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三泰虎7月27日译文,收到徐兵发来的精美 照片后,我坐下来写一篇博文。头脑闪过一个念头,想要向你们分享这些照片的美丽之处。我希望把博文内容留给读者的想象力。不同的人看同一张照片所引发的思 绪是不同的,如果配上说明就会把作者的想法强加给读者。这些照片是一位为了追求美好前途而于1982年离开家乡的男人拍摄的,家乡取得的进步给他留下了深 刻印象。

译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014072701.html
外文标题:Xubing’s Trip to Guizhou And My Thoughts of Shimla

When I sat down to write a blog after receiving excellent pictures from Xubing, who had travelled around his home province, I had a mind to bring to you the beauty of the pictures. I wanted to leave to the imagnation of the visitor to my blog about what they said. Everyone of us has different thoughts on seeing a picture but accompanied narrative often tries to impose the thoughts of the writer on the minds of the readers. The pictures were taken by the man who had left his village in 1982 in search of better prospects and was impressed by the progress. In the accompanied mail that he sent along with these pictures he spoke highly about the progress in the region. Though the progress that you see here is not much compared with other parts of China but when, we see the formidable hills in the backdrop, the tough terrain in the landscape, you may agree with me that in such testing conditions even little is much.


This as I understand from the caption of the picture is a water storage pond for Fire Fighting purposes. A very sensible thing to have for a village in the hills where most of the houses are made out of timber. I once visited an ancient village near Shanghai ( A heritage vilage).There too, the equipment used for fire- fighting in the old days was kept on display. It seems to me that Fire Fighting is an essential part of social duty in China and tradition has been there of community participation, dispensing thus with the need of administration providing for it.


I grew up in Shimla which was said to be Queen of the Hills, the moniker given to it by the British- but that queen has been sullied, raped, using the word gang-raped will not be good, so I may say “Mass-raped”. Shimla of today is so crowded, congested, polluted that though I live just about hundred kilometres from there, I don’t desire to go there. Tears well up in my eyes when I think of the city where my childhood memories are ensconced.




Grandeur of Gorton Castle

What brought to my memories the Shimla of my childhood is thought that one by one the old heritage buildings have been gutted by fire. The latest victim, Gorton Castle (Gordon Castle burnt down on January 28, 2014) where my father’s office was housed and I would go to him after school. Lady Irwin was the name of the school where I was enrolled in Nursery :). So taking little steps up the slope, I must be going there more than half a century ago breathing cold cedar scented air with my little lungs. The thought even today is very freshening.



带给我对西姆拉的童年记忆的是老房子一个接一个被大火吞噬。最近的一个受害者是戈顿城堡(烧毁于2014年1月28日),那里曾经是我父亲的办公场所,我放学后就会去那里找他。“Lady Irwin”是我小时候上的幼儿园的校名 🙂 沿着斜坡拾级而上,50年前的我肯定要去那里,我的小肺呼吸着带着冷意的芳香空气。甚至今天,一想到这就精神振奋。

There are no ponds like the above in any hill stations, nor anywhere in any cities in the plains. The Fire Brigade station in Shimla is near Scandal Point. It’s not more than five minutes drive from there to Gordon Castle- but location of Fire Station is irrelevant, when the city has no water, nor in all these sixty years, I am sure any proposal for storing it, getting it, must have ever been brought up by the government after government. When there is not enough water for general use, it is foolish to expect to have water stored for fighting fire. The encumbent government in Himachal Pradesh is staving off the charges of corruption by the previous one which has all the more cases of corruption pending against its ministers.

西姆拉皮特霍夫(PeterHoff Shimla),只有记忆留下

西姆拉皮特霍夫(PeterHoff Shimla),只有记忆留下


The incumbent Chief Minister is alleged to have got kick backs by favouring some company for installing power plants while the previous one’s son wanted to convert the heritage grounds like Annandale in to cricketing ground for collateral fiancial gains due to escalation of real estate prices. This rigmarole and musical chair between the corrupt politicians goes on in India while the state of affairs continues to become worse. There is not even one city in India which has twenty-four hour water and power supply for not even any one day in a year, not even one.

史诺顿医院(Snowdon Hospital),老的已经烧掉了

史诺顿医院(Snowdon Hospital),老的已经烧掉了


Records with the state fire department say that since independence at least a dozen British-era buildings in Shimla, most of them under government occupation, have been consumed by fire.




The prominent ones include Snowdown Hospital, Wildflower Hall, Kennedy House, Peterhoff, the Western Command Headquarters, Raj Bhavan, General Post Office and US Club Army Mess.

The only thing that seems to have remained intact is the Records of the Fire Brigade, wish I could torch that.

这些著名的建筑包括史诺顿医院、西姆拉野花大厅酒店、肯尼迪宫、皮特霍夫酒店、西方司令部、Raj Bhavan、邮政总局等。


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  1. 现在看他的这些没意思了,又不是自己亲身经历,而是拿到一堆照片凭空臆想,然后附上是是是好好好,反正是没意思了。

  2. 要是大叔懂中文就好了,这样很多人会给他发些他感兴趣的文章。该文那些殖民地时期非常有纪念和观赏价值的建筑失身于火灾实在太可惜了。应该要追究守护人的责任。简直是恶性循环,越没水电越容易发生火灾……

  3. 有些人就爱听别人整天忽悠你说好好好,现在发的这种帖子有意思吗?全是别人为了让水手大叔夸奖而发稿,简直就是无聊透顶

  4. 贵州省的一个穷乡僻壤-雷山县,如果一个外出打工多年又回到家乡看见家乡的面貌在变化,是在变得美好,那么中国实实在在的在进步,这是值得高兴的。因为好多年以前曾经在贵州工作,这个雷山县很遥远很偏僻很贫困,几乎无人知晓。

  5. 就事论事,西部地区的县城看起来只是县城搞得光彩一点,城区看起来象是到了西方,乡下则不堪入目,类似非洲,恐怕木质建筑改成砖头建筑就算是一个大进步吧——但现在仍然很多人住在老旧的木质建筑里,耕作及生活方式跟二十年前可能没什么二样,西部地区的进步仍然举步维艰。

    • 有对比才有进步了,贵州自古以来。。。最穷。地理原因造成的吧,原来只有小农业能吃饱就不错了。现在农村即使看起来即使破破烂烂也是过上以前没法敢想的日子,村里道路小车家电貌似也有普及的趋势。那种低保家里缺乏劳动力的家庭,确实比较悲催,这个儿只能靠救济。不过优势,贵州的生态气候中国哪个地方敢比?

  6. 有些人真是,有本事把照片发给美国人,发给日本人。老发给印度人秀优越真是恶心到家了。印度大叔客气夸奖,我们听在耳里,高兴在心里得了。这么多人给水手大叔发,估计大叔也无可奈何了。

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