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River waters to be stopped from going waste in Pakistan: PM Modi on Indus Water Treaty


BATHINDA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the waters of Sutlej, Beas and Ravi rivers that rightfully belong to India will be stopped from going waste in Pakistan and he will ensure that farmers here utilise it.

印度总理莫迪周五时说,Sutlej, Beas和Ravi河完全属于印度,将阻止流向巴基斯坦以保证完全被印度农民利用。

” Indus Water Treaty+ — Sutlej, Beas, Ravi — the waters in these rivers belong to India and our farmers. It is not being used in the fields of Pakistan but flowing into the sea through Pakistan.

Sutlej, Beas和Ravi这三条河的水属于印度和我们的农民。它们没有被用于巴基斯坦的土地,只是经过巴基斯坦直接排入大海。

“Now every drop of this water will be stopped and I will give that to farmers of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir and Indian farmers.I am committed to this,” he said addressing a rally.


He said a task force has been constituted to ensure that “each drop of water” that flows out of Sutlej, Beas and Ravi reaches Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.

他说一个特别工作组已经建立,用于确保Sutlej, Beas和Ravi这三条河的每一滴河水都被截流并送去旁述普邦,Jammu邦和克什米尔。

” There is no reason that we cannot use our rights+ (over our waters) and let our farmers suffer,” he said, adding, “I need your blessings in order to fulfill your requirements for watering your fields.”

“没有理由我们不能使用属于我们自己的权利并且让我们的农民受苦,” 莫迪说。“我需要你们的祝福,为了履行你们浇灌自己土地的需求。”

The solution for the problems of water could be found out through common dialogue, he said.


Criticising the previous governments at the Centre, PM Modi said, ” Waters kept flowing to Pakistan+ , but successive governments kept sleeping on this issue and my farmer kept crying for the want of water.”





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Bharat Patel
22 hours ago
Wow… what an amazing leader we have got. Hats off.



Avtar Singh Chauhan
23 hours ago
Well articulated, loud & clear! All the praise to the most beloved PM of India! Proud of him! Jai Hind!



iamthelegend ripper
22 hours ago
kudos… great work modi ji we r with u.. only a traitor will dis agree with u.. keep up the good work



Ramesh Sargam
Bangalore – 22 hours ago
Another ”surgical attack” from Modi. Hatss off to him.



Rakesh Kumar

haryana – 22 hours ago
For this also opposition will gang up against Mr Modi, most noble PM.



Harsh Chaitany
Asansol – 22 hours ago
Narendra damordas Modi. Indi is proud to have a leader like you. For the first time we have a leader which this great timeless land called Bharat deserves.



Sushil Mumbai – 22 hours ago
A very good move by Modiji. Congrats



pro connect
22 hours ago
stop every drop and we Indians will be there



Pandu Ram
22 hours ago
lol… feku, diverting public minds.



K Venu

22 hours ago
Good step by MODIJI…..Pak will know in what situation it is…..



Hyderabad – 22 hours ago
Hit them where it hurts the most ! This is the kind of PM country was longing for! We had a Robot called MMS for a decade !



Kunal Kaistha
22 hours ago
be prepared for a war dear citizens. i have no doubts in my mind, that the present dispensation has decided to finish pakistan off. brace for war in 2017-18.



Prasanna Kumar
Bangalore – 16 hours ago
I had taken Personal Loan of 7 lakhs just few days before the announcement of demonetization for my personal use, but I am unable withdraw that money. Though it has caused inconvenience, I solute Modi for the brave steps to clean up the mess inside India as well as with porkistan. I am a Christian but Indian first, religion comes second.



BharatMata – 21 hours ago
Jo bole so nihaal…… Bolo Sat Shri Akaal !! Wahe guru ki Jay ! This Good Deeds be done Rights NOW Modi !



vinay tiwari
Location – 21 hours ago
We need to support prime minister to dismantle Pakistan . Till Pakistan exist our problems keep growing exponentially


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