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为什么约翰·博纳想阻止4000万米国人买枪?作为对周三发生的胡德堡射击事件的回应,白宫发言人约翰伯纳重申了国家方案登记处的一个普遍论点:“那些有精神问题的人无疑是不能拥有或者接触到武器的。”那些和射击者一样 有抑郁和焦虑症状的患者,可能会对伯纳欲剥夺他们被第二宪法修正案所赋予的权利而感到惊讶。

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Why Does John Boehner Want to Keep 40 Million Americans From Buying Guns?



Reacting to the shooting at Fort Hood on Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner reiterated a popular NRA talking point: “There’s no question that those with mental health issues should be prevented from owning weapons or being able to purchase weapons.” Those suffering the same diagnosed illnesses as the shooter — depression and anxiety — might be surprised by Boehner’s willingness to take away their Second Amendment rights.


Ivan Lopez, the alleged shooter, was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder at the base, where he was stationed and lived with his wife. According to CNN, Lopez “was undergoing a variety of treatments for conditions including depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances,” according to Army Secretary John McHugh. Lopez “was prescribed drugs that included Ambien” and “was fully examined last month by a psychiatrist.”


An estimated one-in-10 Americans suffers from depression, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s about 31 million people, skewed told older people and women. The National Institutes of Health puts those suffering from “major depressive disorder” at the lower figure of 14.8 million. As for anxiety? The NIH says that 40 million Americans suffer from that.


Even if Lopez had been diagnosed with PTSD, that’s still sweeping up 7.7 million Americans — 2.5 percent of the country. Who John Boehner, it seems, doesn’t think should be allowed to have a gun.

即使洛佩兹被诊断出患有创伤后应激障碍,创伤后应激障碍仍然影响7.7万美国人 – 全国的2.5%。像约翰·博纳这样的人,似乎不应该被允许有枪。

That’s almost certainly not actually what he believes. His comments, as The Hill’s Russell Berman reports, came in the middle of an event at the Capitol. After saying there was “no question” that people with mental illness shouldn’t be allowed to buy or own guns, he went on: “we need to continue to look at to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”


In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the NRA reiterated its call for one of the few gun control measures it supports: a database of the “actively” mentally ill, which gun sellers could use to screen buyers. Such databases exist, but usually with standards that are far, far more rigorous than anything Lopez was close to manifesting. Current federal law prohibits those who’ve been committed to an institution or officially determined to be “mentally defective” from buying a gun.


That wasn’t Lopez. This is the problem with using mental health as the screen for gun ownership: for many of those who commit acts of random violence, those acts are the first manifestations of more serious mental health issues. And, furthermore, as the millions of depressed and anxious Americans can attest, only a tiny, tiny percentage of those with mental illness — mild or strong — would ever commit such acts.

这不是单单洛佩兹的问题。这是用心理健康程度来决定枪支的拥有权问题:对许多犯下随机暴力行为的人来说,这些行为都是比较严重的心理健康问题的第一个表现。 从长远来看,百万计的美国人患有抑郁和焦虑,那些小部分的患有精神疾病的人 – 无论是不是严重 – 总会有人犯下这种行为的。

But if Boehner is willing, at last, to support dramatic gun control efforts, there are almost certainly people on the other side of the aisle who’d be happy to work with him.



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I am a major supporter of gun ownership but I think it wise to stay away from guns while on anti depression meds. Aka narcotics… For the same reason I leave my gun behind if I’m going out drinking. Always better to be armed with a sober mind. On the other hand the people in power will try and use this as another excuse to take away guns.. When will they understand that no matter what happens there is no excuse to take away our guns… Anyone who try’s or even mentions it ought to be thrown in jail for violating the people’s rights.


So mentally ill people can’t buy guns (even though it’s practically impossible to screen for those who might have a propensity for violence), but people who are on the Terrorism Watch List “can” buy guns – even though they can’t get a home loan, buy a car, or take an airline flight.

Yeah – that makes a lot of sense!

And makes me feel as though the billions of dollars spent on the “War on Terror” was money well spent, instead of just another form of corporate welfare to the military-industrial complex




Raymond Michael
I’ll will bet half or more of the people in the entire country have been depressed or anxious at one time or another in their life, particularly when going through loss of a loved one, a divorce, loss of your job, when going through puberty, when seriously ill, etc. If the government bans gun ownership for all people with a mental illness you punish a hundred million Americans who have never committed a crime for the horrible actions of a handful of evil murderers whose motives we can’t even comprehend. It would make as much sense to ban gun ownership for all people who were ever in the military, or ban gun ownership for anyone ever in a public school or working for the post office. Remember current law bans gun ownership for a person who has been committed into a mental hospital because he/she was in such bad shape that they were a risk to themself and to others. The Soviet Union defined any person who disagreed with the Communist Party rule as mentally ill. Don’t let that happen here.