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外文标题:A Taste of Chinese Hospitality………….Part 3

I started going to the shipyard from the very next day of arriving at Gaogang but Andrew found a great company in my wife ( or was it the other way round!!). He was her man Friday. He showed her around the town and showed where she could have or should have meal and where she shouldn’t. Having food outside has always been an enigma for us. We have tried sometimes and failed miserably because we don’t know what we will get served to us even after we somehow manage to place an order. We are from that small percentage of Indians who are non-vegetarians, though we belong to the Brahmin community but to every non-vegetarian Indian, China can be a challenge..


Would you try this…..



or this…….



This picture is of the colony where I live. There are no dogs, the cats and the birds are rarely seen because this is a colony for the human beings and not for a gamut of all the creatures who cohabit with them.



Our residential complex

Traditionally Brahmin s were associated with propagation and preservation of religion, rituals, customs and scriptures of Hinduism. But that was thousands of years ago when the society got divided on the basis of vocation. It’s sad that in India, the caste became a boon for some and a bane of inheritance for other. It was not intended to be so. Now that demarcation is not so rigid. I shouldn’t be saying so because whenever we try to search for a match for our son, the people want to match the intricate details of caste and horoscope. They want to know about the family lineage besides what are the qualifications and the qualities of the boy, so let me modify my statement; seeing from my perspective many people have come out of rigid confines of caste but mostly when they are talking about it in public or speaking about it for others.


The following pictures are of in and around the colony where we live


Gang Cheng Hua Yuan


We looked for a roomy apartment and shifted to it a week after our arrival. By that time Andrew had been to Nanjing to meet ‘Sunny’ whom he had got acquainted to on my chat forum which I started as a solution to communicate with my Chinese fans desirous of speaking to me.



Unicorn is one great friend who has helped me get over the hurdles of Chinese language which definitely can destroy the plans of weak spirited people like me and shake the determination of great enthusiasts. He lives in Nanjing. After Andrew met Sunny at Nanjing and told him about us (me and my wife) and I don’t know what he said because meeting someone in person demolishes the icon one holds in his/her mind. It is more devastating in the case of the writers because people build fine images of their persona based on their ability of putting their thoughts together. It is different in the case of the film personalities because their virtual images are known to the people but writers, many of which go by their nom de plumes live in obscurity and I think they should continue to do that. However, we are all made of flesh and blood and have our foibles and follies but somehow when we size other, we try to be very exacting, we don’t make any compromises and concessions. I am a haggard frump and my wife has grown out of proportions. Time has done less damage to us than what we have done to each other.






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  1. 这个中国人不说我爱你之类的,反正我是中枪了。我记得有一天突然鼓起勇气突然从背后抱着我妈妈说我爱你。我妈笑着对我说,小子是不是在外面惹祸了。 至于上面印度人提到的流浪狗,流浪猫,猴子,狐狸。如果印度总理不介意的话。我愿意帮印度解决这个问题,我也不会向你们政府要工资。

  2. 这是城市,不是动物园!不可能有那么多乱七八糟的东西! 爱只是个词语,不用这个字就没有爱了?发现这家伙智商真的有问题,而且不会变通!

  3. 真不知道这个阿三哪来的自我膨胀的感觉,张口闭口为了中国的粉丝,字里行间一股浓浓的高种姓优越感,看看自己的国家烂到不行,怎么好意思来到别的国家点三指四!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 真不知道这个阿三哪来的自我膨胀的感觉,张口闭口为了中国的粉丝,字里行间一股浓浓的高种姓优越感,看看自己的国家烂到不行,怎么好意思来到别的国家点三指四!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 三哥为毛喜欢看这么个没有营养的破文章?我算是服了,写的这些有什么意义?这个人也敢自称是作家吗?简直令我觉得不可思议。难道是印度作家都是这水平吗?写的东西简直让我看不下去。

      • 不是!城市当然有鸟,但都在城市外围,和城市公园里,早上很多!小区少,主要是跟城市的人口密度和鸟的繁殖有关!

        • 要看什么城市了。估计北京上海这种城市鸟不会多。但是我住的浙江三线城市,车停树下一个下午,肯定会有鸟粪,和城市的绿化有关吧

  6. 这个啊三,别乱传播你不真正了解的中国了,你那点中国知识会搞乱别人对中国的看法,所以要真正了解中国必须得有个十年八年的,在说一遍!中国素食能叫你不重样吃一年没问题!别***不懂瞎吊扯了!

  7. 城市里没鸟跟空气污染有关系吧,可不是因为中国人爱吃,话说我老家后山里的鸟多的不得了,一大早叫成一片,可没见人有那闲工夫去捉鸟,倒是家里的小猫逮麻雀一逮一个准。

  8. 很奇怪啊,中文看起来相似,英文不像?????英文只有26个字母啊!还有去的真的是中国?孩子与父母不抱,中国家长是全世界最溺爱孩子的人之一,独生子女,我看有些家长一直抱着她的孩子呀。至于爱与喜欢,爱转指男女之情的爱情,其他的用喜欢就可以了。

  9. 有一次听一个学习中文的有声教程,我发现中国父母对孩子表达感情时不习惯用“爱”这个词,而是用“喜欢”。“Papa, Mama Xihuan Nee”(爸爸妈妈喜欢你)。作为印度人,这是难以理解的,我觉得爱是最强大的人类情感,表达起来时不应该有任何限制,除非说出来会让你陷入麻烦,哈哈,比如对邻居的妻子说(在邻居在场的情况下)中国文字博大精深,三哥理解不了的,人们为什么很少说爱,这个爱有很多方式,其实爱更是一种包容,理性,更是一种责任,不是随随便便见一个人就说爱的!喜欢只是对人有兴趣而已!和爱比起来相差甚远!

  10. 真心觉得印度人好可怜,这还是一个出国了这个久的人,天上的鸟你在任何的大城市都很难看到吧,先不说周围的建筑影响了他们的栖息地,要是在机场周围鸟过了还怎么过啊,在小区周围麻雀喜鹊多了更是吵的不要不要的。鸽子也就是为了观赏才会弄。自己一个国家的文字和语言都被遗忘了,被殖民统治以后连原本自己国家的语言都没了,还说我们不会说英语,也是醉了。感觉他们的想法真的是属于以自我为中心的,这还算是精英阶层,我还以为那些评论都是故意筛选出来丑化印度的呢,原来他们真的就是这样,可悲啊~