三泰虎4月5日译文,印度时报文章《掌管美国公司的印度人在中国引起轰动》,文章称,微软首席执行长纳德拉(Satya Nadella)加入了不断增长的掌管美国公司的印度裔执行长名单中。这在中国引起了震动。《华尔街日报》这篇题为《中国为何输出不了世界级CEO》的报道指出,印度人对英语的熟练掌握以及更愿意到别处去工作,给了他们相比中国同行获得高层工作的一个优势。

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外文标题:Indians at helm of US firms cause stir in China: Report


NEW YORK: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joining the growing list of India-born chiefs at the helm of American companies has caused a "bit of a stir" in China, according to a media report.

The Wall Street Journal report titled 'Why China Doesn't Export World-Class CEOs' also said Indians' good command over the English language and their willingness to move gives them an edge over their Chinese counterparts to get the top jobs.

"Language and familiarity with Western culture are the obvious reasons why chief executives such as Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo Inc, Anshu Jain of Deutsche Bank and MasterCard Inc's Ajay Banga have succeeded in the west. But headhunters also say Indians are more willing to move more than Chinese, who see more opportunity and good pay at home," it said.

据媒体报道,微软首席执行长纳德拉(Satya Nadella)加入了不断增长的掌管美国公司的印度裔执行长名单中。这在中国引起了震动。


为何百事公司的诺伊(Indra Nooyi)、德意志银行的简恩(Anshu Jain)和万事达卡的彭安杰(Ajay Banga)这些印度(裔)CEO能在西方大企业里取得成功?他们对英语的熟练掌握以及对西方文化的熟悉是显而易见的原因。但猎头公司还指出:印度人远比中国人更愿意到别处去工作,而中国人在国内有更多的机会和不错的薪水。

The report said that Nadella's appointment as CEO has "caused a bit of a stir in China, where people are questioning why Indians but not Chinese are getting top jobs in the US."

The other reasons cited by the report are the high pay and advancement opportunities that are keeping many Chinese executives at home.

It said annual salaries for management positions at the director level in China are already at about USD 131,000, which is four times as much as in India, where executives at that level earn USD 35,000 on average.

The report said that while India remains a "tough" place to live, China has become more comfortable in recent years, offering a good lifestyle to expatriates.





"How do you get a Chinese to move to Brazil in a developmental sequence? That's a big challenge," said Emmanuel Hemmerle, a senior adviser to Korn Ferry, an executive search firm.

"China is such a high-growth market. Everyone sees that's where the opportunity is."

China, however, suffers from a "shortage" of top talent, despite its enormous pool of university graduates, with 7.3 million more expected in 2014, the report said, citing onsulting firm McKinsey that fewer than 10 per cent of Chinese job candidates would be suitable for work in a foreign company because of their "poor command of English and an education system that focuses on theory rather than practical skills."

高级猎头公司光辉国际(Korn Ferry)的高级顾问寒山 (Emmanuel Hemmerle)说,“你怎么让中国人为了职业发展去巴西等地方锻炼。这是一个巨大的挑战。”



Another reason why Chinese executives do not flock to western companies is that state-owned enterprises and private companies are bidding for home-grown talent.

"With so much attention lavished on the most promising executives in China, many feel their opportunities are greater at home than abroad," the WSJ report said.

In some cases, multinational companies also want to keep their best Chinese executives inside China because the market is so important to them.

A downside to being too attached to China is the risk that Chinese executives are overtaken in their careers by the next wave of Chinese managers, many of whom have better language skills and a broader world view.






译文来源;三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/why-china-doesnt-export-world-class-ceos.html

Veevaeck Swami (Unknown)
Chinese are also willing to relocate if paid well, dunno on what basis this report says they look for better offers with in China
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EMMGEE (Some where in Mars)
Wait and watch...there will be more Indians at the helm of affairs....including Vice President USA...!!
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christjohnny33 (Location) replies to EMMGEE
I have been waiting all my life for the road in front of my house to be repaired.


Vishwanath (Bangalore, India)
Chinese products are known for cheap prices that are of low quality. Assume, the chinese get to helm of the MNCs, they will start focusing on similar products.
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Genghis Khan India (Assal Uttar)
Indians people have basic genetic advantage over chinese monkeys....
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zarzan100 (Location)
China-the rising super power of the 21st century.
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S S (Bangalore)
Don't think the chinese should worry too much about this scenario. While the best of chinese brains stay back or return to their home country and fight out it out to build a better nation, most of India's best leave the country to build other's. Is it any wonder our cities, Industry, economy are decades behind China's in development.
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BC Menon (Alappuzha)
Chinese are patriotic than Indians.
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mig21bis (Location) replies to BC Menon
and that is the reason chain is a success & india not.


anonymous (India)
It is simple, Chinese are not trusted in technological companies.
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bculas (Tiruchendur India)
China can say what they want but fact is their management involves total obedience by employees which attitude is unacceptable in a free market. That is what is keeping their top management shackled to the home base. In a free market economy china's managers would fare dismally.


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