20-year-old gang-raped by 18-20 men in Jharkhand


DUMKA: A 20-year-old tribal woman was allegedly gang-raped by 18 to 20 youths aged between 18 and 22 years near a university campus at Dighi, 8km from Dumka, in Jharkhand, on Wednesday. Dumka SP Mayur Patel said: "Six suspects have been detained."

DUMKA:据一名20岁的部落女性指控,她在Dighi大学校园附近被18~20名8~22岁的年轻人轮奸。DUMKA警察Mayur Patel称:“已有6名嫌疑犯被拘留了。”


Police said on Thursday the survivor was returning home on a motorcycle with her boyfriend, not a tribal, from the university campus when they were intercepted by six youths on an abandoned stretch of road around 6:30pm. They allegedly first thrashed the boy for having a relationship with a tribal girl, and asked him to shell out Rs 5,000 as "fine" or hand over his cellphone, police sources said. The group then called some more youths to join them.


Quoting the boyfriend's statement, the sources said the group forced the couple to strip and then held the boyfriend at knifepoint and made him rape her. They then took turns to rape her in a field. "They then forced her to bathe in a pond to destroy any evidence," he has reportedly said.


译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/43536.html


Jumle Wale Baba-18 hours ago
Nowadays, eating beef is a bigger crime than ra a woman in BJP ruled states. In Gujarat beef eating has maxmum punishment of life imprionment while rape has just 7 years.




chakramchirkut-19 hours ago
hang them..



Brian-19 hours ago
India will never change!! This is why is better than India


Truth Prevails-SA-18 hours ago
You are PARTLY right but must know the Public are SUPPRESSED by the Co unist Govt. People against the Govt. disappear and nothing appears in News, lands grabbed from farmers by Co unist Govt. ..... etc.



Puneet Sharma-13 hours ago
india can easily change,need effective judicial reforms and fast justice system. but see the most educated judges are not ready to accept such reforms.



Arrowhead-Omnipresent!-11 hours ago
Your comment is terrible! Rape is terrible but don''t think this happens in Just India! India has a population of 1.2B people thats all of Europe, Russia, Mexco, US, Canada and a few more countries combined! India has a lower Rape ratio the Western Europe and the US! That said we all must work harder to fight such EVIL!



John Doe-18 hours ago
Can we have mandatory army recruitment for unemployed men from the north? For the following reasons:
1) get them away from civilization and society
2) high testosterone levels will be channeled to safeguard the borders
3) over time when they can control their urges, slowlyreintroduce them to society



Joslin-14 hours ago
Sorry... modi government is busy in beef and COW, next time they see what to do for humans...



Akhilesh Bhatt-Mumbai-16 hours ago
If I were in pace of SP of the district, all those criminal rapists would have been shot dead in Police encounter without any mercy.



Hamza-16 hours ago
take this 20 men in public and ask the girl to chop of their penis.....that should be their punishment...



Ashok Kumar-Calgary-12 hours ago
Rape has become so common, India is characterized by foreigners as the land of rapists. This has something to do with the general mindset. It has become a social problem. Punishing the culprit alone will not help, like is done in Saudi Arabia. Something more needs to be done.



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