印媒: 嘲讽“一带一路”?莫迪表示需要的是信任之桥

Jibe at OBOR? PM Modi says need bridges of trust, not just infrastructure



Modi called for a common rules-based order which, he said, must believe in sovereignty and territorial integrity

He batted for an order which respected equality of all nations, irrespective of size and strength

In a subtle message to , he said that these rules should be based on the consent of all, not on the power of few





NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi d out the fundamentals of India’s role in the Indo-Pacific, saying on Friday that his go nment stood for a free, open and inclusive region with Asean at its centre.


Delivering the keyne at the Shangri La Dialogue, the prestigious inter-go nmental security forum, Modi called for a common rules-based order which, he said, must believe in sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as equality of all nations, irrespective of size and strength.

莫迪在著名的政府间安全论坛--“香格里拉对话”(Shangri La Dialogue)上发表主旨演讲,呼吁建立一个基于共同规则的准则,必须尊重各国主权和领土完整,尊重各国平等,无论其幅员大小、实力强弱。


While Modi didn’t sound confrontational, he sent out subtle messages to as he said that these rules and norms should be based on the consent of all, not on the power of the few. Modi sought closer ties with , saying stable relations between the two countries were an important factor in global peace and progress. However, he also warned that while India understood the benefits of connectivity, it was also important to build bridges of trust, and not just infrastructure, in pursuing such initiatives.


And for that, he said, these initiatives must be based on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, consultation, good governance, transparency, viability and sustainability. “They must empower nations, not place them under impossible de t burden. They must prome trade, not strategic competition. On these principles, we are prepared to work with everyone,” said Modi.


Despite pressure from , India is yet to show any interest in joining ’s flagship One Belt, One Road (OBOR) connectivity project. “No other relationship of India has as many layers as our relations with ... and, we have displayed maturity and wisdom in managing issues and ensuring a peaceful border,” said Modi. The PM said the world will have a better future when India and work together in trust and confidence, sensitive to each other’s interests.


At a time when several Asean nations are feeling insecure over muscle-fleng in South Sea, Modi said when nations make international commitments, they must uphold them.


Addressing the international audience, the PM also spoke out strongly ag inst prectionism. “What we seek is a level playing field for all. India stands for an open and stable international trade re gie,” Modi said.





B Srinivasan-saginaw USA-9 hours ago

PM MODI has taken DIPLOMACY to a higher level.CHINA has to accommodate INDIA for mutual growth.



agdish Madan-Vancouver BC-4 hours ago

Modi is the finest Indian PM.



Satyam Sundaram-3 hours ago

Cor ion and crime are the basic factors on which performance of govt is to be considered.Today co ption is absent from top level of central govt.Thumbs up to me modi



sanjoy-3 hours ago

For countrymen, we should have the patience & understanding of the go nment policies.



Arvind-4 hours ago

Some time jibe at and sometimes at Congress. This is your strong foreign policy and Election campaign.



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