据《印度时报》日前报道,美国威斯康星州密尔沃基县奥克里克一座锡克教寺庙5日上午发生枪击事件,包括嫌疑人在内,至少7人死亡、3人受伤。 美国警方将此事件列为国内恐怖袭击处理,联邦调查局已介入调查。一名匿名官员对全国广播公司表示,枪手曾在美国陆军服役,身上画满纹身,持有白人至上主义 的观点,但不清楚枪手是否和某个极端组织相联系,唯一的犯罪记录就是曾因交通违章被罚过款。

原文标题:Wisconsin shooting: Gloom over Punjab's big fat US wedding



奥克里克警察局长爱德华说,枪击事件与国内恐怖分子有关 ,但负责调查的联邦执法官员称,不能对枪案发生的原因和来龙去脉过早地下结论。一名联邦官员称:“到目前为止,这只是一起大规模枪击事件,枪手闯进锡克教 寺庙,并向人群开枪,没有人知道他的动机是什么。”联邦调查局的特工卡尔森说:“联邦调查局正在调查该事件是否是国内恐怖主义行为,目前还不能确定枪手的 动机。”


目前大约有50万锡克教教徒生活在美国,他们中大部分是来自印度的第一代或第二代移民。长胡须和五颜六色的头巾使他们显得与众不同,人们有时候将他 们和穆斯林教徒相混淆,并对之投以怀疑的眼光。2001年9·11事件发生后,美国国内印度锡克教徒遭到骚扰或袭击的事件时有发生。


Brown American (USA)
I feel Sikhs have suffered in USA because of bigoted White Supremacist who consider Sikhs as an easy target. Very unfortunate. Sikhs have suffered the most in India and then in Pakistan. Thousands of Sikhs in India have died at the hands of fellow countrymen as part of a vengeance campaign. Today, a majority of Sikhs have abandoned their identity of Turban in India to look more like Hindus. If Sikhs of India did not fear retaliation from Extremist Hindus, they would take their case of 1984 Genocide to International courts specially to International Criminal Court to demand justice. They do not do it because they fear violent reprisals from Hindus. Since the Operation Blue Star and Genocide of Sikhs in 1984, they live in India in an atmosphere of apprehension and uncertainty. Millions have left India for good, because they do not consider themselves as "Equal Citizens". Without Justice and Security, nobody can have equal rights.
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Vikram (USA) replies to Brown American 6 hrs ago
I think this a case of mistaken identity, Sikhs were attacked because the shooter thought they were talibans or muslims.
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Sandeep (US) replies to Brown American 7 hrs ago
I would agree that riots of 1984 were shameful in that mostly innocent people lost their lives but there is a lot which could be done by then Sikh community also. For instance, the people who went in celebratory mode post Indra Gandhi's assassination should have been severely condemned. Also, the circumstances leading to Blue Star were not ordinary. There were mass scale killings of people not aligned to Bhindrawale's group(mostly Hindus) or they were always under threat. And then Bhindrawale wanted to hide in sacred places... All bad stuff which should not be forgotten. I have a lot of relatives living in Patiala and so know this stuff.
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Naveen (LA) replies to Brown American 7 hrs ago
do you know who is the current Prime Minister of India?
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Daniel (Dallas, TX) replies to Naveen 6 hrs ago
Yes, it is Manmohan Singh. A devout Sikh, however, he has failed to deliver Justice to Sikhs in 1984 Genocide. Or has he done anything? Please enlighten us.
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Vikram (USA) replies to SS Padda
Sikhs need to educate Americans that we have nothing to do with talibans, 9/11 or Muslims.
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PS (California) 7 hrs ago
''I am an Indian and now living in California, US. With all due respect to all the religion, I would request our Sikh brother to adopt the rule “when in rome look like a Roman”. Our religion should reside in our heart and we really do not need to over expose that to other. A practice which had true meaning 700 – 800 years before may not have same sense of urgency in today’s modern world. Being clean shaved and portraying nicely groomed hair will help them to be in the main stream society just like all of us. Just think about it and it is time to stretch your hand for a gillette razors. When we Indian are adapting modern technology in all spheres , we need to adapt certain changes in our atribute to be part of main stream society. Satidaha, which was custom before and had been stopped in India.
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common man (US) replies to PS 5 hrs ago
hindu religion is not compatible with modern civilization thats why it is being altered to adjust it into new era. all other religion does not need that alteration.
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rohan (Helsinki) replies to PS 6 hrs ago
The neonazis are not bothered about your shaving or not. It is your colour of the skin! Quit harping on the beard and turban!
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indian_i10 (Delhi) replies to PS
Well said PS… I am completely agreed with your way of thinking. In future, whenever your daughter get Fu*ked up by an American in her late fifteen OR your Mom want to marry another male in her late 40, please don’t look up for any reasons for them. Because, as you said we have adopt to stream society, regardless less of its impact. With due respect to ur mon /sis/ daughter …
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Singh (USA) replies to PS 6 hrs ago
You are a darpoke / patit Sikh not fit to be called a Sikh anymore. Where there is a will there is way, you don't have to give up your identity to live in the US - hundreds of successful Sikhs in their full identity can be introduced to you in USA.
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indian (usa) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
What utter, complete, self-hating nonsense. What do you mean by "mainstream society" anyway, white society? I am also Indian and I am born and raised in the US. To my Sikh friends, please continue growing your hair and wearing your turbans. And if some racist skinhead doesn't like it, make sure you carry a 9mm pistol so you can put a bullet in his head before he puts one in yours. I'll be carrying one when I go to my Hindu temple every Sunday. Never compromise your roots and never let someone else tell you how to live your life.
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Prasad (San Jose, CA) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
I agree. I see Burkha clad women in silicon valley and do not understand the logic of these folks maintaing a dress culture that was defined hundreds of years before. Atleast the hindu priests are more modern and i ahve seen some of the priests adopting to the american environment.
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satya (australia) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
Shaving off beards will not allay fears from being shot by a "WILD WHITE MAN". Everyone from India look similar to pakistanis. So all indians are targets at any time. This is a very fearful situation.
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Arun (New York) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
And when are you planning on changing your skin color to match American mainstream skin color? People like you give up their identity in an effort to get the mainstream identity. The fact is that they are "dhobi ka kutta".
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Independent (World) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
I agree. When I was doing MS in USA, lot of my friends who were sikh cut their hair and shaved beards from week 1 in USA. No one forced them but they wanted to blend in.
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Rahul Kw (hyderabad) replies to PS
so ur telling when white men emigrates in Africa he should become black!!!!?
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Rahul (Chicago) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
You need help man.. You really need help. You are sick. Seriously.
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Naveen (LA) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
What about color. I am a south indian and have a dark complex. should I color myself white to "blend in"? I think US is a big democratic country where a person is free to express their faith. These one or two incidents should not deter our faith in what we are.
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Uifksh (USA) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
Its like asking girls to put on a veil to avoid eve teasing and haraasment from some nutjobs. I don't agree with "when in rome do what the romans do" in all the spheres of life. In US, you have a right to follow your religion and beliefs and it is very unfortunate that this is incident happened. Appearnace may be an identifier but these nutjobs can target just about anybody who does not look like them.
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Muslim (Chicago) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
Already thousands of Sikhs have adopted the western life style and looks and the percentsage of ones with long beard and kirpan are dwindling. You dont have to come to America if you want to adhere to the religious tenets. You have to curtail your desire for American dream and be content with modest life wherever you can practice your faith. Every one cannot be a billionaire thru American immigration. I would say America is fast becoming a Titanic and sooner you stop clinging to it, that will be better.
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Vikram (USA) replies to Muslim 6 hrs ago
Most young Muslims secretly date. Many Muslims drink beer and wine. Many cheat on their taxes. It is not your business what people want to do with their religion.If you want to follow islam go live in a truly Islamic country called Pakistan. Your relgion may be indirectly responsible for this shooting.
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Muslim replies to Vikram 6 hrs ago
American Government is rerposible as they orchestrated the 9/11 bombing to invade and occupy 2 wrecthed 3rd world countries in so called war on terror. More than 50% Americans now say it was inside job abd percentage is increasing
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Singh (USA) replies to Muslim 6 hrs ago
So that is why Muslims are changing their names and hiding their identity to live in America and still supporting Bin Laden and 9/11. Wish USA had never given visas to Pakistanis, a country responsible for harboring Bin Laden for over 10 years.
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Pushpinder Singh (Texas USA) replies to PS 7 hrs ago
So you wanna say that Hindus Moving to Middle east should convert in to Muslims so that they aint targeted??? Dude Dont post something which doesnt make any sense.. Its all bout dignity and self respect...
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smp (bay area) 7 hrs ago
I was all for Sikhs until I watched the Indian Independence Day parade in Fremont CA when every Sikh in the area stood with a Khalistan Zindabad banner and burnt the Indian tricolor. There was not one Sikh person standing and cheering the parade all just gathered there to insult India. They even run a taxi service in the Bay area called Khalistan taxi service. Now when they are mistaken to be Taliban muslims they claim to be part of India. I have no respect for people who don't respect India. Also, to all those who believe this Wisconsin billionaire Sikh guy got there through hard work alone... google his name and you will see how much fraud he has been involved in.
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Sri (Hereandthere) replies to smp 4 hrs ago
All that is in the past. Do you want the Sikhs too to revisit the past and think of the riots. Use your freaking head if you really love India.
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nearmsp (USA) replies to smp
I am not surprised at what you saw. I listened to the coverage on CNN and was surprised to see the Sikh World council spokesperson go out of his way to avoid using India and Hinduism. He said Sikhism originated in "South Asia" and is spread all over the world. He also said, Sikhism draws from many religions including Islam and Hinduism. The North American Sikhs (particularly who are long timers) encouraged the Khalistan movement and remain very anti India. As a Hindu I have always seen Sikhs as part of our culture and origins and was a regular visitor to a Gurudwara which was on the way to my school. But to see the Sikhs in US distance themselves from India and Hinduism pains me. I do hope the Indian born recent Sikh immigrants will write the ship and continue to the close association of Sikhs and India.
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observer (C) 7 hrs ago
Wherever we go we Indians try to stay ourselves rather than mixing with local population. Second generation is mixing well with local people. Specifically,our elders try to keep them away from mixing. We stick to our linguistic community and culture. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The reason we moved away from our society is poverty and lack of opportunities for progress. Those who wish to keep up their religion/culture/language should stay in India..I admit, It is very hard to give up once identity. In the long run this is the price we pay for leaving the country..
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Singh (USA) 6 hrs ago
Many people are jealous of the Sikh community successes - need to keep a low profile; in addition to the problem of mistaken identity that Bin Laden has created for the Sikhs since 9/11. Thank-you Pakistan and the supporters of Bin-Laden.
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The Arabian Dacoit (India)
It is bad state of affairs that Sikhs and Hindus are sometimes mistaken for muslims because of our color and our clothing in North America. We should launch a massive campaign like what we did in Europe where we have completely split ourself off from the south asian muslims who are often in trouble for terrorism. No fool will attack a gurudwara in Europe thinking it is a mosque due to this campaign.


rahul (houston) replies to The Arabian Dacoit 6 hrs ago
it is sad that sardars have to suffer because of janwar islamic cult curse on humanity
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Aftab (Austin) replies to rahul 5 hrs ago
You really need some education on Islam. Muslims are also some of the worst persecuted minorities in many parts of the world. Islam only preaches fight in self-defense.
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RCH (BNZ) replies to Aftab 1 hr ago
We know what ur fight in self defense means and U cannot fool people (read Non-Muslim Khafirs) anymore. The world is now aware of ur hatred for Khafirs and also ur tendency to tell lies that ur religion is one of peace but actually it is hell and torment for non-Muslims.


The Arabian Dacoit (India) replies to Aftab
We do not want to associate ourself with muslims.
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The Arabian Dacoit (India) replies to Aftab
That is your business. We do not want to be confused for muslims.
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proud to be kafir (Jerusalem) replies to Aftab 4 hrs ago
my foot muzies are persecuted. It is them who persecutes other for no reason.
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Ransih Kalan (Moga) 6 hrs ago
Sad to know that Hindus are happy that Sikhs are being killed like this. how can they forgot Sikhs have save thier A** many times in ancient times otherwise their existence would have vanished at that time only.
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Ali Hussein (Mumbra, India) replies to Ransih Kalan 5 hrs ago
v r not happy that Sikhs r killed. v r happy that US citizens r killed. All those killed were US citizens and US passport holders after giving up Indian passports.
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spk (Mumbai) replies to Ali Hussein 5 hrs ago
You are one sick donkey!
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宾德兰瓦勒在英迪拉的支持下,向阿卡利党提出了很多难以接受的要求,从而导致了阿卡利党的分裂。英迪拉为获取锡克教在旁遮普对她的支持,进一步向宾德兰 瓦勒妥协,保证自己一旦重新掌权,便将全印度最富庶的旁遮普邦的行政管理权交给锡克人,并撤走印度中央政服委派到该邦的所有印度教官员。在宾德兰瓦勒的全 力配合下,1980年,英迪拉重新迈进新德里的总理府。但宾德兰瓦勒表面上支持英迪拉上台,暗地里却乘机发展自己的宗教势力。实际上,英迪拉是在做割肉饲 虎的买卖,用自己的生命在赌一场危险的游戏。


英迪拉 上台后,不仅兑现先前的诺言,还宣布旁遮普邦的阿姆利则为“圣城”,她要求军队和警察严守其父尼赫鲁的训令“绝对禁止进入锡克教圣地金庙”。而宾德兰瓦勒 却在锡克族青年中招募失业者和极端宗教分子,组织供自己差遣的锡克教志愿军,并在金庙中建立总部。宾德兰瓦勒的锡克教志愿军经常与当地军警、印度教徒冲 突,枪击、谋杀、绑架几乎成了旁遮普邦生活的一部分。印度8个党派组成的反对联合阵线借机向英迪拉施加压力,宣称如果英迪拉不采取行动制止旁遮普邦锡克教 极端分子的暴力行为,8个党派将一致要求她辞去总理的职务。

英迪拉忍无可忍,终于采取了行动。1981年9月21日,宾德兰瓦勒刚走 出金庙,早已埋伏在外面的警察一拥而上,将他塞进警车。虽然宾德兰瓦勒被关进监狱,但他仍非常嚣张,寻找一切机会煽动信徒们发起反击,一时间旁遮普邦陷入 无政服状态,每天都有数以百计的人死于教派冲突,宾德兰瓦勒的手下还劫持了一架印度航空公司的波音客机,要挟政服无条件释放宾德兰瓦勒。英迪拉只好满足了 劫机者的要求,宾德兰瓦勒在囚禁了9天后被释放出狱。



为了恢复法律和秩序,英迪拉宣布解散旁遮普邦政服,实行总理治理,并调动大批军警进驻该邦。宾德兰瓦勒则针锋相对地号召锡克教徒开展“不合作运动”,拒 绝粮食外运,旁遮普素有“印度粮仓”之称,为印度提供一半的商品粮,锡克人的“不合作运动”令印度经济遭受重创,对面临新一轮大选的英迪拉十分不利。 1984年5月,英迪拉秘密召见西部军区司令,制订了一个代号为“蓝星”的攻占金庙计划。从5月30日开始,近7万印度军警包围阿姆利则金庙,坦克炮口对 准金庙,直升机在上空盘旋,军方要求金庙内的锡克教徒立即无条件投降。而宾德兰瓦勒及其教徒们置若罔闻,除吟诵经书之外,便是修筑工事,在各制高点上设置 机枪。


6月5日,政服军同守卫金庙的武装锡克教徒交火,翌日凌晨,开始进攻金庙,阿姆利则城内枪声大作。锡克教徒经过一阵短暂的慌乱后,迅速各就各位,拼命抵 抗政服军的进攻。由于英迪拉一再要求军方尽量不要用重武器攻击金庙建筑物,因此印度士兵只能跟在坦克后面,缓慢地向金庙正门逼近。当天蒙蒙亮的时候,印军 坦克已撞倒了金庙大门,但躲在沙包后的锡克人用机枪封锁住从大门广场到神殿的通道,许多政服军士兵被打死打伤。

到上午9时许,政服军 依靠兵力优势,控制住金庙所有出入口,并一步步压缩锡克人的阵地,政服军的大喇叭还反复播放政服的劝降通告。中午以后,失去耐心的政服军开始向金庙内开 炮,锡克人的据点被一一摧毁。宾德兰瓦勒也在激战中被打死。经过两天一夜的战斗,政服军完全控制了金庙,576人在冲突中丧生(政服军84人,锡克教徒 492人),348人受伤,1417人被捕。



但英迪拉顾不得这些,她一面派军队包围和堵截叛乱的锡克士兵,一面前往各地演讲,以求锡克族和印度教徒达成谅解。一次集会上,她正劝说锡克教与印度教和 平共处时,被台下扔来的石头砸中面部,顿时鲜血直流,但她仍坚定地说:“我所做的一切,都是为了维护印度的统一与国家利益,纵使我因为国效劳而死,我也感 到光荣,我的每一滴血会使这个国家更加茁壮。”没想到,这句话真的一语成谶。

印度安全部门在金庙事件后便加强了对英迪拉的保卫工作, 并希望撤换她身边的锡克族警卫,但被英迪拉拒绝了,她说:“没有理由因为别的原因换掉这些忠心耿耿的人。”谁料想,在挪威政治避难的印度外交官哈林德·辛 格秘密收买了总理府卫队中的锡克人本特·辛格和萨达万特·辛格,让他们向“民族的敌人”复仇。

1984年10月31日,英迪拉在本特·辛格的护送下,前往总理府花园会见英国客人。走向花园拱门时,门前的卫兵萨达万特向总理行举枪礼,但他举枪后没有像往常一样伸直胳膊平举,却端枪到胸前,枪口对准英迪拉,但没有开枪。这时,着急的本特迅速跃到英迪拉面前,抽出一把左轮手枪,猛扣扳机,英迪拉只来得及说了一句“你疯了吗?”便倒在地上。 萨达万特随后也扣动了扳机,不过几秒钟,两人把枪里的子弹都打光了。本特向闻声赶来的卫兵们大喊:“该干的我已干完了,来干你们所要干的吧!”卫兵们一拥 而上,夺下两名凶手的枪,但本特又扑向另一名士兵企图夺枪,萨达万特也拔出匕首。枪声又响起来,本特被乱枪打死,萨达万特被打成重伤。


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