Delhi to London, 3 women drove to live their dream


BENGALURU: Three women, 21,477km, 17 countries, 97 days and a journey of their lifetime. When best buddies Rashmi Kop par, Dr Soumya Goyal and Nidhi Tiwari embarked on an all-woman expedition be tween New Delhi and London, they dared to give wings to their childhood dream. With no back-up vehicle, the mothers in their mid-30s pushed all boundaries to create awareness on women empowerment. Nidhi who conceptualized the trip was also the only driver at the wheel of the vehicle that was sponsored by Mahindra First Choice.

Nidhi who specializes in outdoor edu cation, off-the-road jeeping, long-distance and high-altitude driving and has a lots of outdoor jeeping experience in India and abroad, floated the idea. And her friends immediately lapped it up.

3名女子,21477公里,跨越17个国家,历时97天,一辈子的旅行。最好的朋友Rashmi Kop par、Dr Soumya Goyal和Nidhi Tiwari开始了从新德里到伦敦的女子远征。她们是为了给童年梦想插上翅膀。在没有支援车辆的情况下,这些30来岁的妈妈们跋山涉水,跨过不同国家的边界,为了建立女性赋权的意识。构思这一旅行的Nidhi也是唯一的司机。



600km a day: The journey of Women Be yond Boundaries started in June and came a full circle in October, crossing India, Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbe kistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom. The car which kept the friends company happened to be the first Indian vehicle to cross the Arctic Circle, they maintained.

Rashmi Koppar, who works with MS Ramaiah Hospital, re called the remarkable voyage.


在医院上班的Rashmi Koppar回忆起了这次非凡之旅。

"The first thing we did while en tering every country was to buy a local SIM card. However, we couldn't book accommodations in advance as our sched ule kept changing." They trio drove close to 600km a day . "It was only in India and England that we spoke in English. In the other countries, we used sign language and Google translator," added Dr Soumya Goyal, therapist at MS Ramaiah Hospital.

Of course, the women had their families cheering them all along.

"We wanted to tell the women of the world that such expeditions are possible and that there was nothing to be scared of.We avoided driving late at night, instead, spent evenings exploring the cities. In fact, we didn't find a single woman driving on the highway till we reached Europe," said Dr Goyal.

Uninhabited zones, non-tarred roads, rocky terrains, forests, streams and dunes greeted the women at every turn, giving them the kind of high they always craved for. All three took a sabbatical from their jobs to realize their dream.

“我们每次进入一个国家,第一个做的事情是买当地的手机卡。然而,由于计划一直在改变,我们无法预订住宿。三人开车基本上一天跑600公里。只有在印度和英国,我们才说英语。在其他国家,我们用手语和谷歌翻译器来交流。”MS Ramaiah医院的医生Soumya Goyal说。




The goodness quotient

Among the many hardships the trio faced was the landslide in Myanmar where bridges were washed away. "We took over five days to cover a distance of 200km from Imphal to Myanmar; usually, it takes not more than 2-3 hours. It also meant redoing our visas," said Rashmi."When we were stuck due to a landslide in Manipur, the locals offered to help us. We trusted them and stayed with their families and also got to taste home-cooked Manipuri food. The trip reinforced my faith in human goodness," she said. The trip was sponsored by the ministry of youth affairs and sports, ministry of external affairs, India, Mahindra First Choice Wheels, Lenovo India, Via.com, @Round Table India Area 6, MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital,Social Empowerment by Empowering Women SEEW, Tea Trails India.



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brave ladies. I wish the whole world start believing in humanit


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Indeed Commendable ! We congratulate The Trio who have proved Yes Women Can Do This ! Cross The Arctic Circle itself A great Achievement also brave to have completed long journey crossing hurdles ! Very well done !






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