男人老想躲着点的几种女人,分别是缠人型、我字当头型、我最棒型、话匣型和猜我心型。据信,所有男人最害怕的就是缠人型女人。她们不时地唠叨想嫁人,想得什么都不顾了。缠 人性格是个大杂烩,综合了不安全感、独霸感和其它一些自尊问题。一般说来,只有当男女关系相当久了,男人才最终认出这类女人。尽管这类女人初看起来客观公 正,但一旦关系确定,感觉吹不了了,于是贪婪本性开始显露。


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Excuse (Location)

My experience : 1. Women who don't respect marriage as a marriage. Why ? Honestly there weren't these many divorces back then. Now its like women have become too choosy : firstly a bread, then sweet bread, then fruit bread, then a cake, then a cool pastry ... its like never ending ... !! Adjusting in marriage is key word followed by patience... ( if not ... peaceful divorce no matter what happens ... no DV act or 498a please ) 2. Now the word 'independent women' is good when they know their limits, no limits is a big worry .... for men to control her wife ... ! How can you know this ... If she is too childish ... stay away these girls, they are not only worthless but also dangerous ... ! mostly they will file 498a. 3. Women who wants to compete with her own husband... not right ... ! she has entire world to compete with .. ! why pick on her own husband to compete with .. .? Why to showcase who is earning what and who has better job ... ? 4. Women who lies, very dangerous ( no matter what may come ... make sure you avoid these women) .... they will not only get into troubles but also will drag into troubles ... ! 5. Women call themselves modern.... !! (Strange but true ... ) there is nothing a men will like if he gets to know her wife is too modern ... !! guys love their mom's and we want to see our mom's reflection of love in our wives ... so why modern .... ! Dosn't make any sense ... ! 6. Women who cant merge with your family..... ( keep aside splitting families - they are the worst kind ) We heard tales that womens heart is the biggest and the most wonderful thing ... but what if they cannot accommodate her own in-laws in her heart ... ! Honestly Stay away ... b'coz she will squeeze your life to little rat hole ... ! 7. Women who likes to keep on counting money.... well dont like to spend or help her own family members... !! I, ME , MYSELF ... ( world she makes so small that breathing becomes difficult ) 8. Love .... am not talking about sex ... I dont know when people have changed word meaning of love to sex .... I mean, purely love towards kids, love towards elderly & people around her married life .. is something which every man looks in a married women ... ! ( some one has to call it as OLD JAM .... well life will become beautiful if your wife loves in & around things as her belongings... trust me ) 9. Now the most important thing .... Husband is what a husband is .. and what he will be .. dont expect biig changes in him after marriage ... and like wise ... wife will be wife cant expect biig changes in her too ... but little talks in park between husband and wife should help them to patch gaps else life becomes miserable .... ! 10. Planning ... See women wants a house, a car and what not ... ! remember we studied " ROME WAS NOT BUILD IN A DAY" .. it takes time to settle down ...women please understand ... ! I am not a women hater ... I respect women...! Just want every women & men to be happy in their marriage....! TA TA !

我的体验:1,女人不把婚姻当回亊。为什么这么说?老实说,以前可没有这么多的离婚。现在女人好象变得太挑剔了:先只要面包,后来要甜面包,再后来水果面包,又变成糕点,再又变成高级酥油糕点…好象永远没完…!!自我调整,在婚姻关系中是个关键词,接下来就是耐心…(如果没有…和平分手,不管发生了什么…别跟我提离婚法案,也别提498a条款)。2,自立女人是个好词,如果她们知道在那儿打住,过了头,就成了让男人头大的问题…怎么才能管住老婆…!你怎么能知道…要是她太孩子气…离她们远点。她们非但一文不值,而且还有危险…! 她们通常会以498a条款来起诉你。3,女人要跟老公争高低…不对啊…!满世界都可以去争啊…! 干吗只盯住老公呢…!干吗要炫耀谁挣多少、谁的工作更好…? 4,撒谎的女人,很危险,(不管后来会怎样…确保离她们远点)…她们不但会卷入麻烦,而且会把人拖进麻烦…!5,自诩为现代化的女人…!!(奇怪但当真…) 当男人知道他老婆太摩登,那他是一点也喜欢不起来…!男人爱他们的母亲,也想老婆能折射出母亲的那种关爱来。所以,为什么要现代化的…! 根本说不通啊…!6,与你家人合不到一块的女人…!(把破裂的家庭先放到一边--它们是最差的)。我们听过这样的故事:女人的心 最宽大、最美好…可是,要是她的心里连自己的婆家人都容不下呢…!坦率地说,离她远点…因为她会把你的生活逼到小耗子洞里去…! 7,喜欢不停算计钱的女人...嗯,连花点钱替她娘家人帮帮忙都不行…!!只知道我、我、我…(把世界搞得这么小,连气都喘不过来)。8,爱…不是说性爱…不知道什么时候人们把爱的意思弄成做爱了…我的意思是,纯粹的对孩子们的爱、对长辈们的爱、对婚后生活中身边人的爱…这是每个男人都想从娶来的女人身上找到的东西…! (有人肯定会说,那是陈年烂谷子啦…不过我要说,如果你老婆把她身边里里外外的东西当作自己的东西来爱,那么生活就会变得美好…相信我)。9,现在说最重要的事情…老公就是老公…他以后会怎样…别指望他结婚后会大改样…同样…老婆就是老婆…也不能指望她有多大变化…不过,时不常的到公园里谈一会, 应当有助消除隔阂,要不然日子就惨啰…!10,订计划…看啊,女人要座别墅、要辆小车,什么不要?…!记得我们听说过,“一口吃不成胖子”…要时间,慢慢安顿…女人请理解…我不是个怨恨女人的家伙…我尊重女人…只是希望每个女人和男人都有幸福的婚姻生活…!谢谢!

Ravi (India)

How is it a news in any way?


Priyankaa Collins (Location)

TGIF! Thank god its five we can think of atleast fifty type of men to avoid just off the cuff! This is soooo chauvinistic to think women can be labelled and boxed. I thought we were very complex creatures with moods and moments


Rana (Hell) replies to Priyankaa Collins

Actually men are less choosy and adjustable!!!! They usually get along with "Most" of the type of women!!


Meghraj Khedkar (Mumbai)

Anxieties and concerns and about one’s close relationships could prove to be a chronic stressor that can compromise immunity, a new study has found. In the study, researchers asked married couples to complete questionnaires about their relationships and collected saliva and blood samples to test participants’ levels of a key stress-related hormone and numbers of certain immune cells. The research focused on attachment anxiety. Those who are on the high end of the attachment anxiety spectrum are excessively concerned about being rejected, have a tendency to constantly seek reassurance that they are loved, and are more likely to interpret ambiguous events in a relationship as negative. Married partners who were more anxiously attached produced higher levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress, and had fewer T cells – important components of the immune system’s defense against infection – than did participants who were less anxiously attached. “Everyone has these types of concerns now and again in their relationships, but a high level of attachment anxiety refers to people who have these worries fairly constantly in most of their relationships,” Lisa Jaremka, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow in Ohio State University’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research (IBMR) said. Though some scientists theorize that attachment anxiety can be traced to inconsistent care during one’s infancy, Jaremka noted that there is also research-based evidence that people with attachment anxiety can change. The study is set to be published in the journal Psychological Science.

一项新的研究发现,由关系密切的人引起的焦虑、耽忧,可能表现为一种长期压力,导致免疫功能下降。调查中,研究人员要求已婚夫妇填写各种涉及他们婚姻关系的表格。並收集了受试者唾液和血样,用以测试。测试体内与紧张情绪关联最密切的荷尔蒙、还有某几种免疫细胞的水平。研究集中于依恋焦虑。那些处于依恋焦虑测量值高端的人过于耽忧是否被排斥。他们往往不断地寻求对方保证,仍然爱他(她)。这些人也更可能把婚姻关系中难以辨白的事情作负面理解。与受试人员中依恋焦虑度较低的人相比,依恋焦虑度高的人分泌的皮质醇浓度也更高;而T细胞的数量更少。作为对精神压力的反应,人体分泌皮质醇,它是一种类固醇荷尔蒙;而T细胞则是免疫系统抵御外来感染的一个重要一成分。“在婚姻关系中,每个人都不时会有这类耽忧,但是高度依恋焦虑,是指哪些在他们婚姻生活大部分时间里,几乎无法摆脱这种焦虑的人们” 俄亥俄州立大学行为医学研究学院博士后研究员,该调查报告的第一作者,Lisa Jaremka说道。尽管有些科学家从理论上解释:依恋焦虑的原因,可以追溯到儿时未得到好好照看;Jaremka 也注意到,也有研究证明,有依恋焦虑的人们也是可以改变的。这项调查就要在《心理科学杂志》上发表。

Lokesh (Delhi)

Aaah ... I wish men had the luxury of avoiding 5 women, and get to choose the 6th one ! Women are actually scarce, so men have little choice ..


samson ernakuam (ernakulam)

Life is a DRAMA- no difference for men and women-ACT and Finish


Abby Normal (Unknown)

They are not scarce, men are too choosy, they aspect the wife to be pure, intelligent, clean, from a good family, hard working, same cast, light colour and many other demands. The more you demand, the less is available, or reduced choice.


Anuj Sharma (Chennai)

o God why have u made them and sent on earth????????????

啊, 上帝,干吗创造人类並把它们送到地球上????

Rajiv Saxena (Unknown)

Very true.


manjunath gummisetty (Chennai)

why not all?


Subash Chandra Dash (bhubaneswar)

There are many more points.Analyse is the character of love.


Rajiv (Toronto)

avoid women. they are not worth it.


Manish Kumar (New Delhi, India)

Its negative. I think you should come up with a topic as five women a man should marry.


anonymous (India)

add...498a types....i.e. the girls with bipolar personality disorder...


miguel juan (Goa)

Lol this is true but funny as well!!! we learnt our mistakes the hard way and now this is an easy guide!!!

好笑,既真实又搞笑!!通常我们要付出沉重代价才买到教训, 这可是个轻松的指导!!!

Srinivas Bangalore (Bangalore)

good article..... looks like a survival kit for us


maverick (delhi)

how do u get rid of miss clingy type of women??


Abby Normal (Unknown) replies to Srinivas Bangalore

Yes, you are right, next week they may publish one telling the same story for the husbands! A survival kits will perhaps include an inflatable wife, they do not speak, need no food, just a bycicle pump to create the right pressure, and just occasionaly repairs the holes.



these five types are applicable for men too ..men also are selfish and wicked .


ayushjohnian1 (bangalore)

Hahahaha the author just mentioned all types of girls.. now what boys will do?


ayushjohnian1 (bangalore)

Actually the author just mentioned almost all type of girls here... Don't worry .. when love will struck you.. these things won't matter..


Shashikanth Balepura (Bangalore)

By the time one tries to find what type your girlfriend or wife is, you would have forgotten yourself and will be thinking what is my type.


Shalini (Online) replies to ayushjohnian1

hey, the author is just exaggerating :-)


Ayush Jain replies to Shalini

Ya I know.. Gals are lil difficult to understand.. but if u r honest n show true love.. then no worries.. u'll be happy couple...


to.rahil.anwar ()

It really difficult to stay away from women lol ;) . think many times before loving them as life will be a hell if the are physco.


Krishna Kumar (Nepal)

Not only five, there are even more than that number of women whom men should avoid and stay away from them.


apsingh180 (punjab)



Vivek (India)

How to know her type in an arranged marriage? Most marriages are arranged in India, and we get to know "her type", when you can never go back! Its true that behind every successful man is a woman, and its also a bitter truth that behind every failed/unsuccessful man is also a woman!


py (hyd)

Jian khn=Miss clingy

Jian khn=缠绕的女人

Ghanshyam (Bokaro steel city)

infact every type of women should be avoided if men want to live happy in long term


Sanjay (Washington DC)

I think most ladies fall into "Miss read my mind", they always think we have some kind of telepathic powers. I think they are worst one and should be avoided but you see no sign of this before marriage.


Rajiv (Toronto) replies to Ghanshyam

how true. every woman falls into at least one of the categories listed by the author. speaking from experience.


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