印度男人评论女人 (一)

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Here is a list of women guys should stay away from…


Women are always quick to state what they hate about men, trying to prove that it’s them who should work towards keeping the relationship going. However, it’s not always men who are to be blamed. Let’s face it, as there are things women hate about men, there are also quite a few things that men hate about women. Here are few kinds of women that men tend to stay away from:


Miss clingy

Believed to be every man’s worst fear, this type of woman frequently verbalises how desperate she is to get married. Clinginess is a big mix of insecurity,possessiveness, , and other self-esteem issues. Men generally end up identifying such women only when they can are well into a relationship. Though such women initially appear to be independent, once they are in a relationship and feels safe, her neediness begins to manifest.



Miss I, me, myself
Unlike other women, these are the ones most men will give chance and try to win over, simply because these women are a challenge. Because of the strength these women possess most men tend to avoid commitment with them. However, they are captivated by this strength and view winning them over as conquest. These women have both, the competitiveness of a man and the sensitivity of a woman. In an instant, they can switch from being seductive to emotionally distant. In fact, they use their hatred for men as a shield to avoid being hurt.



Miss I’m the best
It is believed that successful women are the ones men tend to feel threatened by and to an extent it holds true. Actually, men are not threatened by successful women, but are of the opinion that successful women do not need them.

A lot of women often say that they do not need a man to make them happy, as they earn good money, own a house, and have a wonderful social life. Such women do not depend on men and this is what puts them off the list. Definitely men do not want a woman who is totally dependent on them, but when a confident woman allows herself to depend on them, man get flattered.


据信,成功的女人总是让男人感到威胁,在一定程度上, 这是成立的。实际上,男人受到的威胁並非来自成功女人,而是来自这样的舆论:成功的女人不需要他们。


Miss chatter-box
For a man, a talkative woman is neither good nor bad. Most women are accused of being too talkative when, in reality, they are speaking more simply because they are discussing a subject that is of great interest to them and not just because women talk more. In a woman’s world, everyone speaks together. In the world of men, it is considered rude to speak out of turn and one is not to be interrupted by the other until he’s done. Therefore, when a woman asks a man a question and he proceeds to answer her – and then she begins to interject her opinions for the next 10 minutes – he’ll just quit trying.



Miss read my mind
For some reason, a woman expects her man to know exactly what she’s thinking at all times. As a result, she constantly tests him, using his responses to gauge his level of love. This type of behaviour should be avoided, as very few men are interested in dealing with the constant guessing games.




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Lokesh (Delhi)

….. and this is the article you should avoid. Repeated 40 times atleast !


biplop (Delhi)

It is difficult to identify in India as we marry them as an unknown and fix all after that.


Deepank Rastogi (Unknown)

that summarises all the girls i know 😀


Jacob ()

though you find a girl who is perfect.. you would have to go through a lot of obstacles… and at the end you end up defeated


p_g2012 ()

Its impossible to find a girl which doesnt have any of these qualities


ketan mhatre (mumbai)

wome should read this.. 😉


Bharat Mehra (Unknown)

nice article and all right information


Sada Shiv (Gurgaon, Haryana)

You don’t get to know these things before marriage…!! Post marriage its all over


Sandeep (Bangalore)
U left Miss shopping


arora v (Unknown)

The five very natural qualities of women have been listed, if these type of women are avoided then nothing is left for men to be intimate with.


bharathvenkatesh (chennai)

Who is left out then ?? this article covered all kinds


BlueJeans Tonxing (New Delhi, India)

not applicable to all….well! we are all humans, we have diffrent tastes and likes,…..!! just saying


Amit Zox (United States)

…men never avoid women as long as she lets him inside the ‘vertical’ crack


Ankit (Delhi)

I have never seen so many discussion comments after any news/topic. It seems like the whole purpose of publishing it has been extremely successful. Guys, do not fight over and waste time on such a worthless topic. Each of us are good in some or the other ways and the vica versa. We all have got different nature from one another. Stop blaming and work towards achieving your life goals, be it career wise or getting a life partner which will suit your nature the best. All the very best! 🙂


Indian Rediff (USA)

One more kind of woman to avoid – women who write articles like this (just kidding)


Shahnawaz Ahmed (Bangalore, India)



Jag (India)

One of these qualities, will be present in every woman………..


matt (usa)

so who is left to date ???


deepank rastogi (delhi)

that list completes all type of women available on EARTH 😀 kya kare


Meghraj Khedkar (Mumbai)

People, who are in happy marriages, don’t fall sick often and enjoy more good health, a new research has suggested. In a 20-year longitudinal study tracking health and marriage quality, Brigham Young University family life researcher Rick Miller found that as the quality of marriage holds up over the years, physical health holds up too. He said that there is proof from previous research that marital conflict leads to poor health and his study showed that happy marriages have a preventative component that keeps people in good health over the years. The study shows positive marriage relationships sustain health over the long run. The study used data from a nationally representative sample of 1,681 married individuals followed over the course of two decades – the longest study on marital quality and health to date. Miller and colleagues measured marital quality in two ways: First, in terms of happiness and satisfaction, and, second, in terms of marital problems (Do you argue about money? Do you fight about in-laws?). Respondents then rated their health on a 1 (excellent) to 4 (poor) scale. The results showed those with higher marital conflict were more likely to report poor health. Miller said that the implication is that marital conflict is a risk factor for poor health and couples that fight or argue frequently should get professional help to reduce their conflict, as it affects their health. Miller added that when spouses have a bad day, in a happy marriage, they are more likely to support each other and empathize with each other and that support reduces stress and helps buffer against a decline in health. The study has been published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

各位,一项新的研究提出,婚后生活愉快的人不常生病,健康状况也更好。在长达20年的时间里,布莱汉姆•扬大学(Brigham Young University )的家庭生活课题研究人员瑞克•米勒(Rick Miller),对健康与婚姻质量之间的关系做了跟踪调查。他发现,婚姻关系长年稳定,健康状况也保持稳定。他说,先前的研究证明,婚姻中的矛盾会导致健康恶化,而他的研究显示,幸福的婚姻生活有预防作用,能使人们长年保持健康。该研究显示,良好的婚姻关系让人保持长久健康。这项研究使用的数据,来自对1681个已婚人士样本进行了长达二十年的跟踪–乞今为止历时最长的婚姻状况与健康关系的研究。这些样本在全国范围内具有代表性。米勒和同事们用两种方法来衡量婚姻质量:1,幸福和满意程度;2,婚姻中的问题(为钱争论吗?为姻亲吵架吗?)。答卷者按4个等级(1:非常好…4:差)最为自己的健康打分。结果显示,那些婚姻矛盾较大的人群更可能选“差”。米勒说,这意味着婚后生活中的矛盾是个危险因素,会导致健康状况恶化。因此经常争斗的夫妻应得到专业辅导,以减少导致健康恶化的争吵。米勒还说,一对婚姻幸福的夫妻,偶尔碰到不愉快的事,更可能相互支持、同情。这种支持会减轻烦恼,有帮助缓冲健康状况下降的作用。这项研究已在《婚姻家庭期刊》发表。

devc CHAKRABARTY (London)



Abby Normal (Unknown)

There is no such thing as a perfect wife or husband, people pair up for various reasons, but they need to compromise, if they succed then all problem can be solved as a pair. All the negative points mentioned in the story they would apply to the men. Lets face, in India because of the culture, not many have the chance to try before they buy, it all look great to start, then once they realise that what they believed before marriage it is not what they are experiencing, if they try to compromise, then they stand a chance to live like friends. No life with any partners can be percfect in all sense, as it is impossible that two person can think 100% alike, we are unique, therefore the options are … do not adjust and live a miserable life, … adjust and try to make the most of the situation, or just separate not as enemies, but as friend, who knows… maybe one day in future you may decide to start again with the same partner. Above all it takes two to Tango, therefore mistake in the relationship is due to both.