Minister cms India invented the internet thousands of years ago and generals used it to send messages during battles


An Indian minister has cmed that his country invented the internet - and satellites - thousands of years ago.


Biplab Deb, chief minister for the northeastern state of Tripura, cmed that an ancient epic written in Sanskrit about 2,000 years ago confirmed the South Asian origin of the web.


Speaking at a public event yesterday, he said the traditional story relating to a battle in the Kurukshetra War - believed to have taken place in about 3000BC - proved his cm.


A king sat in his pce was updated about the unfolding clash, he said, and that could only have been possible with an internet connection.


The chief minister also used the to stir patriotic feelings among the crowd.


He said, as reported by NDTV: 'Every Indian should have a common thinking that India is best and superior country all around the world.


'My country had the technology years ago, which no country had. I am proud of that and I think every Indian should feel proud.


'I want to repeat that we should accept the truth and should not get confused'.


He added that while India had not been at the forefront of scientific progress in recent centuries, it was now back on the world stage


'Again today India has regained its position in technology in the world and it can be proved from the fact that a large number of software engineers play a vital role in the US companies.'


'See Microsoft,' he said. 'It may be a US company but most of its engineers are all from our country.'


Rutgers University assistant professor of South Asian history Audrey Truschke, however, was not convinced.


She took to Twitter to mock Deb's cm, writing: 'Krishna really should have streamed the Bhagavad Gita on Facebook Live.'

她在推特上嘲讽德波的说法:“克里希纳真的应该在Facebook Live上直播薄伽梵歌。”

The internet was in reality invented by the American go nment.



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molere molendo, Teacher in Paradise, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Substitute "fatherland" for India and I think we get what you mean


bluemerleK, Phoenix, United States, 4 days ago

just can't make this stuff up.


ShireView, Cheltenham, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Indian Po iticians rewrite history all the time. Always to their personal advantage.


Gamelan1, London, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

India has much to be proud of. There is no need for this nonsense.


mikef, Coventry, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

And we think our po iticians are round the twist


Tom De Volder, Zwolle, Netherlands, 4 days ago

"The internet was in reality invented by the American go nment". This only half true, a lot of the technlogy was actually invented by Bell Labs for their picturephone network in the 1960's and 70's. They almost built the internet ten years before the US go nment did, but were hindered by antitrust laws. Search on Youtube for "picturephone" and some interesting video's on the subject will pop up.


Sammy Sam, A good city., Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, 4 days ago

Shouldn't this be discussed in the comfort of his therapist's office?


Nickstark, Bon, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Yes and they did without ricity or computers, truly zing.


GrandMarshalKim, Tooting, South Korea, 4 days ago

Yes, it is all true. Best in the world at everything, my rear end. The only reason they are in IT based jobs is that they are ch. And you know what they say about ch - it's nasty Last time I checked the internet didn't have a made in Delhi sticker on it.


Joker Bob, Royston Vasey, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

They might have got the technology from the civilization at Arratta, 40,000 BC. They had a Vishnu, back then.


sammni, belfast, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

I don't think we give our historical relatives enough credit for many things, but internet?


someone, somewhere, 4 days ago

Your country is also the rape capitol of the world. You might well have been advanced at one point but your treatment of your poor and of women has drug you back to the dark ages.


NothingMakesSense, London, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

If true, the king using the Internet thousands of years ago would have most certainly lost the war he was fighting. He would have been far too distracted by dirty websites and updating his Facebook status to focus on the battle at hand.


Dude_under_Hat, Cathmandu, Sweden, 4 days ago

Before www. I used SUNET and as sun = Ra that would suggest that Egypt had internet 5000 years ago? Thus we finally understand why they kept building these pyramids.. Wireless Routers 2-3000 BC!


DaveBlunksDog, Shropshire, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Internet in 3000BC and I bet it's still quicker than Talk Talk

公元前3000年的互联网,我打赌网速快过Talk Talk家

Paul, Swansea, 4 days ago

Like a sketch out of the Kumar's


Myth of the news, Cleveland Ohio, United States, 4 days ago

Only reason a lot of Computer people are Indian is because they will work for next to nothing and are western Go nment will not control outsourcing. They are stealing Western Employee work. Western Go nment will not allow them to live and work in the UK but will let them work in the UK but live in India. Fail to see the difference. Either way we lose are jobs.


IrishBloke, Meath, Ireland, 4 days ago

Stealing your jobs, that is the most useless excuse ever. Nobody is stealing your job, perhaps you are not as good as other candidates in the interviewing stage if you get there. Also, using the correct our* would help you in an IT related field, especially customer support.


FurtherRamifications, Guildford, 4 days ago

India undoubtedly has a long cultural tradition which is generally not understood.


Longfellow22, Evesham, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

If there were any truth at all in this, why is the rical supply sy em in India amongst the worst and most dangerous in the world.?


The Billy Hawk, London, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Why do you pose such a logical question?


Chief Angry Bear, Aberdeen, 4 days ago

Because it was installed during the British empire and hasn't been updated since.


Pilot1806, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

India is a backward country.


Joker Bob, Royston Vasey, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

But they have a space industry, funded by us.


UKVaper, London, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

India, superior in ? If that were true your call centres wouldn't suffer so much criticism.


Mute Requiem, England, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

How is your Sanskrit and Hindi?


SK241271, Blackburn, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

May suffer critism to the 57 million that live here. What about the 1.2 billion that live there? They are loved.


Wisconsin Deplorable, Milwaukee, United States, 4 days ago

Well yeah, but it was only a dial-up connection, so big deal.


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