It is in our culture to respect women: PM Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann ki Baat’ address


Emphasising that 'nari shakti' is playing a pioneering role and establishing several milestones, PM Modi said several verses of the Holy Vedas were composed by women

He called upon society to hear the stories of Padma award winners so that they could enrich and inspire others





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NEW DELHI: In this year's first 'Mann ki Baat' address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that women in India are progressing in every field and, citing scriptures, emphasised that it is in our culture to respect women.

It is in our culture to respect women.
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The Prime Minister remembered astronaut Kalpana Chawla, ahead of her death anniversary on February 1, and said she gave a valuable message to all Indians, especially young girls.

总理纪念宇航员卡尔帕纳·沙拉(Kalpana Chawla),2月1日是她的逝世周年纪念日,并说,她给所有的印度人,特别是年轻女孩一个宝贵的信息。

"...Her message is, 'Nothing is impossible for women, if they have a strong will'," said Modi.


Chawla, who was the first woman of Indian origin in space, died on February 1, 2003, in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. She was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

沙拉是第一个上太空的印度裔妇女,逝世于2003年2月1日在哥伦比亚号航天飞机的灾难。 她被追授国会太空荣誉勋章。

Kalpana Chawla inspired women all over the world: PM @narendramodi #MannKiBaat https://t.co/ff8dBf3QLK
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Since the age when the Vedas were composed by women, 'nari shakti' has set numerous milestones and continues to play a pioneering role, the PM observed.


"Let me tell you that one daughter is equal to ten sons... The punya (good) we get from 10 sons, we get that from one daughter...," said Modi.


The Prime Minister gave the example of three Indian Air Force (IAF) woman pilots who will soon be flying a supersonic fighter jet for the first time in India's history.


"Three women Bhavna Kanth, Mohana Singh and Avani Chaturvedi have become fighter pilots and are undergoing training on Sukhoi-30," he said.

他说:“三名女性Bhavna Kanth,Mohana Singh和Avani Chaturvedi已经成为了战斗机飞行员,并正在接受苏霍伊-30的训练。

PM Modi commended the BSF women contingent 'Seema Bhawani', which performed daredevil stunts on motorbikes during the Republic Day parade.

莫迪总理表示,在共和国日游行期间,边防保安队妇女特遣队“Seema Bhawani”在摩托车上表演了惊险的特技。

The Prime Minister lauded the women from the Maoist-affected areas of Chhattisgarh who are operating e-rickshaws. The PM said that the initiative, apart from being eco-friendly, is also creating opportunities.

总理对正在经营电动人力车的恰蒂斯加尔毛主义地区的妇女表示赞赏。 这位总理表示,这个倡议除了生态友好之外,也在创造机会

PM Modi also congratulated the people of Bihar and the state go nment for successfully completing the human chain to protest against social issues such as dowry, child marriages and consumption of liquor.


"I want to talk about something very unique in Bihar. A human chain was formed to spread awareness about evils of dowry and child marriage. So many people joined the chain," he said.


Asserting that more significance has now been given to the Padma award nominee's work than name, PM Modi said that his go nment has transformed the selection process for picking the winners.


PM @narendramodi talks about some of the Padma Awardees.

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PM @narendramodi 谈论一些帕德玛得主。

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PM Modi highlighted works of some winners whose names were announced on the eve of Republic Day, and said common people, who are not living in big cities and not seen in newspapers and TV, have received it.


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