Jharkhand: Two lynched by angry villagers on allegation of stealing cattle



The deceased were caught red handed by villagers while driving away 13 buffaloes stolen from nearby Dhulu village.

Police have arrested altogether four people in connection with the lynching.

The incident of cattle stealing from the village had taken place on previous occasions also.






RANCHI DUMKA: In yet another incident of cow vigilantism, a mob lynched two Muslim men on suspicion of being involved in cattle theft at a village in Jharkhand’s Godda district early Wednesday morning.

A video showing one of the victims, with injury marks on his head, slung over a bamboo pole and being dragged on the ground went viral on social media.

The victims have been identified by cops as Jirafuddin Ansari (35) and Murtaza Miyan (30) from Taljhari village in Godda, about 300km from Ranchi.




Godda SP Rajiv Ranjan Singh said, “The victims had previous criminal cases of cattle theft registered against them.” Bodies of the victims were handed over to their families following postmortem, he added.

Four persons were arrested in connection with the lynching and an FIR was registered against unidentified persons for stealing buffaloes, police said.



Five people had gone to Dhulu village in the district to steal buffaloes, and as they entered nearby Bankatti village they were caught by villagers armed with bows and arrows, Singh said. While three of them managed to flee, the two were surrounded and lynched by the villagers.
Godda MLA Pradeep Yadav of JMM said, “There is resentment among villagers about cattle thefts in the area. I am collecting reports about the incident.” In March, a fast-track court in Ramgarh setenced 11 cow vigilantes, including a BJP leader, for the lynching of a Muslim man, identified as Alimuddin Ansari, on suspicion that he was carrying beef in his car in 2017.






Rajkamal Das-15 hours ago

Nobody has the right to kill anybody....mob lynching has to stop.



Gopi Nath-15 hours ago

Cattle is bred & butter for poor people.. but the anti national forces want to make this as if it is a major incident to mislead the world with agenda & set Narrative..



Syed Ali-14 hours ago

See the mentality of many people who have commented... Here also these idiots are seeing Religion... And they are considering Taliban and ISIS to be fanatics...These coward RSS bhakts will later on give rise to Hindu Terrorism...



Kk10802 Kk-Mumbai-15 hours ago

Just by reading heading only I could guess the names of all thieves.They all are from religion of peace.



Guy Max-3rdRockFromTheSun-12 hours ago

Makes, me wonder if Hindus never steal anything?



Ankit12 hours ago

We still living in stone age....People being murdered for stealing cattle....What a shame.....Shame on those villagers.... As usual police always reach after crime....Typical Hollywood/Bollywood style....



Shab K-USA-10 hours ago

One more feather added into Gau Rakshak..cap.. Such an instant reaction for stealing buffalo.Where are these so called protecters(RSS/BJP gau rakshas) when there are rapes on women/girls. Are they slee that time. Why such instant action is not taken. Bloody criminals..now justifying themselves. All this is happening under the nose of Feku Chaiwala.

圣牛保护者的又一战绩。对偷牛的反应如此迅速。当发生强奸妇女或女孩时,这些所谓的保护者(民族志工组织和人民党的圣牛保护者)在哪里? 他们那时是在睡觉吗?为什么不立即采取行动呢?残忍的犯罪分子,现在该证明自己了。这一切都在莫迪的眼皮底下发生。


Sathya9774 Sathya-13 hours ago

Congrats Modi and Shah you successfully turned India into a lynch mob.... these murders are on you and define your legacy....sad



Dinesh Dave-Nasik-12 hours ago

This is simply not acceptable, hang the culprits. No trials required



Secular India-15 hours ago

Kill the main lynchers, then they will understand what the life is, these basstaarrrds are actually rapists and murderers...no one has right to kill any one unless he raped or murdered someone.



Sanjay Chhabaria-Ahmedabad-13 hours ago

India still a country of Medieval Age..



Umesh-Satara-15 hours ago

Deserve punishment given by tribals.



Sridhar Rao15 hours ago

the authorities should have arrested the culprit or should have prevented robbery earlier itself



Deepak Tiwari-Gurgaon-15 hours ago

Mob lynching incident are increasing day by day, government must bring strict laws to punish the Mob, many innocent are being lynched by mob only on ground of suspicion. Plz Modi ji plz, bring some strict rules to manage mobs..



Raj-12 hours ago

Mob justice is never right .



Ajith Velu-Dubai-13 hours ago

Why the unnecessary attention about the cattle factor. This is a case of theft and action taken by the villagers as previous instances have not been attended by the officials. I''m not defending the actions of the villagers by taking the law into their hands but the media attention on the cattle/cow factor is what i object to. This would spread the wrong message.



Vidrohi-13 hours ago

modi the protector of cattle has made india no 1 beef exporting nation so he himself sells beef to make money but tells his goons to lynch once a while some related to cattle what a nautanki chor dil suwar this modi is



Kanshi-14 hours ago

North India.. Land of zero law. Land of riots, lynching, intolerance, rapes and murder. It is a land where people have replaced their human mother by a cow. North Indians can't survive even one day without violence.



James Bond -15 hours ago

Being from Godda, I must agree that the lynchers are real tribes and they know no mercy if they get to know that they have been fooled else they are the most innocent creature in the state.



Asha Hope -Pune-15 hours ago

ye bhi koi news hai..what do u wants to suggest or air that current govt is pro rich and less attentive to poor...this is just incident and mob has no rules



Mohd.Ismail .-9 hours ago

No one has right to kill anyone.....



Henjakai Chongloidimapur-11 hours ago

Many part of the people of our country need to know how to live in a civilized world. No one has rights to take law ⚖ in their own hands and no one has rights to take life as well.

我们国家的许多人都需要知道如何在一个文明的世界里生活。没有人有权利滥用法律, 没有人有权利剥夺他人的生命。


Uday Gohil-Gujrat-13 hours ago

Religion has became harmful for national health!!



Aj Practica-6 hours ago

Mob lynching is in fashion in our country now. Vigilantists who attack in groups are not humans! The least said, the better.

暴民私刑在我国现在很流行。群体袭击的自发执法者真不是人! 少说为妙。


Dalit GareebWindsor Park-10 hours ago

Another achievement of BJP



Khandaker Mohitul Islam-Dhaka, Bangladesh-13 hours ago

Handing to the police was the perfect job. But taking law in own hand is never appreciated.



Aditya S13 hours ago

They were stealing for the festival... its ok to steal in their religion



Vivek Saxena-New Delhi-14 hours ago

See what Modi gives to India



Manu Mitra-15 hours ago

Lynching & fake encounters are a regularity in BJP ruled states.The party thrives in anarchy & fatricide which boosts their effort of majoritarian consolidation.


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