太贵了,苹果iPhone SE在印度没多少人买

iPhone SE first day demand weakest for Apple phones

iphone SE在印度卖的第一天,需求疲软

KOLKATA|NEW DELHI: Apple's iPhone SE may have already flopped in India. The Friday launch of the company's latest device had the weakest demand for a new iPhone on day one, with barely 2,000 units made available in cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, the company's leading trade partners said.

苹果iPhone SE在印度也许失败了。苹果4月8日在印度推出的最新款iphone的第一天需求疲软,在新德里、孟买、班加罗尔三大城市,零售商第一天只准备了2000部左右的iPhone SE。


With poor pre-bookings, distributors rolled out cashback offers on credit card purchases from the very first day.


Demand for the iPhone SE is poor because of the steep pricing in India and its four-inch screen, which has little acceptance in India, four senior trade executives said. The device in India costs Rs 39,000 for the 16GB model and Rs 49,000 for the 64GB model, 40% more expensive than in the US.

iphone SE需求惨淡的原因是,在印度卖得价格贵,而且是4英寸的屏幕,在印度的接受度很低。16GB的iphone SE价格39000卢比,64GB要49000印度卢比(分别约合人民币3800/4780元),比美版贵了足足四成。

"Both the consumer and media hype, which usually happen around a new iPhone, was completely missing for the iPhone SE in India. Hence, Apple has got less stock to build up the buzz and will also run promotion schemes to make the model affordable," a senior trade partner said.

印度消费者和媒体以往对每一款苹果新手机都十分期盼,但这种热情在iPhone SE身上全部消失了。因此,苹果只备了少量的货,会举行促销,让消费者买得起。



译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2016041003.html

Apple thinks Indians r fools to buy, pricing almost double here. Those buying SE should be real fools
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买iphone SE的人是真正的傻瓜

Deepak Deval
Those buying Apple products in the first place with such high price tags are fools.
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Maitlynti Lyngkhoi

Next few month it will go 20k
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sav savron

Se is sold out in US UK...China(?)....3 week waits for delivery....perhaps more Android users are switch ing over?
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iphone SE在美国、英国,中国等卖得脱销了?...等了3个星期才发货...


yogesh chikane

Pricing is too high for features it is offering..
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Sandeep Yadav

Demand will be weak in future too.Phone is offering nothing new.Its a old phone in new box for users.Apple please come out from this 4 inch screen
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vinayak pai

This response is on expected lines as model offers little with steep priceing
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Manohar AM

When APPLE gets revenues by other means like music, paid apps, cloud storage, the cost of phones can be kept at minimum profit levels. Say, the iPhone 5se priced at 25-27 thousands. It is reasonable as the showroom level cost is about 12000 only. Then their market in India will go high over the wall.
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比如,iphone 5SE可以卖2.5万-2.7万卢比。


Kiran citizen
18 hours ago

Apple is going down hill,they never released sales figures of I watch,they are not revealing sales if SE, their latest I pad series including I pad pro are flops, if people come to know about the sales figures their share prices will crash ,its another satyam in making,falsifying sales
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苹果在走下坡路,从未发布iWatch的销售数据,也不披露iphone SE的销售数据,最新的ipad是个败笔


Narendra Dalvi.

To taste the success Apple should retail SE 16gb & 64gb for 22000 and 32000 respectively.
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为了尝到成功的滋味,苹果还是把iphone SE的16GB和64GB版的价格分别定为2.2万卢比和3.2万卢比吧

Anthony Gomes

ye to hona hi tha.....39k for 16gb!!!...oversmart Apple ...phone me sona chandi aur heere jade hue hai kya???
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Nobody's going to buy that overpriced stuff. Many more mobiles with better specs & much much better price are available
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Vaseem Sayyad

It was the moat silliest ever launch of apple. Dont lnow what are they up to.. May be having excess stock of A9 chipsets from iphone6 so wants to bundle it in iphone se
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也许iphone6的A9芯片存货过多了,所以拿一些放到iphone SE上。

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