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NEW DELHI: On Monday, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was in the news by becoming the first Indian company to breach market capitalisation (m-cap) of $100 billion. However, this is not the first or only cm to fame that the company can boast of. Here is a list of TCS's achievements:


1) Valuation of $100 billion

1) 市值突破1000亿美元

By definition, market capitalisation is the value of a company that is traded on the stock market, calculated by multiplying the total number of shares by the present share price.


TCS went past the $100 billion m-cap milestone after the company's scrips gained more than 4 per cent to hit an all-time of Rs 3,557. Last week, when the markets closed on Friday, the company was at the verge of the milestone as the m-cap stood at slightly above $99 billion. TCS stock had surged more than 6 per cent on Friday. The rise in the TCS scrip's fortune came after the it posted a rise of 4.5 per cent in its Q4 net profit. In the January-March quarter, the company reported a net profit of Rs 6,925 crore, up 4.57 per cent ag inst Rs 6,622 crore posted in the same quarter last year. On top of that, the company announced a 1:1 bonus for its shareholders.

此前TCS的股价一度涨幅超过4%,创下了3557卢比的历史新高,公司市值突破了1000亿美元的里程碑。上星期五收盘时,该公司处于里程碑式的转折点,市值略高于990亿美元。TCS股价上星期五飙升逾6%。TCS的财富增长是在其第四季度净利润增长4.5%之后出现的。今年1 - 3月,该公司公布的净利润为6925亿卢比,较去年同期的6,622亿卢比增长4.57%。除此之外,该公司还宣布对其股东发放1:1的奖金。

2) India's largest IT outsourcing company

2) 印度最大的IT外包公司

TCS is the country's largest IT services company, top rival Infosys. In the fourth quarter of the 2017 fiscal, TCS dollar revenue increased 3.9 per cent (2% in constant currency terms) to $4.97 billion. Dollar revenue, as the term suggests, is revenue earned by Indian firms by outsourcing services in foreign countries. At a time when most IT companies are feeling the heat, TCS's performance beat the Street expectations. Speaking on TCS's innovations, the company's CEO Rajesh Goathan, in an interview to TOI said, "TCS is uniquely positioned to offer a combination of services from core tech transformation all the way to front-end digital technologies. The full spectrum of services is what is positioning us beautifully in this space."

TCS是印度最大的IT服务公司,超过了其竞争对手印孚瑟斯(Infosys)。2017财年第四季度,TCS美元收入增长3.9%(汇率浮动2%内,固定汇率不变),达到49.7亿美元。美元收入,顾名思义,是印度公司通过外包服务在国外获得的收入。在大多数IT公司都感到压力的时候,TCS的表现超出了人们的预期。在TCS的创新中,该公司的首席执行官Rajesh Goathan在接受印度时报采访时表示,“TCS具有独特的定位,可以提供从核心技术转换到前端数字技术的各种服务。全方位的服务是我们在这一领域的完美定位。”

3) Cash cow for Tata Group

3) 塔塔集团的摇钱树

TCS has proved to be the flagship company for Tata Group, accounting for 85 per cent of the group's profit. The company reported a revenue growth of 8.2 per cent at Rs 32,075 crore for the three months to March. TCS's contribution to the Tata Group can be gauged from the fact that excluding IT bellweather, Tata group companies’ m-cap is down almost 6 per cent since the turn of 2018. TCS also played an instrumental role in hel Tatas enter the elite league of Rs 10 trillion market capitalisation.


4)Largest private sector employer in India


With almost 4 lakh employees representing 131 nationalities, across 46 countries, TCS is India's largest private sector employer. With 35.3 per cent women employees, the company can also boast of a respectable gender ratio in its workforce.


5) Long serving top bosses

5) 公司一直很稳定

Founded in 1969, TCS is celebrating its golden jubilee year. However, the company has had a stable run as far as the top bosses of the company are concerned. Quite astonishingly, TCS has had only four CEOs so far, with F C Kohli, the first CEO, serving from 1969 to 1996.

TCS成立于1969年,目前正值它的金禧年。然而,该公司一直很稳定。令人吃惊的是,到目前为止,TCS只有4位CEO,第一任首席执行官F C Kohli从1969年任职到1996年。


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It has become bigger than Pakistan's economy.






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TCS employees are made to work for long hours not commensurate with the sries and allowances. Only the big bosses take a good share in the company's profits and others are made to struggle to prove their merits for promotions and annual appraisals. Though for name sake there is no bell curve but appraisals are done with predecided ratings and bands so the cream can be enjoyed by sed few at top level.



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nice, this one is a really good news, but TCS should respect their employees



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