Nirbhaya case: Village doesn't want its rapist son to return


BHAVANIPUR NAGLA (BADAUN): A huge contingent of policemen, media persons and onlookers gathered at Badaun's Bhavanipur Nagla village since early Sunday morning and waited for the rumoured arrival of the juvenile convicted in Nirbhaya gangrape case. Though nobody, including the juvenile's kinsmen, received any official information, a few media reports led people to believe that he will be coming back to his native village.

"In the last 10 years, he has not shown any attachment with his family members and may not return here. Besides, it will become extremely difficult for him to get an employment in this village. It will be convenient for him to reside in a bigger city where people will not be easily able to identify him and his past deeds," said Badaun SSP Saumitra Yadav.

Local residents, however, were unhappy with the "bad press" that the village with a population of 1,500 has been getting in the past few days and most of them do not want the juvenile to return here. Cops too believe that he'll not come back here since he never had any attachment to his family. They feel that he's better chances of rehabilitation elsewhere rather than here where everybody knows about his infamous past.





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iresqc itizens
The criminals photograph must be posted on a national sex offenders list. Why is the system trying to hide a criminal. If the criminal was given residence in my locality I and my family have a right to know. Our nation cannot compromise the innocent citizens and their daughters to protect the most violent criminal in Jyoti's murder. We need to fight to change this law.
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M Parivel

The lawyer defended him is a prostitute lady from Bangalore.. Name Nina M Nayak. 2014 loksaba candidate of Bangalore south Aam admi party..
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Sheldon Dsouza
shoot him at sight. there would b at least one crime less.
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Surya Vansha
Right now this rapist is NOT a minor.
His ugly photo, name, address and the date of his release should be immediately released to everyone.
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All the tourists will definitely run away from India.
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Garib Das

Kejriwal government is already looking after his. rehabilitation .
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nan ksn
He should be in Delhi only as the CM of Dli has agreed to rehabilitate him by gifting a sewing machine from the tax payers money..Juvenile rapists can have a field day in Dli, rape a poor girl , spend 2/3 years in the juvenile home with free accommodation/ meals etc and become a tailor ..courtesy a benevolent CM who only talks about women safety whenever he is awake and after providing AK 47 security to his family members..!
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iresqc itizens
The criminal must be given shelter and residence in the homes of the judges that allowed him to be released. Who in their right mind would want to own such a toxic asset.
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Satish Joshi
He should be hanged
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Satish Joshi

If he can rape that means he knows what he his doing there was no innocence here. Courts should go back and change their mind and hang him , he cannot be considered as minor . Fast courts should be setup and provide justice . We should understand what the family is going fhrough




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