印度一家医院供氧设备中断 致30名儿童死亡

 外媒:印度一家医院供氧设备中断 致30名儿童死亡

GORAKHPUR: At least 30 children died in the state-run Baba Raghav Das Medical College here during the last 48 hours, district magistrate Rajeev Rautela said on Friday, but gave no reasons for such a large number of deaths. Rautela was qued by PTI as saying that 17 children died in the neo-natal ward, five in the AES (acute encephalitis syndrome) ward and eight in the general ward.


An inquiry committee has been set up to ascertain the exact causes of the deaths and it has been asked to submit its report by tomorrow evening. Sources said the supply of oxygen to the hospital was stopped on Thursday night due to non-payment of dues to the firm engaged in supplying oxygen to the hospital. But offi als said there was nothing extraordinary about the outstanding amount and the hospital, the biggest in Purvanchal, is not facing any fiancial crunch.



UP director general, medical education, K K Gupta told TOI, "Prima facie, the deaths did not take place due to problem in oxygen supply. Back up cylinders were available. The BRD Medical College is the biggest in Purvanchal, and six-seven deaths a day are normal during the peak encephalitis season, when the casualty rates are normally high."

When asked about the dues to the firm, he said, "Such dues are normal. There is no shortage of funds."


Minister for medical education Ashutosh Tandon ruled out disruption in oxygen supply as the reason behind the deaths. He said he had announced a magisterial probe into the deaths.
But, as per hospital sources unwilling to be named, there was a sudden drop in the oxygen supply pressure around 8pm on Thursday, and the situation worsened by 11.30pm same day. Around 1.30am Friday, the oxygen supply was resumed with the help of cylinders but it proved inadequate.


注:Yogi Adityanath-约吉·阿迪亚纳斯,北方邦领导人,曾多次演讲提出全国范围内禁止牛。

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-Romeo Prasad507 Romeo Prasad-3 hours ago
Nobody care about normal human beings life in india. There will be investigations to cover up the things. Normal norm in corrupt india



-Manzoor Hussain336 Manzoor-3 hours ago
I'm surprised that these uneducated po iticians are controlling well educated youth . just playing card hindu-mus m, gau mata, vande mataram, mandir



-Goprathnam Krishna Prasad-Hyderabad-3 hours ago
All netas will join to cover up the cause of death...while they and their family will get best treatment in beat Hospitals... only poor''s life has no value ... is it because of 1.3 billion population and at least 70% are poor and no voice but only ves, which they sell during ions... But feel very sorry for the children and their poor parents.



- Hassam Jussab-3 hours ago
And modi wants cow prection


-Chakra-3 hours ago
Guys oxygen supply was diverted to save GAU MATA


-Stud Baker-3 hours ago
5-6 deaths in a day, and that too everyday, due to encephalitis alone is normal? In one state alone? In one hospital alone? Is it really normal? OMG. What a casual attitude towards infants death in rising India. Yet they dont try to findout and cure the reason behind so many encephalitis cases. Indian infant health is in dire state and medical institution are in pathetic state as well.


- IQ Man-3 hours ago
Why Yogi group is silent now.
Today they have time for testing nationalism but not for these kids.


-Rajesh-36 mins ago
Jungle Raj is still there in UP. Between Yogi & Akhilesh there is no diff. Both are same. Inefficient & Useless.
Jungle Raj还在上级中,Yogi 和Akhilesh没有区别,效率低下又无能。(都是政府。)


-Devender Singh-Gurgaon-48 mins ago
Modi Bhakt are destroying this country by covering up from truth . Now more than 30 kids die. Whole sy em started lipa poti... Same is happening in Haryana .


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