The spouse who decides to implement these tactics feels desperate and out of control and will do anything to hurt his or her spouse

Often men don’t like to talk about abuses they go through behind closed doors. It is matter of insult and they lose their integrity. But when abusive behaviour crosses the thresholds, they start to defend themselves behind their gender being abused instead.

So, I confronted the behaviour, not the way she ought to confront my behaviour, but the way she ought to confront rational behaviour. I asked for an explanation, asked for examples of the generalizations made by her, and asked her to make sense of the abuse. I had been sent to Jail for Domestic violence then mental facility for evaluation, AA alcoholic anonymous and NA narcotics anonymous while I was not an alcoholic or drug abuser. Her behaviour projected Extreme jealous, isolating behaviours, Controlling- who I see, what I wear Intimidation and threats, Emotional manipulation- making me feel guilty all the time

But I was losing. Her—verbal, and emotional abuses included—do not act rationally. Asking me for a reason or trying to reason with her is pointless. She had no good reasons for behaving the way she did. She would respond with more abuses. One cannot reason with an abuser. A verbal abuser will define your reality, decide what you can or cannot do, and treat you as an (in-her-eyes) ugly part of herself, a part that she have to undermine in order to keep up her own sense of self.

There is only one way to end verbal abuse: Call it to the abuser’s attention.

If that doesn’t work, the only way out is to leave, as fast as you can. I did leave but not fast enough..

There is complete details in the book “Fate of abusive relationship” satish.me/




所以,我面对的行为,不应该是她应该面对我的行为的方式,而应该是她面对时的理性方式。我诉求一个解释,要求她提供一些简要的例子,并要求她解释滥用的原因。我因为家庭暴力被送到监狱,然后被送到精神病院进行评估,匿名AA酒精和匿名NA麻醉药评估,但我不酗酒或吸毒。她的行为极端厌恶,孤立,控制 – 在我看来,我受到惊吓,威胁和情绪操纵 - 让我总是感到内疚。

但我输了。她的言语和情感虐待包括 - 不合理的行为。问我一个理由,或者试图与她辩论毫无意义。她没有很好的理由解释自己的行为。她会更加虐待。一个人无法与施虐者讲理。口头施虐会规定你的现状,决定你能做什么或不能做什么,并且把你当作她自己丑陋的部分,这是她必须破坏的一部分,以保持自己的自我意识。





Bonny Moraes

And what about the women who have polished the bank account of their trusting NRI husbands, taken all his movable assets and deserted him for another man when the husband was away? Don''t tell me such cases do not exst.

Bonny Moraes




Question arises, when the PM himself has NOT divorced his wife legally, what kind of joke is the government portraying to the world?




Question - If NRI men dum Indian women after marriage is a crime then why is'nt greedy Indian women and their families running after NRI grooms not a crime?

问题 - 如果非印度居住男子在婚后抛弃印度妇女是一种犯罪行为,那么为什么非印度居民的丈夫没有犯罪,贪婪的印度妇女和她们的家庭没有再维持?


Sainath Kalpathy

Joke ? This government is a assh ole. A proper ownership case takes 20 years to settle in India n now this nonsense.




But what action govt is taking against false cases filed by women on men? False 498a and DV is used on NRIs for extortion is the govt doing anything about it? No, govt won't do anything...deserter can be an NRI woman too but will the govt take any action on her? No, govt. won't. This govt will loose votes all men must vote against BJP



Bhanu Pratap Singh

Only the PM of India can be a deserter.....



Proud Patriot Hindu

Why only the men even the NRI women who desert their husbands should also loose all the rights same as a man would




start with deserter desi modi



Anne Lobo

It is one thing to punish absconding NRI husbands. But blame shud also b shared with d girl’s family, who get carried away with an NRI proposal n force d girl to marry w/o proper background checks.



Bharath Reddy

Good move by govt

Now Modi can be arrested as an NRI deserter husband :-)))





It's very difficult to tolerate today's Indian women for whole life. It's not just NRI men but Indian men too want to desert their wives and run away to some distant place but they can't; because they have nowhere else to go; whereas for NRIs can leave India for some other country. When the Indian PM himself deserted his wife, then how can you blame others?




Indian women are super evils but unfortunately the government and judicial system is completely biased towards these bi*ches.




What about those "Wife Deserter" Indian husbands. Our "Feku" is the leader all Indian husbands.




will modi be charged against this law as he deserted his wife




good move...but gender bias should be omitted if intended for men only.....




I have seen many fake cases of dowry & domestic violence for extortion/exploitation of boy & family for their immoral or illegal demands like leaving family for girl, simple dispute like movies & clothes led to false charges of dowry & domestic violence which are treated as criminal offence without any proof required from girls. Indian courts are ridiculous, you may be present from different countries but court officials or girls side can skip hearing with no penalties. So if you skip one summon you are deserter & if court judge or girl is not present on date despite being local this is ok. Seems like foolish law without proper studying cases pending or about efficiency of Indian courts.


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