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三泰虎4月5日译文,印度时报文章《掌管美国公司的印度人在中国引起轰动》,文章称,微软首席执行长纳德拉(Satya Nadella)加入了不断增长的掌管美国公司的印度裔执行长名单中。这在中国引起了震动。《华尔街日报》这篇题为《中国为何输出不了世界级CEO》的报道指出,印度人对英语的熟练掌握以及更愿意到别处去工作,给了他们相比中国同行获得高层工作的一个优势。

译文来源;三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com
外文标题:Indians at helm of US firms cause stir in China: Report


NEW YORK: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joining the growing list of India-born chiefs at the helm of American companies has caused a “bit of a stir” in China, according to a media report.

The Wall Street Journal report titled ‘Why China Doesn’t Export World-Class CEOs’ also said Indians’ good command over the English language and their willingness to move gives them an edge over their Chinese counterparts to get the top jobs.

“Language and familiarity with Western culture are the obvious reasons why chief executives such as Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo Inc, Anshu Jain of Deutsche Bank and MasterCard Inc’s Ajay Banga have succeeded in the west. But headhunters also say Indians are more willing to move more than Chinese, who see more opportunity and good pay at home,” it said.

据媒体报道,微软首席执行长纳德拉(Satya Nadella)加入了不断增长的掌管美国公司的印度裔执行长名单中。这在中国引起了震动。


为何百事公司的诺伊(Indra Nooyi)、德意志银行的简恩(Anshu Jain)和万事达卡的彭安杰(Ajay Banga)这些印度(裔)CEO能在西方大企业里取得成功?他们对英语的熟练掌握以及对西方文化的熟悉是显而易见的原因。但猎头公司还指出:印度人远比中国人更愿意到别处去工作,而中国人在国内有更多的机会和不错的薪水。

The report said that Nadella’s appointment as CEO has “caused a bit of a stir in China, where people are questioning why Indians but not Chinese are getting top jobs in the US.”

The other reasons cited by the report are the high pay and advancement opportunities that are keeping many Chinese executives at home.

It said annual salaries for management positions at the director level in China are already at about USD 131,000, which is four times as much as in India, where executives at that level earn USD 35,000 on average.

The report said that while India remains a “tough” place to live, China has become more comfortable in recent years, offering a good lifestyle to expatriates.





“How do you get a Chinese to move to Brazil in a developmental sequence? That’s a big challenge,” said Emmanuel Hemmerle, a senior adviser to Korn Ferry, an executive search firm.

“China is such a high-growth market. Everyone sees that’s where the opportunity is.”

China, however, suffers from a “shortage” of top talent, despite its enormous pool of university graduates, with 7.3 million more expected in 2014, the report said, citing onsulting firm McKinsey that fewer than 10 per cent of Chinese job candidates would be suitable for work in a foreign company because of their “poor command of English and an education system that focuses on theory rather than practical skills.”

高级猎头公司光辉国际(Korn Ferry)的高级顾问寒山 (Emmanuel Hemmerle)说,“你怎么让中国人为了职业发展去巴西等地方锻炼。这是一个巨大的挑战。”



Another reason why Chinese executives do not flock to western companies is that state-owned enterprises and private companies are bidding for home-grown talent.

“With so much attention lavished on the most promising executives in China, many feel their opportunities are greater at home than abroad,” the WSJ report said.

In some cases, multinational companies also want to keep their best Chinese executives inside China because the market is so important to them.

A downside to being too attached to China is the risk that Chinese executives are overtaken in their careers by the next wave of Chinese managers, many of whom have better language skills and a broader world view.






译文来源;三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/why-china-doesnt-export-world-class-ceos.html

Veevaeck Swami (Unknown)
Chinese are also willing to relocate if paid well, dunno on what basis this report says they look for better offers with in China
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EMMGEE (Some where in Mars)
Wait and watch…there will be more Indians at the helm of affairs….including Vice President USA…!!
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christjohnny33 (Location) replies to EMMGEE
I have been waiting all my life for the road in front of my house to be repaired.


Vishwanath (Bangalore, India)
Chinese products are known for cheap prices that are of low quality. Assume, the chinese get to helm of the MNCs, they will start focusing on similar products.
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Genghis Khan India (Assal Uttar)
Indians people have basic genetic advantage over chinese monkeys….
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zarzan100 (Location)
China-the rising super power of the 21st century.
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S S (Bangalore)
Don’t think the chinese should worry too much about this scenario. While the best of chinese brains stay back or return to their home country and fight out it out to build a better nation, most of India’s best leave the country to build other’s. Is it any wonder our cities, Industry, economy are decades behind China’s in development.
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BC Menon (Alappuzha)
Chinese are patriotic than Indians.
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mig21bis (Location) replies to BC Menon
and that is the reason chain is a success & india not.


anonymous (India)
It is simple, Chinese are not trusted in technological companies.
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bculas (Tiruchendur India)
China can say what they want but fact is their management involves total obedience by employees which attitude is unacceptable in a free market. That is what is keeping their top management shackled to the home base. In a free market economy china’s managers would fare dismally.


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    • 印度的生活目标是舔英美的屁股,希望有朝一日被美英摸狗头. 中国的目标是把英美当踏脚垫踩.这就是为什么印度成不了中国,而中国人英语学不好的原因. 民族努力方向不一样,学英文的努力程度自然不一样.

  1. 他们在国内的机会很多,薪水又不错,为什么要蜂拥前往西方国家?印度人是因为在国内缺少机会才去西方国家的。然而,一个既定的事实是,印度人的语言技能是世界最棒的。————————————-拜托好不好,给点阳光就灿烂了,没有点自知之名,印度人英语好是因为印度曾经是英国的殖民地,英语是印度的两大官方语言之一,很多印度人以英语为母语.

      • 唉,確實如此心態支持中國現政權的,反而被駡成是當中國人的奴才和當gcd的奴才當上癮,好像不崇洋就請你滾回中國似的

      • 要说奴才 中国历史最悠久了 比如当今兔子朝的太监们忘了自己的制度就是来自西方大胡子脑残的疯子想法 沾沾自喜的不得了 是正常人都会不理解的但偏偏在这里就出现了 还是西方人厉害 垃圾兔子也要了

    • 他们确实有创造力的思维,他们的大学质量好的比中国多,最重要他们在国外很团结,会拍马屁。中国人好多都不团结,胜至害自己的同胞,连中国人都要反中国人,明明是华人,也骂同胞是华人,意思他自己是外国人了一样。真寒心。当今市场,团结是非常重要的,还是毛时代的人团结些印度大学有些是与英国,国作办了学校,而对于中国,美国很苛刻,签证发放数量比印度少,他们拿美国的签证也比中国容易许多,50个份额,中国只有十几个,其它都是印度佬的,中国学生参加一些学术研究课,处处为难中国人,胜至一些民用品也不愿意买给中国,在文化上面对中国一直是坏人角约的宣传。美国佬真坏,

  2. 印度人对中国猴子具有基本的基因优势。________________________________我只能呵呵,跑去给别人做牛做马还做出优越感来了?

  3. 凡是不自信的民族都有这样的毛病…他们极为关注别国对自己的看法、为自己的民族是否有会被白种人看重的人物而自豪或失落、为是不是有别国人在翻唱自己国家的歌曲而沾沾自喜或故作不屑、、、、我说的不只是印度人……………………………………

  4. 阿三的G点几乎一戳就中啊,后面还会很high,我想知道阿三你们如果不把国内问题解决好,营造一个好的环境,你们外面这些人才几乎是是不会回去的

  5. 可怜的印度人 自己的文化都快丢失殆尽了 还引以为豪了。中国也要努力发扬自己的民族文化才是 话说在现阶段留住人才对中国来说确实也挺难的

    • 顶你,我也是这个看法。既得利益的三哥贵族是不会轻易的让出自已的权益给一个所谓的叫墓地的平民党的。

  6. 黑鬼们乐的要死,有什么用,还不是为别的国家服务,不以为耻反以为荣,不建设自己的祖国。倒以在虽的国家当官为荣,这样的垃圾思维永远不可能成为大国。 多亏这篇报道是印度人在外多数是ceo而不是中国,要不中国才真正的非悲哀。以向别国输出人才为荣真奇葩啊。

  7. 一个国家连自己的官方语言都是别人的,甚至是主子的语言,这本身就是悲哀,印度还以此为荣。这样的国家就不算一个国家,更不算一个文明古国。

  8. 大部分的脑袋还正常,嗯,放心了! 看来印度战忽局的同志们迅速采取了补救措施,奖金可以考虑不扣。

  9. 随中国怎么说,事实是他们的管理就是员工绝对服从。在自由市场,这是不可接受的。正是这点使得他们的高层管理人员束缚在国内。在自由市场经济,中国经理人将举步维艰。=====================================================================中国的管理其实算是轻松的,像台湾、法国这些已经形成“成熟管理机制”(事实是过分细化或者说严苛)的企业管理才是严苛非常,至于印度嘛,一方面是底层服务人员卑微工作,恨不得跪着添干净每一点灰尘,另一方面是完全没有时间和章程的“管理”,也许这才是自由市场经济的管理?呵呵呵

  10. Genghis Khan India (Assal Uttar) Indians people have basic genetic advantage over chinese monkeys…. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)印度人对中国猴子具有基本的基因优势。看到这句话时我有很无助的赶脚。。。我确定,一定,以及肯定我们和三哥没生活在一个星球上。。。

  11. zarzan100 (Location) China-the rising super power of the 21st century. Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)中国是崛起中的21世纪超级大国。这货今天又没喝恒河水。。。来人啊。。。拉下去给我灌满。。。

  12. BC Menon (Alappuzha) Chinese are patriotic than Indians. Agree (1)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)中国人比印度人更爱国。mig21bis (Location) replies to BC Menon and that is the reason chain is a success & india not.这就是中国成功印度不成功的原因。又抓到2个。。。拉下去。。。继续灌。。。

  13. Askmore (Delhi) The question is, what does India gain? Its just the name that yea, that’s an Indian CEO at microsft. That’s it! But then, that exactly is what lowly Indians want. No substance Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend问题是印度得到了什么?不就是微软出现了一位印度裔首席执行长,不就是个名字而已,就那样!但这就是卑贱印度人所想要的。没有实质内容。anonymous (India) replies to Askmore yes, indians want style not substance,and it speaks a lot about their character. Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)印度人想要的就是形式,不是实质,充分体现了他们的性格。什么。。。恒河没水了。。。去给我能头牛来。。。让他们对嘴吹。。。

  14. rahul (usa) I worked at a lab in 1990s at US University. Most PhDs in Sciences are Chinese. Just check at the cutting edge research journal publications- Chinese numbers way ahead of Indians. Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)1990年代时,我在美国大学一个实验室工作。大多数理科博士是中国人。去看看最前沿的研究期刊出版物,中国人发表的论文数远超过印度人。印度人太不厚道了。。。多能几头牛吧。。。就没有什么喝的能让他们回归理智吗。。。

  15. gone to the beach (call me) Cause Chinese people are brainwashed swindlers.因为中国人是一群被洗脑的骗子。看这才是理智有眼光的印度精英嘛。。。快问问他今天喝的什么。。。给那些不开眼的三哥上上课。。。

  16. kbiotech05 () China rising should not worry about incredible India. Persons of Indian origin adapt anywhere and get along everywhere. The skills that India retains as well as exports is vast. Command over spoken and written English is certainly the major advantage.崛起的中国不应该担心不可思议的印度。印度人去哪都能适应。印度人才济济,留在国内的不少,输出去的也不少。当然,熟练掌握英语是印度人的主要优势。看看主流还是很智慧的。。。这才是三哥的脊梁嘛。。。

  17. hemkant beedkar (Pune) Sincerity, intelligence and hard working qualities of Indians, wins. Agree (0)Disagree (2)Recommend (0)印度人具有为人真诚,聪明有悟性和吃苦耐劳的品质,结果就胜喽。双人份的恒河水还是很给力的嘛。。。快推广一下下。。。

  18. utkarsh kumar (Unknown) when they are getting handsome opportunities and salaries in the home country why would they want to flock to foreign country….indians too go to west becoz they lack opportunities in india. however it is an established truth that language skills of indians are among the best in the world Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)他们在国内的机会很多,薪水又不错,为什么要蜂拥前往西方国家?印度人是因为在国内缺少机会才去西方国家的。然而,一个既定的事实是,印度人的语言技能是世界最棒的。三哥还是有优点的。。。很诚实嘛。。。还好没被中国统治过。。。不然三哥语言更无敌了。。。

  19. Senna (Tamilnaidu) This situation is only temporary. In a decade you will find Chinese speaking English fluently will be all over the globe. The Chinese govt is actively recruiting Canadians, Australians, Americans and the British to come to China to teach English in their schools. It is encouraging rich Chinese families to send their children to the Western countries like the US to enroll in high schools. My friend in the US, is renting his house to teenage Chinese girls who attend the local high school. So we of Indian origin, can enjoy this advantage only for a short time !!!这个局面只是暂时的。十年内,你会发现说着流利英语的中国人遍布全球。目前,中国政府积极招收加拿大人、澳大利亚人、美国人和英国人来华教英语,同时鼓励富裕的中国家庭把孩子送到西方国家读书。我在美国的一个朋友就把房子租给一位在当地上学的十几岁中国女孩。所以,我们印度裔只能享受这一优势很短的时间了。麻利儿的派人把这只蛤蟆扔回井里去。。。

  20. 中国人的想法宁做鸡头不做凤尾,尤其是给人家打工。中国人更喜欢创造世界500强而不是融入到世界500强。这是一个超级文明体和落后国家的气质区别之一。至于印度人熟悉英语的人更多。其实中国人的想法是希望普通话替代英语成为新的交流工具。

  21. 三锅居然把自己工作中的管理混乱,自由散漫,不负责任,得过且过当做自由市场的自豪,真是可爱到极致。怪不得舰船飞机没完没了的出事故。

  22. 不得不承认他们英语好。因为他们喜欢说英语,如果在我们国家,你学了英语,或者说话句子夹英语单词,都会被其它人嘲笑,所以我们的英语可以考一百分,但是不会听,不会说。还有就是,难到我们英语的教学方法,是不是有问题,还是我们的母语导至了学学英语难,像日本,由于他们的母语发音,语法方面,他们学英语也很困难,日本人英语比中国还差,但是日本人并不笨和懒呀,我想应该是母语导致学不好外语的原因吧。

  23. 1、印度人虽然口音比较重,但是对英语的应用纯熟度远高于中国人。2、印度人自信到盲目的程度,可以用狂妄来形容,加上语言表达能力,只要不孬,第一印象都可以。3、中国人习惯性的谦虚,在西方思维中是不自信的表现,在团队里面无法塑造领导形象,这与印度人造成鲜明反差。一个科研团队有中国人和印度人,中国人一年3篇sic文章,印度人一篇都没有,但是每次学术讨论会,报告会都相当活跃,夸夸其谈,虽然漏洞百出,但是影响力比那个发言比较保守的中国人大。在导师眼里,中国人勤劳且有成果,印度人的聪明尚未被发掘。综合起来这个印度人在团队里面的领导作用逐渐建立。4、管理学的重要性中国人尚未充分认识,留学的中国学生以理工学科为主,这也导致中国人在国外从事公司高管的少。就算有,也是理工科转行的,比如李开复,他其实是一个很好的自控领域的程序员。5、在国外能当高管的中国人,在国内也能拿到那个工资,甚至更高,机会还比国外多,如果是国企,竞争环境还要轻松,市场还要更熟悉。中国企业走出去都得找当地人搭理,自己派人都难搞定,也说明熟悉当地市场的人做当地的高管靠谱。

  24. 别和中国比语言,他们不够格,一维的永远比不过二维度的。汉语让中国人进化程度更好,才更聪明。同样一篇文章,汉语最薄,读的最快。数字汉语里也都是单音节,九九乘法表也只有汉语才能完美使用。而中国人都用了几千年了。速度快(音域广),包容大(同样文章汉版最薄),就是人的思维最快,记忆力最强。数字的单音节则增强了内在逻辑性,对人认知大自然,辩证理想也有帮助。语言是文明的载体,语言的特性就是文明的特性。英语是一维的,密码的。发散的。现在英语的广泛纯粹是殖民战争打出来的,也就是一百多年的事情。这在汉语历史上不算个事,有本事再过两三百年,看英语还有着地位么。还以英语为荣?汉语的博大精深不是他们密码语言世界能够认知和理解的。就像你和井里的蛤蟆解释大海的水有多多一样。再怎么解释它也认知不了,理解不了。夏虫不可语冰。完全是两个重量级的。二维和一维的区别,就是一幅画和一行密码的区别一样,哪怕你01再多也表现不出画卷的意境。

  25. 欲消灭一个民族必先消灭其语言,必须承认白皮强盗们在印度真的成功了,曾经辉煌的古代印度文明沦落至此真的是可悲,当然更可悲的是他们的国人不仅不感到沮丧痛心反而沾沾自喜以此为荣。客观的说阿三的奴性确实无与伦比。

  26. “掌管美国公司的印度人在中国引起轰动”,轰动?真轰动了吗?除了一小部分经常泡网的,大多数中国人压根就不知有这回事。《印度时报》就是经常这样麻醉自己的国民?