原文标题:Villagers clash violently as youth elopes with aunt in Morena district


BHOPAL: A series of violent clashes started between two families in a village in Morena district after a 35-year-old married woman reportedly eloped with a 19-year-old youth on Saturday morning.

Armed villagers of Khadoli, 26 km from Morena town, allegedly abducted another woman from the youth's family at a gun point and kept her captive even as some top police officials were on the spot, trying to pacify the situation. Armed with deadly weapons, villagers have been sitting guard since Sunday afternoon demanding the return of the woman who eloped.



According to the police, Neetu Shikharwar, mother of two children reportedly eloped with 19-year-old Avdesh Shikharwar. Avdesh and Neetu are distant relatives. Their families reside in the same village and the woman is the youth's aunt by relation. However, the village with a population of over 5,000 was aware of a love affair between the two. Avdesh works in a diamond cutting unit in Surat in Gujarat and is financially doing well. He had come home from Surat for a few days.

But all hell broke loose when Neetu's husband Mayaram discovered that his wife for nearly 20 years had eloped with Avdesh who was the neighbour's son and his nephew. More than 700 men, armed with guns, sticks and sharp-edged weapons gathered at the village where a panchayat was called to address the issue. On Sunday, the panchayat gave its verdict that Neetu was to be traced and returned to her husband by the youth's family.



Avdesh's family said that the youth was wayward and out of their control. They also did not have information about the couple's whereabouts. The matter was taken to Devgarh police station where a missing report was filed.

Angry over the police inaction, villagers attacked the youth's family. A violent armed clash followed between both the families involving more than 1,500 persons with several rounds of firing throughout Sunday. Mayaram Shikarwar led a mob, which entered Avdesh's house and at gun point abducted a married woman, identified as Rekha. "Bring back my wife or this married woman stays with me,'' Mayaram told Avdesh's parents.



A large contingent of police force was called and senior officers tried to talk to both the sides out of the present crisis. But villagers are adamant - they want Neetu back, failing which Rekha remains with Mayaram. Half the village is guarding the door where they have kept Rekha captive.

DIG Chambal range DP Gupta said on Monday, "The woman who eloped did so on her own. The police cannot help in such a situation. But the abduction of another woman is serious. We have registered a case of kidnapping against 25 persons. Mayaram Shikharwar is the prime accused."




ash (uk)
9 hrs ago (07:58 AM)
what a bunch of useless police . cant even protect someone who is kidnapped:(( mera hidustan mahan :((

多么没用的一群警察,连被绑架的人都保护不了 :((

YS Jagan (Hyderabad)
9 hrs ago (08:08 AM)
Lucky lad... he got an experienced partner.. anyways, she will be back to her husband in few days, and she will continue her extra marital affair with the kid.. Everyone will be happy...Just Chill Chill..


Kris (India)
9 hrs ago (08:10 AM)
The b1tch ruined so many lives.
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Anshuman Narain (New Delhi) replies to Kris
She got married at the age of 15... I guess at 35 was the only time when she could make a personal choice...


Navi (Bangalore)
Wow. No words to write.


marry at 15 (india)
9 hrs ago (08:45 AM)
she is 35 and married for 20 years?


think (little) replies to marry at 15
8 hrs ago (09:13 AM)
she was married at the age of 15...


jinx (blore) replies to think
5 hrs ago (12:41 PM)
file a case of child marriage against him and allow the lovers who have eloped to live in peace:)


KS (Bangalore) replies to think
5 hrs ago (12:25 PM)
Mayaram should be first booked for marrying a Minor.


rexlunghar (Lonavala)
This is called barbaric lifestyle in the age of techno!


Godisamirage (India)
Dumb A oles. So a guy has run away with a woman. But does kidnapping another lady going to solve the problem. Even if the run away lady comes back,can she live peacefully with such a husband. I am not supporting the lady, but what has happened has happened and further violence is not going to change things.


Sumit (Bangalore)
This shows the condition of our police force.. they know where the lady has been captivated but cant do much beside filing a case of kidnapping


vinod (delhi)
5 hrs ago (12:13 PM)
Are we living in stone age ?


JCM (Muscat)
Love is blind and at times foolish too.. This seems to be a classic example.


Dinesh (Hyd) replies to JCM
Love? looks like a clear case of lust to me.


JKris (Pune) replies to Dinesh
Yes it is LUST. Older women do like young Boyz.


Sensible dakoo (Chambal)
5 hrs ago (12:34 PM)
aayaram, gayaram and now Mayaram, tired of the inserting the same for the last 20 years which by now must be limp and exhausted Neetu found youngster Avdesh's hot and strong, can't blame her. Avdesh have a nice time and give her back to Mayaram please.


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ravishankar (bangalore) replies to Sensible dakoo
3 hrs ago (02:13 PM)
When it happens to you, you will understand the pain. Dont make cheap comments.


Indian (India)
5 hrs ago (12:41 PM)
Core reason of the issue: Women's husband didnot satisfy her or He is not strong/manly enough


JPG (Bangalore) replies to Indian
4 hrs ago (01:21 PM)
you are right. We should advice him to eat Pork to increase his stamina.


Amit Kumar (Mumbai)
5 hrs ago (12:42 PM)
She has been married to this man for 20 years. She is not his property to be returned to him. She should be allowed to decide what she wants to do with her future.
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PritpalSingh Anand (Bhavnagar)
It is really a sad story, firstly a 19 year diamond cutter working at Surat having illicit relation with a women nearly twice his age. The society should have acted when they knew about it. Moreover, they have kidnapped a innocent women to taken revenge and people want to protect such a bad act by guarding the place. Who says we are living in the twenty first century. People are still living in the primitive age. It is a shame for the whole village. P.S.Anand


Jay (Mumbai)
5 hrs ago (12:55 PM)
Stupid guy, he was already getting laid by her, he should have carried on with the previous arrangement , why elope with baggage ?


pinku (surat) replies to Jay
1 hr ago (04:48 PM)
Obsolutely right. He could have continued to just enjoy instead putting his life in danger. I have seen so many youths being much more emotional, in turn eloping with married woman and at end being killed. Instead i would suggest "pitch gili karo aur bhul jao".


Amrut (Pune)
Simply Bollywood! What more can i say.....


Kapil Sibal (Sivganga)
4 hrs ago (01:05 PM)
UPA should resign .Shame on Manmohan sigh...such incidents are happening.:)


Earthquake (Bhopal)
4 hrs ago (01:29 PM)
I hope the entire village gets flattened in an earthquake.
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Gaurav Luthra (mumbai)
May be that lady was not happy with her husband. Let her go and enjoy her life, if she wanted. But 4 god sake dont 4gt her children, They need love from village not this killing and war.. Try to understand yar..


Robin (Delhi)
4 hrs ago (01:42 PM)
Already read it in indian sex stories....few years back.
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mk.rajesh76 (chennai)
but hey, when this lady comes back and gets divorced, the husband will have to give her half of his property!!! this is as per our latest divorce laws!!! women are to be worshiped... lol !! what a country we are in!!!


Corba (Earth)
4 hrs ago (01:54 PM)
There are two things which needs to judged here. 1. Elder lady ran away with young guy willingly. 2. Villagers abducted an innocent lady against her wish. The first fact may sound immoral but it is done by two adults with mutual consent. There may be a justified reason behind this. Two adults have fundamental right to choose what they feel best for them. Forcing them is no different from what is being followed by Talibans and other backward countries like Somalia. The second fact shows that rural India is backward and no different from Somalia or any uncivilized nation.
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d (mumbai)
4 hrs ago (01:55 PM)


Sanjeev Kumar (Mumbai) replies to d
In other developed countries 20 yr girls knowingly marry 70, for whatever reasons


nr (b'lore) replies to Sanjeev Kumar
2 hrs ago (03:19 PM)
there was a case in india where a grandson married his grandmother...the reason given was to look after her better..Also, there are cases where little girls are married to trees and dogs. Such absurdities exist everywhere.


Tina (India)
Poor kidnapped woman! Police should rescue her immediately.


Tomy (Mumbai)
3 hrs ago (01:59 PM)
Its for sure that this women is attracted to this 19 year boy only for sexual satisfaction. Emotionaly there's nothing a women of 36 years can expect from a 19 year old.
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Pankaj (Bangalore)
3 hrs ago (02:04 PM)
I believe villagers are doing the right thing... if the husband had eloped with a 19 year old girl, everyone had labeled the man as rapist and womanizer. But if woman elopes, everyone says she is adult and she eloped with her own will... why such huge gender bias? Are we really living in 21st century and claim we trust in gender equality?
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SHAFI (abudhabi)
3 hrs ago (02:15 PM)
forget the eloping story.how these two villegers have this much wepons in thier possition,what is the job of concerning area police, what they are doing .any sigle guy from the minority cummunity caught by the police for wepon ,he is branded as terrorist.hear whole villagers are not terrorist as per the police n media.good. A mockery of demmocrecy.
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Indian (India)
3 hrs ago (02:30 PM)
What is the use of clashing violently? The man whose wife eloped should find a 19 year old girl, preferably his previous wife's sister and marry her.


Zokhuma (Aizawl)
3 hrs ago (02:30 PM)
It seems that Neetu married Mayaram at the age of about 15 yrs. and eloped with Avesh 19. after about 20 yrs. of married life. The point to be noted is that within 20 years she had no grown-up son or daughter. She had only 2 children when she eloped. The time element and the children she bore does not coincide. Was she barren for sometime? Or is Mayaram impotent? It is a hypothesis only. I leave for other readers to think.
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Mayur Trivedi (Baroda)
3 hrs ago (02:33 PM)
Leave the woman alone. She wants a new beginning. Living with a young man will help rejuvinate her heath & life. She will be more happy than living with her old stupid husband. Villagers should mind their own business.


Mannangatti Balu (India)
1 hr ago (04:13 PM)
I am just wondering what would have happened if Neetu's husband had eloped with Rekha. Will Neetu take captive of Rekha's husband and live with him? My worry is I don't have an aunt to elope with!
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Kalu (India) replies to Mannangatti Balu
47 mins ago (05:08 PM)
Eloping is bad idea! Sleeping is ok
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Rahul (Gujarat) replies to Mannangatti Balu
1 hr ago (04:51 PM)
No, Rekha's husband would have taken Neetu captive and lived with her.


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