Mandsaur: Farmers indulge in arson and violence, attack shops and vehicles


Updated: Jun 7, 2017, 05.31 PM IST


Farmers' agitation turns violent as they torch trucks at Mhow-Neemuch Highway in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday. (PTI photo)


PIPLIAMANDI (Mandsaur): More than a dozen policemen were injured, one critically, on Wednesday as thousands of farmers torched warehouse, shops and vehicles in Pipliamandi area of Mandsaur, the ground zero of the protest where five people were killed in firing+ to curb violence.


The protesters, who the administration and go nment termed as instigators, looted liquor and medicine shops right under the nose of the policemen, who seemed to be cautious after the angry backlash following the deaths.


A 5-km stretch of Mandsaur bypass road was completely blocked by the farmers, who indulged in arson and violence, while robbing long distance truckers.


Scared of the agitation, truckers parked their trucks away from the Pipliamandi toll collection booth on small rugged lanes away from the sight of people moving on the Mandsaur bypass.


The violence started in morning after funeral processions of the deceased farmers were taken out and last rites performed in Barkheda Panth village. Mandsaur district collector Swantantra Kumar Singh reached the protest site to calm the sentiments, but was manhandled by the crowd+ .

这次暴丽抗议活动开始于Barkheda Panth村被印度政府警察开枪打死的农民今天早晨出殡之后。曼达索尔地区的收费官Swantantra Kumar到达抗议场所并企图平息抗议者的情绪。但是被村民暴打了一顿。

As the collector was escorted out of the spot, the mob set afire the collection booth and pelted stones at the policemen deployed in the area.


The crowd pelted stones and torched a cotton warehouse, prompting two fire tenders to rush to the spot. The protesters broke windscreens of the tenders, forcing firemen to flee the spot.


The mob later looted a three-storied departmental store and set it on fire in Pipliamandi area. Newsmen gathered to cover the event became the target of the crowd, as stones were hurled at them, forcing them to retreat to safety.


More than 22 vehicles, including large trucks, were set afire+ and their smoking remains dotted the Mandsaur bypass near the collection booth.


Rapid action force with Vajra vehicles was pushed into service, but the crowd continued to swell.


"The violence was restricted to Pipliamandi area. Calm prevailed in Mandsaur city where curfew was put in place," a senior officer said.


Residents of Mandsaur were skeptical of violence and jittery of police vehicles zooming across the streets.


Police had cut off entry routes to the city preventing leaders of different political parties, including the BJP and the Congress, from entering.


Congress leader Meenakshi Natarajan and her supporters were detained, when they tried to reach Suwasara to meet the farmers.

国大党领导人Meenakshi Natarajan和她的支持者,试图到Suwasara会见抗议农民时,被警察拒之门外。



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Tanmay Chakrabarti
Tanmay Chakrabarti - 1 day ago
Possibly, like Maoist party, some anti-national forces fuelled their angers.

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ldbhatia68a Bhatia
Tanmay Chakrabarti - Dekhu - 1 day ago
The agitation seems to have passed into the hands
of unruly elements. Violence on such a large scale
can be possible when the instigators believe in violence to achieve their ends. Destruction of public
property cannot and should not be allowed under
any circumstances.


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Rajat Lahiry
Rajat Lahiry - 1 day ago
Why are the farmers agitation only in BJP ruled states? There appears to be a distinct hand of the opposition in this agitation. Why did the media not educate the farmers about ILR? Why did the media not educate the farmers about fertiliser availability? Did media and the opposition ever talk about Soil health card. As it is the farmers are getting more facilities than other citizen and certainly more than the previous govt. Why is the media not putting facts on the table?

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A concerned concerned
A concerned concerned - 1 day ago
Are these people really farmers. MP has witnessed double digit growth in Agriculture outputs over last decade. Farmers are by and large doing well. This whole movement seems to be a sham

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Naresh Verma
Naresh Verma - Mumbai - 1 day ago
This seems to be organised hooliganism, rather than the farmers agitation. They deserve no sympathy and have to be dealt with strictly.

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Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma - Location - 1 day ago
Policies of Congress, Communists and socialists parties are responsible for the destruction of farmers, villages, villagers, and agriculture.

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Vizagite - 1 day ago
Who will pay reimburse the owners of the damaged vehicles. Pappu? Commies?

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Abdul Ansari
Abdul Ansari - Mumbai - 1 day ago
they have daring in them to fight for rights///.... bhakts are silent and thinking of new terrorist attack in Kashmir or any new metropolitan cities so that this issue goes out of headlines...

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