新闻洗涤报:为什么穆迪不应成为总理。纳伦德拉·穆迪 (Narendra Modi)毫无疑问在社会许多部分,已经成为一位轰动人物。这起由部分新闻媒体所推波助澜的现象,在经过9年曼莫汉·辛格的软弱统治后,穆迪慷慨激昂的演 讲、纯熟地运用修辞、自信和演技使他看起来像一个摇滚明星。从某种程度上说,他的风格和语言可以比拟拉吉萨克雷(Raj Thackeray),但是穆迪更加胜出。

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Narendra Modi without doubt has become a sensation in many sections of society. A phenomenon fuelled by a section of news media. After nine years of Manmohan Singh’s meek rule, Modi’s impassioned speeches, skillful use of rhetoric, assertiveness and showmanship make him look like a rock star. To some extent, his style and language can be compared to that of Raj Thackeray’s. But Modi is more than that. His promises on the development front have led a sizeable population of our country to believe he can get us out of the mess we are in – and must therefore become Prime Minister of India. Does Modi have the ability and intent of taking India forward, away from the many crises we face today? I think not.

纳伦德拉·穆迪(Narendra Modi)毫无疑问在社会许多部分,已经成为一位轰动人物。这起由部分新闻媒体所推波助澜的现象,在经过9年曼莫汉·辛格的软弱统治后,穆迪慷慨激昂的演 讲、纯熟地运用修辞、自信和演技使他看起来像一个摇滚明星。从某种程度上说,他的风格和语言可以比拟拉吉萨克雷(Raj Thackeray),但是穆迪更加胜出。他对于发展方面的承诺,导致我国庞大的人口相信,他可以让我们脱离困境 –  因此必须成为印度总理。穆迪是否有能力和意图带领印度向前,远离我们今天所面临的很多危机?我不认为。

Modi has been selling the idea that attracting investment to a state amounts to “development”. By providing low interest rates, cheap rentals and waiving stamp duty, his government claims to persuade big corporates to invest in Gujarat. For instance, to lure the Tatas to set up their Nano plant in Sanand, the Gujarat government waived stamp duty on the land sale and gave other concessions to the tune of over Rs 30,000 crore.

穆迪已经开始兜售,吸引投资带动国家整体来"发展"的想法。通过低利率、廉价租金和放弃印花税,他掌管的政服 声称要说服大型公司在古吉拉特邦投资。例如,为了引诱塔塔汽车把它们的纳米工厂设在萨纳恩德(Sanand),古吉拉特政服放弃在土地买卖的印花税,并提 供30,000千万卢比的其他优惠。

Why did the government give these sops to Tata? Some say it was for “employment generation”. However, the state government policy of ensuring 85 per cent recruitment for locals was waived for this project. There was no gain in terms of revenue and very little employment generation. The tax waivers mean that the people of Gujarat are directly or indirectly subsidising each Nano sold by the Tatas – this is a criminal misuse of authority by the government. The people of Sanand voted the Bharatiya Janata Party out in the 2012 Assembly elections – perhaps a sign of disenchantment with Modi’s policies? The corporates get a sweet deal and, in return, endorse Modi for the Prime Minister’s job. You scratch my back, I scratch yours?

为什么古吉拉特政服要给塔塔小贿赂呢?有人说这是"创造就业机会"。然而,邦政服保证85%招聘当地人的政 策,最后这个项目被放弃。在收入方面和非常少的就业机会是没有收益的。免税的意思是古吉拉特邦的人都直接或间接,补贴塔塔集团的每个纳米销售 – 意即这是一个由政服当局的犯罪滥用。萨纳恩德人在2012年议会选举投票给印度人民党,也许是一种对穆迪政策的觉悟迹象?就是企业得到了甜蜜的交易,作为 回报,替穆迪的总理职责背书。你帮我,然后我帮你?

The fact that Modi’s policies bring investment into Gujarat cannot be denied. The important question that needs to be asked is – who are the beneficiaries of this investment? A state that has seen high growth rates for the last 20 years is expected to have generated revenue to work for the human development of the people of that state. According to the Planning Commission, Gujarat’s rank in poverty alleviation is extremely poor. In fact, the tribal population (17 per cent of the total) in the state has actually seen an increase in poverty over the last decade and malnutrition is very severe among Gujarat’s children and women. It is no surprise that in a recent study by United Nation’s Development Programme, Gujarat ranked 8th among major Indian states in human development. This suggests that the economic growth that Gujarat has seen is concentrated within a small percentage of the state’s population. Edward Abbey had once said, “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell”.

穆迪的政策带来进入古吉拉特邦的投资是不可否认的事实。但是需要问的重要问题是,这项投资的受益者是谁?一个 国家可见在过去20年的高增长率,可预期产生收入提升该州人民的人类发展。根据计划委员会的统计,古吉拉特邦在减少贫穷方面的排名极度恶劣。事实上,该邦 的部落居民(占整体17%)在过去十年实际可看出,古吉拉特邦的小孩和妇女在贫困和营养不良中的增加是非常严重的。在最近联合国的一项研究发展计划中更不 奇怪,古吉拉特邦的人类发展指数在印度主要邦中占第8位。这表明古吉拉特邦的经济增长集中在该邦很小百分比的人口上。爱德华·艾比曾说:"为了追求经济发 展的增长是一个癌细胞的意识形态"。

If the growth is not reaching the poor majority, what good is the growth? India is a country suffering from widespread poverty, hunger and malnourishment. A widening economic chasm is hardly an achievement in such an environment. With such a backdrop, is this the kind of development model we need today?


Modi is often described as a non-corrupt and incorruptible leader. In this limited definition of honesty one can draw parallels with Dr Manmohan Singh. So he may be clean himself, but he turns a blind eye to his Ministers’ plundering resources. Sitting at the top, overseeing, even if not participating in corrupt practices. Babu Bokhariya, a Cabinet minister of the Gujarat government, was convicted in an illegal mining case earlier this year and has been on trial since 2006, but Modi refused to act against his Minister. Then in 2011, while the nation stood up and demanded a strong Lokpal bill, Modi was occupied in delaying a Lokayukta in his own state. Finally, in 2013, we find his government has enacted a law which is more toothless than the UPA government’s Lokpal.

穆迪经常被形容为一个不腐败和清廉的领导者。在这诚信的有限定义下可以与曼莫汉·辛格博士画上等号。因此他能 自我清廉,但他对自己部长掠夺资源却视若无睹。就只管坐在上层监督,即使不参予腐败行为。Babu Bokhariya,古吉拉特邦政服的内阁部长。在今年早些时候因为非法采矿案件被定罪,而且自2006年来一直审判。但是穆迪拒绝对他的部长采取作为, 然后在2011年,当国家振作起来,并且要求一个强力的反贪法案(Lokpal bill)。穆迪反倒把Lokayukta 在他所属邦给延迟。最后在2013年,我们发现他的政服颁布了一项法律,而且比联合政服的Lokpal法案更起不了作用。

A clear sign that opposition is not tolerated in Modi’s Gujarat. In many ways, he reminds one of the Emergency-period Indira Gandhi. It is interesting to note that Modi rarely attends the Gujarat Assembly proceedings, let alone make statements on the floor. On the one hand, he can address massive rallies with great charisma. On the other, he has a habit of walking away from interviews when cornered with tough questions.


A Prime Minister is the voice of the nation. He must engage the people of his country in a dialogue. How can Modi not be accountable to the media or the legislative body, and still flash his “democratic” credentials?


Modi is trapped in an environment in which he cannot make a difference even if he wants to, owing to the kind of politics he represents. If he does become Prime Minister, the MPs who will support Modi for the job will in all likelihood have won the Lok Sabha elections after investing crores of rupees of black money (as Gopinath Munde recently admitted). If he becomes Prime Minister, will he stop his MPs from seeking returns on those investments? And will they continue to support him if he does?

穆迪被困在即使他想也不能有所作为的环境。由于他所代表的那种政治形态。如果他成为总理,国会议员会支持穆迪 工作意志的所有可能性来赢得人民院选举,并投资数亿卢比的黑钱 (就如党主席彼纳斯·芒迪最近承认)。如果他成为了总理,他会停止他的国会议员寻求这些投资的回报吗?还有如果当总理他们会继续支持他吗?(删除)

When Modi addresses a rally at Hyderabad, giving the clarion call for a “Congress-mukt Bharat”, he shares the stage with former President of the BJP, Bangaru Laxman, who has been convicted in a corruption case. By identifying the Congress party as the “problem”, Modi is misleading voters. There is no difference today, between the Congress and the BJP. Modi had the opportunity to show that he does not represent the “mai-baap” culture of the political class of this country in the Vitthal Radadiya drama. He failed. Radadiya, a Congress MP from Porbandar was caught last year on camera, pointing a gun at a tollbooth attendant because he was asked to pay toll. However, instead of taking action against Radadiya, Modi offered him protection and lured him into the BJP – welcoming him with a grand ceremony.

当穆迪在海得拉巴市的大型集会演说时,给了吹响"解放国大党"的号角(注:Congress-mukt Bharat是穆迪演说提出的主张,要从国大党的55年执政中解救出来)。与他共同台的人民党前领导人班加鲁•拉克斯曼(Bangaru Laxman),已经被一宗贪污案定罪。认定把国大党当作问题,穆迪是在误导选民。今天国大党和人民党之间并没有分别。穆迪本有机会展示他不代表在这国家 的政治阶级的那种"家长式"文化(mai-baap culture)。他失败了,瑞达地亚(Radadiya),一个来自博尔本德尔的国大党议员去年被摄像机拍到,用枪指着收费站的服务员,因为他被要求付 费。然而,非但没有对达瑞地亚采取行动,穆迪给他提供保护,并且用盛大仪式欢迎引诱他到人民党。

Great orators have often swayed India’s electorate. We need to understand that oratory and machismo can never work when the politics is criminal.


And I haven’t even mentioned 2002.



来源:三泰虎论坛 http://bbs.santaihu.com/thread-7509-1-1.html

come on news laundry you can better than this.. the kid is first year student, not sure if he is eligible to vote also


Good observations man. I hope, he and his team take this article constructively. But let me say this as well that even after considering all the facts, he remains the best option to lead country out of current crisis and into bright future.


i just want to see if this guy can hodl on to his above opinion on modi when he passes out from college and finds himself jobless


prasanth kasukurthi
I also feel the same thing, If there is so much progress in Gujarat with a surplus account, then Why money isnt spent to negate malnutrition and poverty?? No intent to do?? kickbacks only from Industries?? nevertheless Modi is a dangerous figure to become a PM. Alas there is no political party that is simply good. politicians are same everywhere in India. Modi is nt alone.


Yogesh Thakkar
This article has left a very sour taste of newslaundry and the kind of content I am use to reading on this portal. I have done so much mouth publicity for this website in my office and to my acquaintances.
If newslaundry is going to pay this gullible idiot [sorry but had much worse words] for publishing such rubbish articles or propagate AAP agenda, please don't expect me to pay for it [since I can speak only for myself].


madhukar nikam
Silly arguments ,not the type that befits the space


I stopped reading at "The important question that needs to be asked is – who are the beneficiaries of this investment?" ,,, I guess this IDIOT author hasn't heard of 24 hr power in Gujarat over 18,000 villages... every tom-dick-harry is an expert when it comes to criticizing m odi... bla bla bla bla
however they want to suger coat all these idiots are simply suffering from SLAVERY mentality and don't like the idea of a common man becoming something...


He hasn't even completed his college degree. Next we'll have 5th graders writing news pieces for NL.

Budget cuts can be a horrible thing.



Mediocre individuals doing some BA pass in worthless subject in an obscure college and getting an opportunity to write due to proximity to some NL person's friendship without an iota of track record of doing anything for the country are pushing pens talking shit without having fact checked. Ouch !


You are a first year BA student. You need to grow up first ! What's this "I haven't EVEN touched 2002"?.Go on touch it! Who stops you? I hope the SIT report stops you. It will be unfortunate if other reasons stop you. Since you are first year kid, you will never understand what is political showmanship. Yes, Nano may be funded/subsidised by taxpayer but it gave Gujarat a very favourable image amongst investors. And you may check data to see that investment proposals grew after this political shownmanship !

He is a visionary - but he has his own ways of delivering things! Tata plant is going to stay there, in Gujarat, and in a decade or so - Taxpayer will start reaping benefit too ! And who is media to whom a politician should be accountable to? I think another of your fairy tale dream! And Do you REALLY understand what Bangaru Laxman did?

He actually did NO crime! Legally, he is not a criminal or corrupt!
Ethically/Morally, he may have faltered. But you cannot call him corrupt!
Go check definition of corrupt and analyse life and times of B Laxman!
Anyways, your article is full of cliches!

Kid, you need to grow up first, pass your college degree- may be vote Rahul Gandhi at least twice -go around the world - see how are governments around the world are so nationalists these days -- then may be you will grow up and understand the gravity of the situation and the mess India has been put in ! Modi may not have a magic wand, but we need a leader like him - who hates government doles, likes empowerment, likes industry, like environment (sabarmati) - wants to link rivers- etc.

We need a leader with such vision - He may not achieve all this in his lifetime for political movements are slow- but we need someone to make Indians think that they NEED to WORK and not be dependent on "aadhi roti khaayenge, congress ko laayenge" - this slogan by Rahul Gandhi - mocks our entrepreneurship, our skills, our hardworking capabilities, it mocks every fine quality of hard working Indians.

你是大学一年级学生。首先你要先长大!什么叫"我甚至还没提到2002年"?继续提呀!谁制止你了?我希望当 前形势报告让你停手,如果有其他理由让你收手就很不幸了。你是大一的孩子,你永远都不会懂政治表演是什么。是的,纳米可能由纳税人补贴或资助,但是这给古 吉拉特邦在投资者中非常有利的形象。而且在这种政治演出后你可以查查投资提案增加的资料!

他有远见 - 但是他有自己的方式!塔塔汽车工厂将留在那里,古吉拉特邦,而且十年左右,纳税人也将开始获得收益!而又是那个媒体说政治家该有个交代?我认为这是另一个童话故事的梦话!而且你又知道班加鲁•拉克斯曼做了什么?


孩子,你要先长大,先通过你的大学学位,可能至少可以头两次票给拉胡爾甘地。去世界各地走走,去看看世界各地 政服在这些天是多么民族主义。然后你可能会长大,并了解形势的严重性,以及印度一直在乱七八糟中消耗!穆迪或许没有魔杖,但是我们需要一个像他这样的领导 者 - 讨厌政服救济,喜欢授予权利,喜欢产业,喜欢环境(如薩巴瑪蒂) - 像连通河流等等。

我们需要一个领导者有这样眼光,他可能在他任期达不到全部,政治运动是缓慢的。但是我们需要有人来让印度人认 为他们需要工作,而不是依靠"aadhi roti khaayenge, congress ko laayenge"(印度语??)。这个口号是拉胡尔甘地说的,你在嘲笑我们的企业精神、我们的技能、还有我们勤劳的能力,并嘲笑每一个勤劳印度人的优良 品质。

Vipin Agarwal
Have just read the article and the comments. Just cannot understand why Modi supporters have to get so visceral and paranoid whenever there is even a modicum of concern expressed about him. Perhaps the author should have stated his own position vis a vis the present government so that readers could have contrasted that with his position on Modi.

But I want a PM who would increase his/her accountability to the public rather than decrease it. The fact is that the three most heinous atrocities in independent India were Emergency ,1984 and 2002 riots. And all those responsible for law and order are left twiddling their thumbs pleading that they cannot be held responsible.

The author is correct in pointing out that Modi welcomed a gun toting thug from Congress. I would also add he is chummy with another thug-Raj Thackeray who openly advocates subjugation of fellow Indians if they happen to come from my part -Bihar. Hardly reassuring. People like me are the biggest losers as we do not have a real choice.



我还要补充,他跟另一个暴徒拉吉萨克雷(Raj Thackeray)很合得来,这位公开地主张要征服印度同胞,如果她们又刚好出自我的比哈尔邦,让人感到难以放心。像我一样的人是最大的输家,因为我们没有真正的选择。

Have just read the article and the comments. Just cannot understand why
Modi supporters have to get so visceral and paranoid whenever there is
even a modicum of concern expressed about him

Because the so called 'concern' expressers keep on repeating themselves like a stuck gramophone record about the post Godhra riots (which have been conveniently renamed the '2002' riots, so that the public forgets that it was the burning of the train that set them off in the first place)?

Because we wonder why Modi is being held to such an insanely high standard that no other CM in independent Indian history has-of being expected to magically have prevented the riots?

The fact is that the three most heinous atrocities in independent India were Emergency ,1984 and 2002 riots.

The Godhra riots? Seriously? A total of 750 people died, including 250 Hindus (no one sheds any tears for them in the press, let alone the victims of the Sabarmati Express fire.) Small change compared to the history of riots in this country. It so happened that the Godhra riots took place in the age of 24x7 news channels and hence got a lot more coverage than previous ones ever did. Gujarat has had a long history of riots under Congress governments before. Take a look at Ahmedabad 1969. Or Nellie, 1983. Or Bhagalpur, 1989. All under Congress rule.
And as I write this, it is UP that is facing riots, not Gujarat.

Or that the same lousy media that shamelessly spreads canards about the riots today actually did originally report the true sequence of events hours after the incident?
India Today, March 18th 2002, shows how he ordered curfew & shoot at sight orders the very same day the train was burnt, asked for Army support the next day (28th Feb) and the Army arrived on March 1st for flag marches.
On 28th February, he made an appeal for people to calm down and follow the law, that lawbreakers would be sternly dealt with - on Doordarshan. Show me a single speech or anything that has him urging Hindus to go and kill Muslims.

Your concerns about the Emergency are well founded. We however live in a time where every statement made by a politician is dissected and preserved for posterity, as I've shown with my links above.

So what is it you're actually scared of, that a person who's done and spoken of nothing but development is suddenly going to start waving a Nazi flag the moment he gets elected and send all dissidents to the gas chambers?


因为所谓的关注表达者,不断重复着就像坏掉的唱片。关于后来那场戈德拉暴乱 (为方便我改名为2002暴动,为的是让公众忘记一开始的列车纵火)?


戈德拉暴乱?要说真的?全部有750人死亡,包括250名印度教徒 (在报刊上没有人留下任何眼泪,更别提萨巴尔马蒂特快车火灾的受害者)。比较在这国家暴乱历史的轻微变化,说来也巧,戈德拉暴乱发生在新闻频道24小时全 天候的时代,因此得到比以前做的更多的新闻报道。在国大党之前,古吉拉特邦的暴乱有悠久的历史。看看1969年的艾哈迈达巴德(暴乱,在古吉拉特),或 1983年尼尔森(大屠杀),或1989年巴加尔布尔(宗教冲突事件)。全部是在国大党统治时。




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