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Make in India: PM Narendra Modi to urge LG,Samsung to setup plants in India


KOLKATA: Prime Minister NarendraModiwill meet top executives at Samsung andLG during his trip to South Korea early next week to push the Korean chaebolsto set up semiconductor manufacturing plants in India which, among otherthinks, can boost local manufacturing of cellular phones.


The PM is tipped to pitch the country as the next manufacturing hub forcellphones and semiconductor facility, to these two chaebol, a senior executivewith one of them said, requesting anonymity, as the matter is confidential.Setting up a semiconductor plant along with downstream units entails more than$2-3 billion of investment.


"Only when a semiconductor facility is set up, it will usher in a completerevolution in cellphone manufacturing in India since a cellphone or electronicproduct can then be manufactured from the component level as compared to thecurrent scenario when the models and components are mostly imported in completedknock down format and then assembled in India," he said.



SmitPadhiar (Ahmedabad)
if these company invests in india then itgreat revolution in economy of india and hence these two companies are world'slargest compny in production of counsumer goods these could be more to theconsumers also in prices and durability of produscts


VasanS (Chennai)
LG and Samsung do have factories in chennaiand i suppose the are in India, did he mean they need to expand in India. Modii like your Foreign investment concept, but please no for visiousmanufacturing, insted as them to setup Solar plants to produce electricity.Software companies which do not polute india, Green product, teaproduct,plantation etc in India. Not poisonious manufacturing


JkvRaghu Setty (MYSOORU)
Remove corruption and make one windowclearance by bringing all necesssary clearances and in shortest period in asincere effort to allow 'MAKE IN INDIA' real like South Korea,Japan etc.


AnithaSuman (Kochi, India)
South Korea is one the reliable partner forIndia, we can recall that Korean firms were the first to invest in India whenwe opened our economy, all countries stayed away since they had no faith inIndia.Therefore we should give preference to Korea always.


AnuragSankrityayan (Patna)
these companies have already plannedmanufacturing plant in India.


ManasRout (Cuttack, Odisha)


LokeshShivanna (Unknown)
The UPA government had made several pitchesto Samsung and LG to invest in India to set up semiconductor facility but withno success in the latter part of its tenure. If you are not giving land andrequired infrastructure where they will build thier manufacturing unit? on interrace of pappu's house or in the land of his jijaji which grabbed illigally?


TNParthasarathy (Chennai)
Wrong priority, see the Nokia cell-phonefactory closed down in Chennai. Semi-conductor chip making is capitalintensive, but does NOT create jobs for the mass of Indians! Instead NaMoshould focus on Heavy Engineering, Renewable energy companies of South Korea topitch their manufacturing in India.


VipulSinghal (Unknown)
It is really very gud.. It will createemployment here.


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