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原文标题:World’s 10 busiest ports!




排名 港口 吞吐量(万标准箱) 所属国家
1 新加坡 2580 新加坡
2 上海 2500 中国
3 香港 2100 中国
4 深圳 1800 中国
5 釜山 1320 韩国
6 广州 1110 中国
7 迪拜 1110 阿联酋
8 宁波 1050 中国
9 青岛 1020 中国
10 鹿特丹 1000 荷兰


Where is India???
by Sharad Aggarwal (View MyPage) on Oct 30, 2011 08:37 AM | Hide replies

Many are objecting as to where is India. We must not focus on building big but must build every inch which is requried and must ensure that each inch is optimally used……….


Re: Where is India???
by divine (View MyPage) on Nov 05, 2011 03:42 PM
Corruption and Scams – India No. 1
Minority Appeasement – India No. 1
Population – India will soon become No.1
Caste appeasement – India No.1
Film Crazy citizens – India No.1
(Film Industries all put together in India, is worth few thousand crores- officially).

What else you want?










by RSSHINDU (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 09:16 PM | Hide replies

India, as a nation, can better get dissolved and merge with China. At least, the country will develop. Also, the tyrannic laws will take care of our law-breaking citizens.



where does mumbai port stand
by Jugal Ahuja (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 08:17 PM | Hide replies

from the comments of our corporate gurus one has the feeling that india is the second leading economic power after our friend usa. but day in & day out rediff is publishing stastistics which show india is way behind others not only in the world but also in asia. 6 out of the world’s 10 busiest ports are chinese. moreover shanghai had overtaken singapore as the world’s first container handled port in 2010, as per figures given out by wikipedia. even singapore’s population of 4.5 million consists of 80% chinese. mumbai our leading port does not come in the first 25. i request our corporate honchos to stop bluffing, and realise that india stands much below china.



Problem with India
by Pradeep Krishnan (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 07:08 PM | Hide replies

India does import/export enough for its 1.2 billion population to have a port in top 10 list.
All the ports given above handle mega-sized ships. They land in only a few ports and the cargo is then transferred to smaller ships (of size seen berthing in Chennai/ Visakapattanam / Tuticorin/ Goa/ Kochi)
But the whole traffic in India is handled by Colombo, Dubai & Singapore. Srilanka is developing Hambantota just to cater to Indian Demand.
Vizhinjam in Kerala with natural depth of 25m and Colachel in TN could have been developed to major ports. But our corrupt leaders are sold to Dubai and appeasing Colombo.


Re: Problem with India
by abc_xyz abc_xyz (View MyPage) on Oct 30, 2011 11:16 AM
what you said is 200% correct. Many a times, whites have wondered as in why, India couldn’t develop Mumbai port as much as UAE developed its Dubai port, inspite of costly labour, tough diplomatic laws and horrible weather during summers.

Both India and Pakistan are corrupt to the core and you can see that in the form of the pathetic condition of Mumbai/Chennai and Karachi ports.




Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad are missing
by Ram (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 02:50 PM | Hide replies

Both congress and BJP are responsible for not developing the ports in these cities. In Bangalore, they should have linked ulsoor lake with Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea. In Hyderabad, they should have linked Hussain Sagar in the same way. For Delhi, the link is already there with Yamuna connection to Bay of Bengal.



by om shanti (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 01:26 PM | Hide replies

Most are in China.

What is congress doing since 64 years of independence ? Why do we not have even a single port in the list ?


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Re: …
by proundindian (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 01:41 PM
you should notice that all these ports are from asia.Even the US and Europe don’t have any busy ports in top 10.By your logic,the US and Europe are not developed compared to asian countries?


Re: Re: …
by om shanti (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 02:10 PM
You did not get my point.Where is population in Europe ?

China with 1.3 billion is the world’s manufacturing hub.And India with 1.2 billion population should have been next to it.But our government is doing nothing to expand manufacturing and export sector.

Now donot tell me about cheap chinese good.The world is not f00l to import cheap goods.What you get from China depends on how much you pay and from whom you buy…




Re: Re: Re: …
by lovein (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 03:05 PM
Manufacturing boom in china and IT boom in india.No need to make such a comparison as every nation has his strong points and weak points.Besides,economic reforms in china is earlier than india’s.


Re: Re: Re: Re: …
by om shanti (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 03:19 PM
Now IT is also booming in China,wake up !


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: …
by Sameer Bhagwat (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 03:25 PM
what is IT ?
Just The Value of IT industry in SHENZHEN is over INDIA. The VALUE of India’s software is just half of China.




2010 is Here
by Sameer Bhagwat (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 11:49 AM | Hide replies

2. Singapore 2843 TEU Singapore
3. Hong Kong 2363 TEU CHINA
4. ShenZhen 2251 TEU CHINA
5. Busan 1428 TEU S.KOREA
6. NingBo 1314 TEU CHINA
7. GuangZhou 1212 TEU CHINA
8. QingDao 1201 TEU CHINA
9. Dubai 1150 TEU the UAE
10.Rotterdam 1110 TEU Netherlands


1、上海 2907万标准箱 中国
2、新加坡 2843万标准箱 新加坡
3、香港 2363万标准箱 中国
4、深圳 2251万标准箱 中国
5、釜山 1428万标准箱 韩国
6、宁波 1314万标准箱 中国
7、广州 1212万标准箱 中国
8、青岛 1201万标准箱 中国
9、迪拜 1150万标准箱 阿联酋
10、鹿特丹 1110万标准箱 荷兰

Re: 2010 is Here
by Sameer Bhagwat (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 12:00 PM
11.TianJin 1100 TEU CHINA

TianJin port will enter the top 10 and Rotterdam will out.

11、天津 110.0万标准箱 中国



India vs. China
by patriot (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 11:10 AM | Hide replies

Indians are probably jealous reading this article ha ha.

Ravi Pathsinghe
colombo Lanka


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Re: India vs. China
by C W (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 11:13 AM
We are actually proud that some foreign losers are peeping at Indian websites..


Re: India vs. China
by najeeb desi (View MyPage) on Oct 29, 2011 08:15 PM
actually whats ur role here? accept what foreigners throws in ur bowl dont bother abt it…think abt indias pienuts coz of ur clolombo port. u need to get help for everything….ur airport has done by japanese…so did everything by some one…..i know u lankans has big mouth always..u hv nothing to do here…u lives somebodies payroll.think if there is no western tourists pouring to lanka…where would u stand now? ur bread n butter somebodies pocket…let it be like that…no need to tease indians.



Why chine is so developed?
by raj r (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 10:54 AM | Hide replies

Why cant india follow the same?


Re: Why chine is so developed?
by Chhoti Jaat (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 11:10 AM


Re: Re: Why chine is so developed?
by venugopal chellaton (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 11:56 AM
Because they do not have Democracy


Re: Re: Re: Why chine is so developed?
by C P (View MyPage) on Oct 27, 2011 12:19 PM
Singapore and South Korea have democracy and they are on the top list. Blame your government, loser.