Delhi thief locks self in ATM by accident


NEW DELHI: Early on Wednesday morning, police received a call to rescue a thief who had been locked inside an ATM for the last two hours. The man was rescued and has been arrested for trying to break open the machine. The machine carried cash worth about Rs 5 lakh



The incident took place at an ICICI Bank ATM in Mehrauli market area of south Delhi around 2:30am.

这起事件发生于凌晨2:30左右,地点在南德里Mehrauli 市㘯地区一台'印度工业信贷投资银行'的自动取款机。

"The accused has been identified as Zakhir, a 26-year-old carpenter. He entered the ATM when the guard was not there and tried to break open the machine using his carpentry tools. Failing in opening the machine he entered a small room built inside ATM to which the machine is attached, and tried to open the cash box of the machine from there," police said.

“嫌犯被认定名叫扎克尔,一位26岁的木匠。当保安不在时,他走近自动取款机,並偿试用他的木匠工具弄开这台机器。没搞得开,他走进了建在自动取款机内部一个嵌着这台机器的小屋子,力图从那儿打开机器的现金箱,” 警方说。

"The intrusion detection system installed inside the automated teller machine got triggered by his efforts and the small cabin got jammed. The doors got locked and the lights went off. Zakhir got trapped inside the cabin, and an automatic message was generated by the system to its head office in Mumbai. The branch then informed its Delhi office which contacted the guard to locate his position," said a senior police officer.

“ 他的偿试触发了安装在自动取款机内的入侵检测系统,于是这个小舱房被堵上了。门锁了起来,灯也全熄灭了。扎克尔被关在这小舱室内,同时,这个系统自动产生的一条信息传到了孟买总部。然后这个部门通知了它的德里分部,德里分部联系了该取款机的保安人员以确定他的位置,” 一位高级警官说。

Meanwhile, the accused was also trying to call police and seek a rescue but couldn't make the connection. "The guard was called up by the company. It was found he had been roaming nearby. He returned to the ATM and called up police. We got a call around 3:30-4am. We then reached the spot around 4:45am and the man was rescued," the officer said.

与此同时,嫌犯也设法给警方打电话寻求救助,但没打通。“ 该公司叫通了那位保安,发现他一直在附近闲逛。他回到那自动取款机並呼叫了警察。我们在早上3:30到4点之间接到电话。然后我们在早上4:45左右到达事发地点,那名男子被救了出来,” 这位警官说。

The carpenter, who hails from Bijnour, lives with his family nearby. He told police that he was drunk and, seeing an ATM machine, wanted to break in for theft. Police have also obtained CCTV footage of the incident.




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VIJAY KUMAR Chopra•Delhi•
Bad day for him. Neither could break ATM machine nor could got cash, but got arrested. Waste of time and energy.


bonnymoraes• 回 VIJAY KUMAR Chopra•goa•
Some days are like that.


Prasad Kanuri• 回 VIJAY KUMAR Chopra•Unknown•
Good time for the bank so is the bad time to the thief.


S Banerjee• 回 VIJAY KUMAR Chopra•New Delhi•
bt dont worry abt him now.....he has gone to the institute where the pro will teach him the right way to do it, and he will come out as an expert....


Jay K• 回 VIJAY KUMAR Chopra•Canada
He may get couple of fee meals now


Prasad Kanuri• 回 Jay K•Unknown•
What about the free meals to the family members?😋


Sailendra Shetty•chennai•
I am sorry for that guy, so funny. he took alchohal that room took him and captured. He situation remebers me how rats get caught in cage.


Saurabh Saurabh• Delhi•
Poor man, he should sue the ATM machine and ICICI bank for this. At least they should display in BOLD letters that one can be trapped inside. It is cheating.... I feel conspiracy by BJP or AAP who may paid to security guard to leave the spot so that this poor man can be caught.

可怜的汉子,他该为这事起诉那台自动取款机和印度工业信贷投资银行。他们至少也该贴几个大字 - 人会被关进去。这是欺骗…我感觉是人民党或平民党的阴谋,他们也许买通保安离开那地点,因此这可怜汉子才会被逮。

The guard did not perform his duty well.The machine did a good job !Facts are sometimes stranger than fiction !


Sanjeev Kumar Vyas•Unknown•
How far is the Police station? and how long does it take for the Police to reach a place when called in an Emergency?

" Early on Wednesday morning, police received a call to rescue a thief who had been locked inside an ATM for the last two hours."
"We got a call around 3:30-4am. We then reached the spot around 4:45am"



Godfather Senior• 回 Sanjeev Kumar Vyas•Mumbai
Yes, it is too much of time delay, anyway the got in there before the Sun rise is the solace !!


Teja Seth•Unknown•
Am I the only one who finds this incident funny?


Godfather Senior• 回 Teja Seth•Mumbai•
No, we are a lot more here, laughing it out ! We heard in the past, even the thieves slept inside the ATM to get caught after their loot, they got very tired and took some time to relax in that wee hours :) !


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