If Modi is ruling up to 2030, what will be the future of India?



Somraj Vishnoi, former Project Trainee Intern at Wipro Limited (2017)

Mr. Narendra Modi is working very hard for betterment of India. But he should rule only for 10 years. After 10 years Modi will not be energetic and enthusiast as now. BJP will have to replace Modi after 10 years of his tenure. Because if Modi will be ruling continuesly till 2030 then BJP will have to face many consequences in next election. Modi can be credited for restoring de ocratic values. If a ruler continues for more than 10 years in de ocracy then it always leads to dic ship style of ruling. Personal integrity of Modi is incredible and for him nation is first. Indians had voted for congress for many years after independence. So they started to work in their own ways and de ocratic values had been lost. But Modi restored it. When Modi will continue for more then 10 years then the same will happen with Modi and BJP and they will start to work in their own ways. There will be no place for de ocratic values.

If Modi continues till 2030 then it will not be good for India. We shall seek for changes in political arena. So BJP will have to search alternate person. Opposition parties should have to come with honest and acceptable candidate for PM.




Atharva Mahajan, former Company Secretary

I hope you got it right. If modi government stays till 2030, Bhartiya Janta Party can completely eradicate the Gandhi family throne.

ISRO will be way much ahead of NASA.

ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation) will be much advanced than NASA in minimum cost spacecraft, minimum cost and maxmum quality PSLVs.

We will get better returns on our current investments till 2030.

As India is attracting investors across whole world, the capital markets in India are rising. Sensex, Nifty will be all time high.

Military power

Currently India is world's 4th largest country having more than 3 million military personnel. Till 2030 it will definitely cross 3.5 million personnel. (Hello Pakistan)


Reliance being India's biggest company having market capitalization of more than 2 lakh crores can cross 3 lakh crores due to Reliance Jio.

Tata sons who have net worth of $106 billion dollars in 2017 will be having at least net worth of $150 billion dollars due to successful business of JLR, Starbucks, and other 98 companies.

Finally the meaning of government is of the people, for the people, by the people will be achieved.

India definitely have a great future due to modi government.

I love my India.

Sorry for any grammatical errors.

Thank you.






由于印度吸引了全世界的投资者,印度的资本市场正在崛起。Sensex指数, Nifty指数也会一路看涨的。










Kshitij, Founder - Krayknot at Krayknot (2008-present)
Answered Apr 27

2030 will be the last year for modi government.

India will be developed with deprived population.

India can become another co unist country like .

LGBT people can be in hell.

Parliament will be full of old and classic mentality people.

India will be number 1 in population.

A new honest face of congress can appear.

Dirtyness and corruption will be on height.

Unemployment will be a threat.

So, in nutsell, India will be in a list of developed nation but Indians will become more poor and money centric with decreased social values










Rajkumar Dasgupta, lives in India

Permanent seat for India in United Nation security council.

Corruption or scam will come to a minimum level.

Jammu and Kashmir will be a peaceful tourist spot.

Many countries in the world will start using Indian currency.

India will have more than 35 Army bases outside India.

Trade balance with many countries.

ISRO world's number one space agency.

Hindu temples in all Arab countries.

Vamsy Krishna Nooney, Software Developer

Personally I would be happy to see a decisive leader like Modi to be in power for such a long time. That would mean India will be more proactive internationally, more respected and will be strong both economically and militarily.

But for that to happen, Modi should concentrate more on job creation along with investments and develo government infrastructure for better reach with people. By the way, he has ti continue and improve his policy of equality for all and appeasement to none.









软件开发商Vamsy Krishna Nooney。



Aditya Rajware, studied at Aligarh Muslim University

If Modi stays in power in India for a long term with good intension then

GDP of India will become third largest

The population would become stable if procceses like sterlization are adopted.

There will be state and central government elections at the same time.

Creation of more smart cities.

Many more fortunate steps like GST and demonetisation would have been adopted with good results.

NDA government in about 27–28 state out of 29 states

Decline in percentage of reservation if not eradicated completely.

Indian influence on world politics.

A permanent seat in UN Assembly.










Akash Dhakad, B.com from jiwaji university Gwalior (2016-present)

if Modi Ji is ruling up 2024 ,, Modi Ji will Totaly change our India till 2024 because Modi Ji is the great leader ,he is talented person and clever .

if modi ji is ruling up 2030

he will change India to smart India . India,s every city will be singapore , Landon Dubai that's why we ought to support of Modi sir because Modi Ji can make smart India. Regardless, Modi JI has started a lot of schemes which will make India a developed country .like Smart India , Digital India , Swach Bharat Mission … etc.




Manish Choudhary, Project Manager (2013-present)
Answered Jul 11, 2017

PM Modi is a gift of God for India’s future , India’s constant growth will helpful for whole world, Modi will resolve all unresolved issues and I hope India will move far ahead with USA , and Russia .

India have more potential to grow because cheap manpower and quality mind Indians who are hard working. Indian products are more reliable than other countries .



Amit Mishra, former Trainer at Platinumone Business Services (2016-2017)

Taking into consideration Modi governments achievement by 2030 India would be 3rd biggest nation of the world surpassing and many other develo countries. Modi will rule again from 2019–2024 proving India's dominance in International market. India will be a major hub for technical and science research. If I have to believe prediction by Nostradamus Modi will be assassinated in 3rd regime from 2024–2029, somewhere in 2026. But by 2030 Atal bihari Vajpayee and Kalam Sirs dream of India shining will be fulfilled.


Vikas Shelke, Sr MKT Man

With 3 years of drial rule with no opposition , Modi govt has not achieved anything worth praising . Only successful people are getting the benfits as BJP might be paying them back due to favouritism , big shots had invested in BJP.
20 years of modi rule means India goes back 90 years. Whole Gujarat will have flying cars with other states begging for water and electricity .India will be jobless economy with 80 % population staying out of india and residents being only few banniyas , traders , business organisation , banks , and farmers .




1.He’ll demonetize all currencies, as the recent trial was an utter failure.

2.Cow will be declared as national animal, and with be protection against slaughter by a cow vigilantes.

3.Minorities will flow out of India towards various countries.

4.Patriotism testing exams at predetermined frequencies.

5.CBI will raid all coloumnists, and media houses will shut down.

6.RSS chiefs will prove that all latest technologies that follows after hyperloop have roots in some sutras.

All together, India will become a South Asian version of North Korea.

1、 全面废钞。

2、 把牛列为国宝,由护牛卫队保护。

3、 少数族群将迁往其他国家。

4、 频繁进行爱国主义考试

5、 CBI会袭击所有有色人种,媒体都将倒闭。

6、 右翼分子首领将证明,所有新技术都起源与佛经。


Voltaire Terence Einstein, Project Lead (2010-present)

All state will have Hindi as mother tongue.
Only Hindus will exst, all others will be either converted or killed
Kaveri river water distribution commitee will be in progress
All judges will be Brahmins
Modi will campaign in Tamil Nadu to get above NOTA in 2030 election.
Another demonization will be announced to kill the poors who esscaped earlier.







Nikhil Kumar, PGDM from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (2019)

If Modified is going to rule India for come 10 more years. Following situation may arise.

India will become more Hindu dominated society.
Corruption will reduce for sure.
India will inch more towards becoming a developed nation.
Relation with Pakistan may deteriorate.
Animosity among various community in India will increase.







Neerav K Hetawal, Entrepreneur at Neer Events & Communication, Indore

Don't imagine anything like this. Modi would not be the PM anymore after 2024, Due to the overconfidence of BJP by that time. People would be really frustrated by the one sided decisions of Modi. He would be compared with the dr of North Korea. Probably this can happen even before 2024.


Harsh Vardhan Bhatra, former Treasury Analyst

All metro cities should have Bullet Trains
Kashmir would be the safest place for family vacation.
Rahul Gandhi will permanently leave for Italy & open chain of Pasta Restaurants, naming it Akhri Rasta ( last way).
ISRO will be the most successful Space Research Organisation, at par with NASA.
All 29 states will have BJP & its alliance as ruling party, making it the single biggest party to ever Govern a country.
“Make in India” will make India the biggest & most attractive manufacturing hub for foreign companies.
Unemployment rate which currently ranges at 3.42% should well be within 1%.
India would be well placed, to host (or bid) the Olympic Games.
How India became corruption free would become a case study in Oxford & Harvard Business School and Indian Governance would be highly recommended.
Sensex would be towering at 50k plus from its current level of 33k.
Mayawati, Laloo Prasad, Owasi, Mulayam would be a forgotten name in the History of Indian Politics. Hospital bed or ludo will be their only time pass.



拉胡尔·甘地去意大利定居了,开连锁意大利面店,并改名为Akhri Rasta。









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