印度男人评论女人。《印度时报》文章,男人老想躲着点的几种女人,分别是缠人型、我字当头型、我最棒型、话匣型和猜我心型。不像其他女人,大多数男人都会给“我字当头型”女人机会,並设法获取其芳心,就因为要俘获她们有难 度。这类女人具有的精神力量,使大部分男人总是回避与她们确定终身。然而,他们又被这种精神力量俘获,把赢得她们看作是一种征服。这类女人同时具有男子的 竞争意识和女子的敏感气质。转眼间,就可以从娇柔可人变得拒人千里。

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guns"n"roses (ozz)

''as a baby girl she loves the hugs n cuddles of her mothers bossom the nestle of her fathers strong arms,the tender care of her grandparents and sometimes the erratic handling of her elder siblings, She grows up n loves the barbie dolls, toy dinner sets , fairy dresses and kindergarten rhymes and cartoons. She enters school and starts liking her flower print frocks, colorful hairbands, swings on the playground, the breeze passing through her wavy hair, cinderella stories, nestle chocs n camlin crayons. After a few years she craves n gets a pink mobile, nike runners, ear phones , sleek necklace and a pac of chewing gums in her jeans pocket and she feels secure when she sees a man in her brother.School over , enter uni. she likes a pair of wheels to take her around, ray bans perched on her shampooed n straightened hair , ear rings dangling from her ears and probably a speck of glitter pierced on her nose and offcourse her periphereal vision yearns for those male stares and glances. Time 4 wed lock, she wants a financially secure husband who can hold her hand , make her laugh, appreciate her culinary skills,bring her paani purri , samosas and tamarind sauce when he returns from work in the evening, appreciate her shopping and the fragrance of her latest choice of chanel 5 perfume, daylight fades n night lamps r on, she wants him to b seduced n get herself submitted in his touch n grasps and wants to be complimented for her curves n slopes of her oceanic feautures. Motherhood , she looks in him an ideal father who can change the nappies of the kids, wash the milk bottle, and take the kid out for a stroll while she watches her favorite serials on TV and hang the laundry outdoors. Time to buy a nice comfy car so he can drop her at her parents house during the school holidays and he should be able to make his own breakfast and get his dinner from the dhaba. Kids get married, he arranges and sometimes she disarranges, life goes on hand in hand walking towards the sunset, regrets n glories r part of life but satisfaction of having completed a meaningful journey and njoying the deserved fruits n accepting the thorns is more important than deceptive demands and arrogant ambitions of each other , whether its a woman or a man.''

婴儿时,她喜欢被搂抱在母亲的怀抱里;喜欢依偎在父亲强壮的胳膊兜中;喜欢祖父辈们的悉心呵护、还有时不时哥哥、姐姐们捉摸不透的嬉弄。长大点,她又喜欢上了芭比娃娃、歺套玩具、仙女童装、幼儿园的音乐,还有卡通片。她上学了,开始喜欢印花连衣裙、彩色头带、操㘯上的秋千、搂拂飘动头发的微风、灰姑娘的故事、雀巢巧克力和 camlin(注:印度文具、艺术产品生产商)的蜡笔。再过几年,她要一只粉色手机的願望又得到了满足,还得到了奈克跑鞋、耳机、光彩的项链,还有牛仔裤囗袋里的一盒口香糖。从哥哥身上看到的男人让她有一种安全感。学校毕业,进大学了,她又喜欢上了带她到处跑的一对轮子;雷朋太阳镜(被向上推起,)高栖在香波洗涤、熨直了的头发上;耳环两边荡扬,也许鼻子上还穿一小亮片;她的外貌当然会激起男性注视或偷瞥的强烈欲望。谈婚论嫁的时候到了,她想要个经济有保障的老公,他能与她携手、让她大笑、赞美她的厨艺;晚上下班回家时,给她带回炸土豆丸子、(薩莫薩)三角煎饺还有罗望子果酱;夸奖她买回的东西、喜欢她新选的夏奈尔5号香水的芬芳;日光消去晚灯点亮,她希望他被迷住,让她心甘情愿地享受他的紧拥和爱抚;並忍不住对她大海波浪般的曲线体态赞叹。做母亲了,她希望从他身上看到一个理想的丈夫:当她在观看最喜欢的电视连续剧或到户外晾晒衣服时,他会给孩子換尿片、刷洗奶瓶、领孩子们出去散步。该买一辆舒适的小车了,这样,在学校放假时,可以送她回父母的住屋;他也该能做自己的早餐、会到路边小店买晚饭。儿女结婚了,他来包办,而她却有时会把说合拆散;日子一天天过去,手牵手走向晚年;惋惜与荣耀是生活的一部分,但是,对走完有意义旅程的滿足感、对理应获得成果的享受感、还有接受各种挑战(的意愿)比相互间的欺诈索求、傲慢野心更为重要。(这些,对谁都适用)无论男女。

arorav (uk)

Most of the women have one or all the qualities mentioned but in addition they have qualities of care, love and sacrifice. Even there are some qualities in men which women may not appreciate but being a woman and having natural gift of compromise, still live with it. Men and women are complimentary to each other so both should try to mingle rather that avoid. No body is perfect.

以上所说品性,大部分妇女或者占上一条,或者全部都有。可是,除此之外,她们还有细心呵护、关爱他人和牺牲自我的品质。即便男人有许多品行不为她所称道,但作为女人,有着与生俱来的忍让天性,她依然担待, 共渡时日。男女本来相辅相成,所以二者应该相融而非相斥。天下没有十全十美之人。

vikramg2 (Location) replies to guns"n"roses



drvinod agarwal (NEWDELHI,INDIA)

after thinking,i find all the suggestions helpful & sure practical formula to remain happy


Srinivas Bangalore (Bangalore) replies to Innocent Guy Returns

its one strategy to get off from miss:chatterBox


Lokesh (Noida)

all these 5 qualities are already there in most of the girls ... then in that case .... :-)


cabpgupta04 Prasad (GHAZIABAD)



Natures wonder (india)

I cand add more "types"


dv1173 (New Delhi)

All Wifes has these qualities and I bet every one agrees, as it doesn't mater till what extend one can absorbe these 5 types.......... they can't avoid wifes..........


INDIAN (india)

Legalise prostitution, consent sex and r@pe for gender equality .


suniltiger raina (india)

nice information ... lets avoid women ...lol


Taurus (Delhi)

hehehhe I have all the above stated what u call for qualities or disqualities heehe


TejinderSinghWadhawa (DELHI)

Perhaps the writer knows of only these five kinds. Women as whole are highly avoidable. If you want to have peace in your life ...learn to live without them.


Kamna Garg (Mumbai)
You can avoid certain women only if you have options with women. Unfortunately most guys don't have options. If they do find a girlfriend by chance, or they get married by match marriage, that is their only option. But the men who know how to approach and attract women have many more options. Indian men can now learn the art of approaching and attracting women in Indian cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. We teach men how to approach in all situations : women walking, shopping, sitting at restaurant, browsing in book stores, hanging out in a night club, at shopping malls, bus stops and railways stations. Google "Real Man Academy" to find out a workshop near your city. Get the free book "5 common approaching mistakes" on our website. -Kamna, Co-ordinator,

如果你有选择余地,可以避开某类女人。不幸的是大多男人没有其它选择。如果他们偶尔找到个女友,或者通过包办婚姻结婚,那这就是他门唯一的选择。但那些知道如接近並吸引女人的男子,有更多机会。印度男子现可在孟买、新德里、昌迪加、班加罗尔、海德拉巴德和昌奈等城市学习接近、吸引女性的本领。我们教他们如何在各种情况下与女人拉上话。比如,怎样和正赶路的、买东西的、坐在饭店里的、在书店里转转看看的、在夜总会消磨时间的、在步行购物街上、路边汽车停靠车站以及火车站上的女人搭上话。谷歌一下“Real Man Academy”,可以查到你城市附近的培训班。在我们的网站Kamna, Co-ordinator, 可免费获取“五种常见搭话错误” 一本。

Aswin Segu (Bangalore, Karnataka)

guess i know atleast one per category


Pat (Gandhidham) replies to TejinderSinghWadhawa

If every men impliments your line of thinking then, that day is not so far that human shall vanish from this planet. Strangely you have ten people to agree on your views, hopefully every of them wants to become either Sanyasi or a prono star.


cheez m (India)

And what if you are married to one?


Adobe (USA)

99% belong to the last category regardless of their background (economic or social,successful or dependent)


anonymous (India) replies to cheez m

Ha ha .... i liked your comment. I think most of us will be married to one type or the other, so find solace in what you have. the author of such articles are usually singletons or jilted lovers, not realizing that if people start believing in their articles, the social fabric of the society will be imapacted. However, I am definitely finding more and more such type of articles in mass media. I think tastes of people are changing. There is less of satisfaction and more of complain.


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