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Navneet:中国最长的假期就要 结束了,中国人忙着从家乡返回工作地。一直以来,春节回家的传统延续了几个世纪,就像用筷子吃饭一样,似乎并未失去吸引力。虽然印度北方的排灯节、东部的 杜嘉女神节和西部的甘尼许节,也见证人们赶着回家与家人团聚,但是中国春运的规模是世界上任何地方都看不到的。今年春节预计有60亿人次出行。除了一些事 故出现人员丧生外,如此庞大的春运井然有序地展开。

外文标题:A Taste of Chinese Hospitality………….Part 1

I started writing this piece soon after returning from a trip to Xiamen where I had gone to be with my friend during the Chinese Spring Festival break. I thought I will complete it in fifteen-twenty days but it’s about three months now and I have just arrived in my description of my journey to Xiamen. Let me start posting it as I complete writing about my travel by and by.



I am here in China these days. Today, the longest vacation time of the year in China has come to an end as the Chinese are moving back to their places of work from their homes where they go every year during the Spring Festival season, a tradition that has been there since centuries and doesn’t seem to be losing its appeal, much like eating with the Chop sticks. Though Indian festivals of Diwali in the North, Durga Puja in the East and Ganeshotsav in the West do see rush of people heading home for being with their families but nothing of this scale is ever witnessed anywhere else in the world. This year around 6 Billion migrations across the nation are expected to take place during the season. Barring a few accidents and deaths the mega- operation as always has gone on smoothly. No delays in train schedules and no chaos. Everything working with clockwork precision. Though there must have been heavy traffic jams on the roads. The weather too added its share of woes but the enthusiasm of the people didn’t ebb, it never has in carrying this traditions of centuries.



I too decide to have a feel of travelling in China during this season of peak rush and festivity and I expressed my desire to some of my online friends. I checked up with them if they could arrange to book tickets for us for a trip to Xiamen. Whether my friend in Xiamen would be willing to host us? How will we feel among the people we have never seen before? How will they feel to have foreigners with them during the days exclusively meant for family reunion? Well, the apprehensions were many and many more were the fears of travelling 1500 Kms. alone in a country where our every spoken word can’t be understood but if you come to China, you will realize that words, your words, aren’t necessary.


People go out of their way to help you, more so when they are wearing uniforms of being public servants, they seem to be carrying on their shoulders the pride of representing a race, a nation which always considered itself the kingdom of heaven and those outside of it as barbarians ( not anymore I would say). Even persistent humiliation at the hands of invading Europeans slowly encroaching upon her land and years of plunder committed by the Japanese didn’t change their mindset. Now memories of that hurt are there and there is a feeling in the sub-conscience that the world, especially the western world is partisan, biased. It doesn’t see China in the right perspective. It doesn’t see the Chinese intellectually, culturally and racially at par with them. It sees them as other races they subjugated and ruled over but do the Chinese care? Nah! Most of them don’t even know if there is any country that exists beyond the borders of their ‘kingdom of heaven’




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karan diwan

Dear Navneetji,

this was my 3rd trip to china, fascinated by the place,we have decades to go before we reach where they are now.enjoY!!




Asha B.A

Thanks for this series. China is one of the places that I want to visit.




After seeing China and and living here for such a long time, I have bouyed and idea of starting an Indo-China tourism facility, I am still hooked on to it and believe that one day I will succeed in doing that. I promise to all my friends here at Sulekha that whenever that happens, the first batch of tourists that I will like get here will be my friends at Sulekha 🙂 So, wait to hear from me. :)))





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    • 这位水手大叔,我看了很多评论,很不错他在逐步改变自己对中国的看法和一些观念例如说中国背叛了印度,现在又说印度被判了中国!可见印度再给自己民众洗脑!什么是洗脑我一直想这个问题,现在想通了我认为就是把不真实的事情灌输给民众,西方一直在这么做把中国的事情扭曲的灌输给他们的人民使很多人对中国产生了很多不合实际的想法!这种想法会给西方自己带来很多麻烦,不能客观的认识这个世界,就像前些日子香港大学生认为ZG政权要倒台一样,要给香港找出路,这真是有点反智商,还有些所谓专家会判定中国崩溃论,真是让人啼笑皆非!居然还有人认为中国的崛起是因为中国忽悠了美国!

          • 众口铄金,阶级斗争垄断教材、课本、舆论就是宇宙真理。。。同样亩产十万斤垄断了报纸、传媒同样是真理!!!美帝人民生活在水深火热之中同样是宇宙真理。。。谎言是为了维护邪恶统治,国大党把印度搞的比英国殖民地还恐怖,不靠谎言洗脑能维护统治权么??? 殖民地时代的印度,大规模的铁路被修建,没有严重的宗教矛盾、领土纠纷、民族纷争。跟西方国家的距离大概就是30年,现在印度人不如英美1920年代的生活水平!!!

          • 独立之后的印度干了什么事情??? 印巴分治,计划经济、三次还是多少次印巴战争,中印战争。。。。赤裸裸的一个有帝国雄心却弱不禁风的垃圾国家!!!

    • 他再怎么吹中国也没有国内一些2B公知吹印度吹得那个透彻,比如,印度医疗是免费的,印度教育是免费的,印度人死了由国家包办丧葬等等等等

      • 免费不一定就是好啊,医疗免费人均寿命还那么低,教育免费文盲还那么多,所谓包丧葬就是给你扔到恒河里……目前还没看到哪个公知会吹阿三,这智商得多滴才能这么干啊最后,印度必胜,包子妹子是我的!

      • 公知没说错呀,现在去印度的人那么多,还有去留学的,印度全盘接受英国的市政制度。印度免费九年教育大家都知道,有个视频是介绍帮印度扫盲的,确实你有能力的话,政府会出钱让你读下去。好像是因为封闭(智商)的原因,貌似那些低种姓的对教育的接受程度不高。医疗方面,刚好前几天看了一篇中国留学生去同学家玩,因病去政府医院看病的经历,拍回来的医院图片现在小孩没见过,我们上了点年纪的还有那种记忆,肮脏,简陋,人山人海。印度的公立医院负责看病,开出药方你自己出去药店买药。印度人死了由国家包办丧葬,勉强也可以说得通,天涯有个恶心人的帖子,说有很多贫民知道自己不行了,千辛万苦也要到他们的圣河边上等死,当地政府和一些慈善机构会把这些死尸在恒河边上集体火化,然后。。。。。。扔进河里。当然有些不知道什么原因变成浮尸,就有些吓人了。

      • 政策是免费 实际呢?美国那么富裕都没有免费啊 就好比什么免费的路边茶摊 结果根本没有茶提供 那有屁用 挂羊头卖狗肉而已

        • 朝鲜也是三大免费啊:医疗免费(精英吃进口药,平民吃土方草根),住宅免费(精英住平壤,平民住草房,的确100%分配),教育免费(免学费,不过连课桌都要自己买)

    • 他再怎么吹中国也没有国内一些2B公知吹印度吹得那个透彻,比如,印度医疗是免费的,印度教育是免费的,印度人死了由国家包办丧葬等等等等

  1. 莫迪总理就要去中国访问了。不知道中国人怎么看他的。他在中国微博上发帖,触及了中国人的心灵。印度总喜欢那些自恋吗?还触及了中国人的心灵。。。。。。。我能吐一会吗?

    • 成都就有很多西藏的朋友,很多是来做生意的,我也认识很多西藏朋友,他们其实还是很好的,只要认为你是朋友了,很义气。他们对那些在西藏闹事的也感觉很烦,说闹个JB哦!闹就有饭吃了唆,那些闹事的一天不晓得做事,只晓得瓜闹!这可是他们人自己说的哦,但他们也不满意他们不能办护照,不能出国耍,这些西藏人在成都很有钱,开的全是路虎,奔驰这些车。但他们很爱西藏,都是信佛的,每年过西藏的春节回去要给当地捐很多钱

  2. 眯眯眼都是不可信的,他们都在工厂里做着奴隶!图片都是做出来的不是真的!作者在美化眯眯眼一定有不可告人的目的!!印度必胜!!

  3. 砍了他不少帖子,写得还很好,经常把中国吹过头了,那么问题就来了,怎么在盛夏的时候说春运呢?都热成狗了,咋不发几张雪景凉快凉快?

  4. 西方并未正确看待中国,并未在智力、文化和种族上把中国人视为跟他们处于同一水平,而是把其看做被他们征服并统治的民族。_______________________________________________这印度老头是被牛牛殖民傻了吗?见谁都被西方统治征服,根本顺口胡说,印度是被征服统治了几百年,中国可没有,最多在近代几次战争割让租借了占总面积极小部分的领土,按这么说,一战二战的欧洲,德国法国也一样遭受了极大的屈辱被征服了吗.

    • 印度国内的分裂势力 比 中国 更严重,,西北旁遮普的锡克教徒的分裂势力,东北 阿萨姆邦的分裂势力,,以及 至今还令他们头疼不已的 印度毛派,另外再加之 穆斯林 和 印度教徒 多年的教派冲突,,,这些组织和激进的宗教势力 几乎都拥有 武装部队,并时常和 印度政府 抗衡,,,这种现象,,在中国 是见不到的。。。个人一直认为 印度和土耳其 (支持疆独)支持中国的 民族分裂势力,,是一种 非常十分相当极其特别的 愚蠢!!!殊不知,,他们国内的民族形势 比中国 严峻多少倍!!!!!!!1

  5. 中国春运确实是惊人的,不过中国做好了充分准备,这种传统已经延续了数千年。没人吐槽这一句么,还数千年??大家真的被夸的飘飘然了

  6. 确实,他们的外交政策,他们对“阿邦”的主权声张,他们对xz的控制,都说明了这点。但是政治对普通人没有意义,如果我们把政治放在一边,当你碰到他们时,你会发现他们很热忱,很谦逊————————啊三很可悲,对于中国历史知道的甚少,原因就是他们的政府对中国舆论和历史的错误引导,使印度人对中国抱有怨恨!他们的政党对与印度人民可谓是欺骗,一直偏说中国不好,霸权主义,侵略成性,中国人粗野中国人爱财等等。。。。。何止印度政府在造谣中伤呢,美国,越南,朝鲜,日本,蒙古,澳大利亚,加拿大,等等都是如此!但来过中国的外国人他们对中国的看法有彻底的改变!但他们回去却不愿说他们看到的,因为没人会相信,只能说你可以去体验就知道了!但中国人对外国的看法往往牛逼很大,这好那好,但真正去了却有时很失望木达到预期!真可笑的反差!

  7. 一直以来,对世界来说,中国都是迷人的国家。直到最近,外部对中国的了解甚少。来到这里后,我发现中国是迷人的================是的,有彻底的改变!

  8. “”””西方并未正确看待中国,并未在智力、文化和种族上把中国人视为跟他们处于同一水平,而是把其看做被他们征服并统治的民族。””” 貌似东北亚的人种智商是世界上最高的吧,文化,中国现在除了历史文化恐怕也没什么能拿的出手的了,搞笑的作者,,

  9. 都是正能量,印度人长期被西方洗脑,这些亲身的体验比媒体更有宣传效果。不过确实夸的有点过了

    • 他不是清醒,他是吹中国呢,就像当年90年代大家都在吹欧美一样,什么素质如何如何高,洗盘子要洗10遍,这种脑残文章当时一大把一大把的