Babies sold to doctors, techie for up to Rs 4.5 lakh each


MUMBAI: Wadala police, probing a baby-selling racket, have found that the buyers of three newborns are a Worli doctor, a Bengaluru software engineer and a Thane gynaecologist paediatrician couple. Babies born to poor parents were sold to them for Rs 4-4.5 lakh each.



The baby-selling racket was busted by Wadala Truck Terminal police last month with the arrest of a 29-year-old child trafficker, Julia Fernandes, a Worli resident. She had bought a seven-day old boy from Munna Shaikh (38) and his wife Shazia (35) for Rs 20,000. She was to sell him for Rs 1.5 lakh. The police caught her before she could conclude the deal with the potential buyer.

上个月Wadala警方破了这起儿童贩卖案,抓捕了29岁的儿童人贩子,Julia Fernandes。她将一名7天大的男婴以2万卢比从他们的父母买了过来,并卖出15万卢比。在她与潜在买主达成交易之前,警察抓住了她。

According to sources, the Bengaluru software engineer bought a child from Julia for Rs 4.5 lakh, while the Thane doctor couple paid Rs 4 lakh.
Because of several factors, there is a long waiting list for adoption in India.


An officer said cops were still making inquiries. Investigators have recovered 50-60 photographs of some children. Their identities and whether they were sold is yet to be established.


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prince_c3-1 day ago
At least the babies are getting good families, the sad part is Govt should either help those poor or let them sell the babies.
Else, the babies would either die of starvation or if they survive, they would end up as prostitutes or murderer.



Amogha Shanabhag-Germany-1 day ago
The government doesn''t make adoption easy. Well-to-do families use the backdoor to buy babies then police confiscat babies to put them in childcare agencies! Seriously, India step forward to 21st century and amend your laws!



Inderjeet Singh-Jammu-1 day ago
make things easier to give child to well to do childless families and not arrest like criminals.....



Bculas-1 day ago
Make legal adoption easy so that these traffickers and pimps could be cut out and the welfare of the child is enhanced



Tejas Me-India-22 hours ago
Wrong practice....They should have atleast tried adoption center before taking this route...If they are earning well couple....Adoption centre wouldn''t have mind to give them baby.....Or perhaps they find this an easy way.....God help them....



Appa Durai-1 day ago
Sometimes I feel so sad reading these kind of news items.People have no morals



Satya Mev Jayate-20 hours ago
if 2 parents happily willing then nothing wrong even by means of money. poor get money rich get baby and most important baby get good life then grow in poor family. idiot law dont allow or make adoption simple.



satkaindian indian-21 hours ago
Why not review adoption procedures and simplify things for genuine and capable adopters.



rafeeqtv-Abu Dhabi-16 hours ago
Its not bad if the intention of buyer and seller is good.... these babies will get a decent life with better education and health-care if they are taken by good families..... Govt. should make the procedures easy for such kind of deals..



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