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原文标题:China bridge becomes world’s highest and longest



LONDON: At 1,102 feet up and 3,858 feet across, the ambitious suspension bridge in China’s Hunan province has become the highest and longest in the world.

The Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge in Jishou was officially opened to motorists Tuesday, Daily Mail reported.

Work on the engineering feat started in October 2007 and the bulk of the work finished at the end of last year.




Drivers can take in the views of the Dehang Canyon as they steer their way across all 3,858 feet of the new sky-high road which links two tunnels.

The bridge, which is lit up at night with 1,888 lights, is the fourth suspension bridge to cross a valley so wide it seems to be connecting two mountain ranges, the Mail said.

Once on the bridge cars and lorries can motor along a two-way, four-lane motorway at about 50 mph. Pedestrians can also walk along it on a special walkway under the road.




The bridge is a key part of the Jishou-Chadong Expressway, a 64-km road which has 18 different tunnels that cover about half of its length.

It is hoped the bridge will help ease traffic jams which are common in the mountainous area which has narrow, steep and winding roads.




04 Apr, 2012 03:52 PM
India has natural formed world largest and longest TOILET………
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Subramaniam (Malaysia)
04 Apr, 2012 06:06 PM
Welldone China, Congratulations to your government. Most important of all we hope the Chinese Regime will built bridges to strengthen the bond among its Han people and all conquered people and most of all with all its neighbours instead of exerting a big brother attitude and harassing them.
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Badabing (USA) replies to Subramaniam
05 Apr, 2012 01:52 AM
As in how the Malaysian Muslims bulldozed over their own Malaysia born Chinese & Indian citizens? Stop talking like a hemorrhoid.
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sonnepal (leh)
04 Apr, 2012 06:13 PM
Material development wont bring long lasting happiness to chinese people,only freedom of speech and freedom of living can change peoples life and happiness.
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Harry Jum (USA) replies to sonnepal
04 Apr, 2012 10:31 PM
Yeah, it is really happy to be on an empty stomach. There is no freedom of speech and what the hell is freedom of living. You must be brainwashed by your Anglo master.
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rana (mumbai)
04 Apr, 2012 06:44 PM
india needs to learn high and long bridge construction techniques from the chinese because india needs many bridges and godd / wide roads to reduce accidents. india also needs to learn techniques to build bulet trains from china without much delay. all these will bring prosperity and unity in india. indian engineers have knowledge and talets to achieve this, but need initial training from chinese, since they have already done this. u.s will do the same things, if obama is reelected as president because u.s wants to become a leader, which u.s is but u.s politics is keeping the country down for the present.
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04 Apr, 2012 10:21 PM
The speed at which this bridge is built (from 12/2007 – 12/2011) is as impressive as the bridge itself. Recall that the Golden Gate bridge was build in 2 yrs, Empire state building was done in less than 2 years, Hover dam was built in 4 yrs … China is doing the same as the USA did in its glory years, sad that USA lost that edge, and any small project takes years today! India is even slower. This bridge is just one of the many (at least 10) huge projects under going in China now, congratulations to the Chinese engineers, job well done. Such a bridge is harder than a call center, or some small pieces of code by Bangalore to Cisco or Microsoft.
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Badabing (USA) replies to FACTS
05 Apr, 2012 01:49 AM
Constructions in the USA are often dragged down & under due to labor unions, EPA & community activist groups’ oppositions that they often turn into huge cost overruns, disruptions & major eye sores for years before they are finished. China does not have those issues. They work in much better unison, as the USA had long ago so.
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guest (UK)
05 Apr, 2012 02:45 AM
Indians are as capable as Chinese. Indian govt is becoming more focused on things that are more relevent to the nation’s economy and people’s life. That is a good sign. I am happy the Time of India is reporting more positive things of China. More Indians know about China, less mistrust will be. Thanks.
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Nicole (Australia) replies to guest
3 hrs ago (06:47 AM)
To guest (UK)..Yes, you are right, Indians are as good as Chinese. So it is not necessary for Indians to be persuaded by the West to be anti-China or anti-Chinese. Actually, Indians and Chinese can be truly good friends provided India does not make the same mistake as Nehru when he was PM.
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Wang-Wang (Delhi)
19 hrs ago (02:54 PM)
India has world largest toilet and urinals….. we are free to defecate and pee everywhere………… Even MM Singh confessed that he prefer defecating on roadside than in toilets………. Humans might have evolved in genes and civilization but we Indians have remained same about defecating since Indus Valley Civilization time………
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Marco Hsiao (Asia)
15 hrs ago (06:42 PM)
This bridge except traffic also could become a tourism spotlight. The scenery and bridge both are beautiful. In the future, constructing high speed rail to link Beijing and New Delhi might be a wonderful thing.
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    • 本人也身有同感,多数的印度网民素质还是不错的(起码三泰虎给我们呈现的是这样)也许我们还没有接触到印度的底层P民?!

    • 其实这也从一个侧面说明了印度互联网普及度不高,我估计相当于我国1990年代末期到2000年代初期的水平。

      • 印度应该都是有钱人才聊政治吧,那些屁民饭都吃不起哪能来上网啊,所以我觉得没有可比性,毕竟90后期到千年初期中国的状况要好于印度,而且那个时候本来就是互联网产业在全世界大范围推广的时候,如今的互联网产业在全世界都比较成熟了,印度在成熟的时候互联网都这个普及程度,相比很难对比

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  3. 版主辛苦啦,一个人撑这么大的摊子


  4. 看了腾龙翻译的牛牛关于矮寨大桥的评论,发现在这个问题上印度人的素养比牛牛的还好一点。

  5. 我不认为印度时报能代表印度大多数人,这也是为什么印度时报的新闻评论看起来都比较冷静和现实。
    三泰虎胜利 Jai santaihu

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  7. 是的,你是对的。印度人和中国人一样棒。所以印度人没有必要在西方的劝说下反对中国或者反对中国人。事实上,只要印度不再犯尼赫鲁当总理时期所犯的错误,印度人和中国人可以成为真正的好朋友。—————————————-虽然这个黑三说的很理智,但是错了,错的一塌糊涂,中国文明和印度文明不一样,华夏文明,尤其是汉文明具有同化性,而且中国人更相信实物文化,比如饮食,音乐,书法,绘画等等,中国被很多民族甚至是各种外来文明侵略过,但无论怎样中国人始终保持自己文明的根基,文字和语言,但是印度人不同,印度文明是精神类文化,印度输更习惯于宗教信仰的文化,所以印度人很容易接受信仰的灌输,英国统治后的印度人已经彻底被西方文明洗了脑,印度人放弃了自己的根基,文字,语言,彻底变成了与西方人相似的眼高手低,明明过着大多数食不果腹的生活,却同西方人一样只懂得享受,享受皿煮,没有强大的国家作为后盾却只懂得幻想,从这点印度人就已经输的一塌糊涂,而如今中国这么鲜明的例子摆在眼前,印度人却仍然只懂得逃避,说大话,幻想还生活在曾经的辉煌中,拒绝团结,拒绝努力,这就是如今的印度人

  8. Nicole (Australia) replies to guest
    3 hrs ago (06:47 AM)
    To guest (UK)..Yes, you are right, Indians are as good as Chinese. So it is not necessary for Indians to be persuaded by the West to be anti-China or anti-Chinese. Actually, Indians and Chinese can be truly good friends provided India does not make the same mistake as Nehru when he was PM.
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