America wants to dock nuclear attack warships and submarines in AUSTRALIA to stop 'China's military penetration into the South Pacific'


American nuclear attack warships and submarines could soon be docked in Australia in efforts to counter China's militarisation of the Indo-Pacific, a Washington-based think tank has warned.


The Centre for Strategic and International Studies report - written by national security adviser to George W. Bush, Michael Green, and former security aide to Tony Abbott, Andrew Shearer - was released this week.


According to the paper, China is establishing large-scale maritime bases in the South Pacific which could be used to 'support increasing power projection operations in the region by the People's Liberation Army-Navy'.


'The United States and its regional allies and partners need to pay attention and develop a more coherent and effective response,' it reads.


'China's military penetration into the South Pacific would challenge one of the oldest and most fundamental tenets of Australian strategic doctrine, the exclusion of outside military powers from its island approaches.'


The paper calls for U.S. warships to be based at HMAS Stirling in Perth, and for Australia to 'consider the possibility of investing in the nuclear support infrastructure necessary for basing of attack submarines'.


'Australian and American naval forces operating from Western Australia would be well placed to build closer co-­operation with the Indian navy, to maintain a greater presence in the Indian Ocean and to monitor China's increasing naval presence.'


China's construction of islands and military facilities in the South China Sea, through which some $3 trillion in trade passes annually, has sparked concerns Beijing is seeking to restrict free movement and extend its strategic reach.


The U.S. has conducted 'fre m of navigation patrols' through the South China Sea, stoking tensions with China which says it will protect its sovereignty.



Hushpuppy, Raleigh, United States, 7 hours ago

I would think that Australians would agree to hosting elements of the US Navy. China is aggressively seeking to spread its influence in the southern pacific and having allied warships in the area sounds like a great idea.


Sydney Jane, Sydney, Australia, 5 hours ago

definitely not. unless America honours their promise to send us the ambassador they decided to divert to S Korea. If we aren't good enough to get the ambassador then it's proof that we don't mean anything to the US and that they are using us


SJG1065, New South, Australia, 7 hours ago

Yes please. It is not a great situation but I definitely prefer the USA as my ally as opposed to red China. Anyone who buys into the new modern nice guy China is being naive. They aim to serve their own long term interests above anything else and without free elections they can do whatever they please. I fear it is too late anyway.


BECKS105, Hobart, Australia, 8 hours ago

This would be good because we can't defend or have control of the region by ourselves. We have to admit our Army isn't strong enough to do it alone.


Rabbit, Melbourne , Australia, 8 hours ago

Great idea , wish Australia had more firepower !


alderton10, sydney, Australia, 8 hours ago

Excellent - let our close friend, the USA, do that and give every assistance.


GrandadNed, Gold Coast, Australia, 7 hours ago

If the truth was known, they most probably already do so and have probably done for years. In saying that I support the USA 100%. you can't be "half in" in something like this. You are either an ally or you are not. We except American to come to our aid in difficult times, and we want to tie their hands? Of course they should be docking their subs here, and we should be thanking them for doing so.


ant36au, Thurgoona , Australia, 8 hours ago

We are already a target, have been since the end of world WWII,not a country on the planet that isn't.


Maureen69, Durham, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Iceland seems the only safe place these days.


The Joker222, Canberra, Australia, 4 hours ago

Maureen69 - Iceland would be one of the first to go in a war between the West and Russia. It is quite strategically placed unfortunately as it is a beautiful country in a wild, rugged kind of way.

Maureen69 - 冰岛会是第一个被卷入西方与俄罗斯之战的国家。很不幸冰岛的地理战略意义太大,它是一个具有狂野之美的国家。

unrealone1, melbourne, 7 hours ago

Nuclear subs next to the Opera House would be a great look.


Meggsy, Ultimo, Australia, 8 hours ago

Maybe if Trump appointed an ambassador to Canberra we'd be able to talk about it.


Alan, Des Moines Iowa, United States, 5 hours ago

The democRATS are to blame. They prevent his every move.


Oldbloke, Oslo, Sweden, 8 hours ago

Take you nuclear powered submarines and shove 'em where they fit Trump, we don't want to be a target as a result of your big mouth.


Lee Lek, Sydney, Australia, 7 hours ago

Without USA, the whole world would be overrunned by Chinese and Russia co unist influence, is that how you want to live no FREEDOM?


The View From Here, Gold Coast, Australia, 7 hours ago

Australia has always been against anything nuclear being on Australian soil and was quick to condemn China for encroaching and using Vanuatu as a possible military base. The Americans are already using Australia as part of its defence strategy in having their military bases here, but this would certainly make us more of a target. Or should we just stay like sitting ducks if China does try and move in? Hard to call on this one.


The Joker222, Canberra, Australia, 4 hours ago

You think China is going to stop encroaching on Vanuattu because we don't like it? They have already built artificial islands to support their aggressive claims and are in dispute with Japan, The Phillipines and Vietnam over the ownership of Islands. I will take the Americans any day of the week. When push came to shove they were the only ones who were there for Australia.


ouphrontis, Australia, Australia, 2 hours ago

Ho,Ho,Ho, the yanks were there for Oz, give us a break Joker! The yanks were there for the yanks, em tas all..........


barneydog, perth, Australia, 8 hours ago

Hell No! Perth does not want American war ships in our waters especially with that lunatic Donald Trump at the helm.


Aussienell, Sydney, Pitcairn, 7 hours ago

China already owns most of Australia.


eyesee, Melbourne, Australia, 3 hours ago

I'm Happy to have the America here. I would rather have the nuclear warships than have nuclear power stations on the land.


Alan, Des Moines Iowa, United States, 5 hours ago

If the Aussies let us park our subs there, we should give them a few of our newfangled quark bombs as rent.


stanwynme, perth, Australia, 2 hours ago

The Yanks invade Australian soil without firing a single shot!


Bulldog2, Sydney, Australia, 4 hours ago

Yanks, making us a target again.keep them out.


Phyllis Styne, Somnambulare, Australia, 3 hours ago

Better still how about lending them to us as what's on order will be pynes vintage antiques by the time we get them.


Crutch Cargo, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 45 minutes ago

Probably not a great idea. Useless Australian dock workers will probably go on strike and refuse to service the US ships like they did in WW2.


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