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Visitors look at a model of the ARJ21 regional jet from Commercial Aircraft Corp of China at the Aviation Expo China 2015 in Beijing


China, Russia tosign jet agreement by end-2015: newspaper


BEIJING (Reuters)- China and Russia are set to sign an agreement on developing a wide-bodiedairliner before the end of the year, the China Daily reported on Monday,quoting the president of Russia’s state-controlled United Aircraft Corp, YurySlyusar.

北京(路透社)——中国和俄罗斯将于年底前签署协议共同开发宽体客机,中国日报周一援引俄罗斯国有的俄罗斯联合飞机公司的主席Yury Slyusar的话报道称。


blazo 18 hours ago24 20
Russia and Chinacould produce the best passenger planes in the world. They will not copy Boeings dreamliner, 787 that could not fly, they will make real flying objects. Theyare leaders in cosmic technologies, and Russia has long experience in comercialplanes building. USA sanctions will help Russia to revive its huge capacitiesin plane design and building. The new Russia China cooperation will take awayfrom Boeing and Air Bus 50 % of actual world market.



USA Has PoliticalCancer 17 hours ago 21 23
You people aremissing the point completely. China has stolen our manufacturing secrets, ourtechnology, and then our economy. We as a country need to produce and sell ourproducts around the world. China is preventing that from happening byundercutting prices, even we import more from China than we send them. All theundeveloped countries, that are now becoming developed from our knowledge. Arenow working against us, not with us. Why, because “cheap”is thebargaining chip and we can’t produce anything cheap enough, that anyone wantsthese days. China, along with many other countries still can. The U.S.A. isbecoming poorer, as the the poor country’s become richer. This administrationhas done nothing to stop the economic destruction of this country. Its helpedeveryone around the world, but us.



blazo 12 hours ago12 18
Boeing is a goodcustomer of Russian aeronautical producers. For all its models Boeing buysRussian titanium made parts critical for structural resistance and strength.USA sanctions here are not applied. If you want supperior quality and safety,buy from Russia. When you fly in Boeing liner, you can relax and feel you safe,as your safety is guaranteed by HQ Russian products. Russia is selling the mostexpensive air tickets in the world, two way tecket from Russia to ISS, byRussian spacecraft costs only $ 82 million. USA Congress accepted bill of $ 500million to buy 6 two way tickets. Other countries are on waiting list. USAviolate its own sanctions to buy HQ Russian products.



Chuck 11 hours ago5 11
This is greatnews, Russia and china starting to lead the world in technology and starting tobuild some really nice stuff. most of what’s being built in America now isbarely usable and normally breaks. Our appliances are terrible lasting only afew years unlike stuff being built in Russia and china lasting a lifetime. Webuild stuff to tear up so parts have to be bought all the time. We make junk inAmerica, what do you expect from the democrats America of the freeloadingmooch.



hellno187 9 hoursago 8 13
Russia and Chinavs Boeing and Airbus? It’s really pathetic when entire countries have to teamup to take on a corporation that’s good at what they do. What’s next, Russiaand China vs Sony and Microsoft? What stealing designs didn’t work out China?Having problems supplementing a military overhaul with the price of oil beingso low Russia?



r 19 hours ago 1219
Watch out boeingand airbus as your market share shrinks down in the next 5 years. Boeing isshifting part of 737 manufacturing to china and soon it will move all of it tochina one of the most profitable line for boeing. More american jobs lost. Nowgo back to making apple and china rich with all your i phones and toys. I justdont get it one has to buy $600 phone every year and complain how colks arebroke.


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  1. 质量是关键,飞机不是手机,坏了就扔了,手机厂商的质量目标是6西格玛,如果只达到5.6西格玛的话手机就大量出现质量问题,如果是达到5.9西格玛的话,手机就几乎不存在质量问题。而波音飞机的质量好像是能达到8个西格玛的。任重而道远啊。

    • 重工的质量绝对是杠杠的!就是手机,小米华为vivo都不错,大部分人换手机也不是因为坏了,只不过是更新潮的出来了,反正我的手机就没有用坏的!你可以放心!两国联手,互通有无,很多问题都不是问题了,希望加油!

  2. Teabola Is ARepublican STD 6 hours ago 6 7Who the hell wouldwant to fly on a plane made with Chinese parts?谁会去坐由中国制造的部件制成的飞机啊?=====================要是白彪子知道他坐了多年的空客、波音早就用上 Made in China了,会不会心悸梗死呢

  3. Teabola Is ARepublican STD 6 hours ago 6 7Who the hell wouldwant to fly on a plane made with Chinese parts?谁会去坐由中国制造的部件制成的飞机啊?—————————————————————————幸亏你没钱因此没有办法做飞机,现在波音部分配件就是中国生产的

  4. Gary Wilson 18hours ago 13 9Everything Chinaand Russia make is GARBAGE !!This is whyneither sell cars in the US..If i’m going up inthe air for 6 hours it sure the h’e.ll is not going to be in a plane made inChina,中国和俄罗斯制造都是垃圾!!所以二者都没有在美国销售汽车。。如果我要在天上飞6小时,我肯定不会坐中国制造的飞机。穷逼,你还是打飞机去吧!

  5. 看了西方的评论和论调,中国的技术是山寨,中国的物品质垃圾廉价,中国的发明是偷窃抄袭,中国没人权,中国没自由,中国没皿煮,中国是毒菜,中国人都生活在水深火热当中需要我们去解救(这种言论最近比较少了),中国马上崩溃

  6. 等我们做成世界第一时啪啪打他脸!看你还说是偷窃来的?!中国超级计算机运算速度第一,不过貌似三哥还说是偷来的技术 /gg

  7. 谁会去坐由中国制造的部件制成的飞机啊?—————————————————————-其实你坐的飞机,就要很多中国产的部件,有能耐你别坐

  8. Gary Wilson 18hours ago 13 9Everything Chinaand Russia make is GARBAGE !!This is whyneither sell cars in the US..If i’m going up inthe air for 6 hours it sure the h’e.ll is not going to be in a plane made inChina,中国和俄罗斯制造都是垃圾!!所以二者都没有在美国销售汽车。。如果我要在天上飞6小时,我肯定不会坐中国制造的飞机。==============比亚迪扇你丫的