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stop employment..
by AMOL DESHPANDE (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:52 PM | Hide repliesto stop employment of up and bhr. so that corrupction is completely stop and railway should comes in profit.

Learn from China
by t prasad (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:42 PM

As per the Railways, there nothing for us to learn from China. Here we too have developed a lot in Railways, we have around 65,000 Kms of railway tracks laid across the country. Our main problem is the internal fighting. all our opposition parties will always fight for the wrong cause. Our people in India burns the trains to erk out their anger in general. We have anti-social elements who are ruling the Govt. in some parts. We have multi dimensional problem like the Naxals, Terrorists, Train Robberies etc.

In comparasion to India, chinese do not have this kind of problem. They are run by the communists. They do not have an opposition and their punishments are very severe in nature, that makes the people to think before vandilising the property. In india, we teach our small kids right from going to school to the professional course, how to take out our anger in the public damages.

I am if china were to be in our position, they could never have developed as they have done. We must be provide of our nation rather than comparing ourselves to Chines or for that matter to any country in the Wordl. Our’s is a rich culture, that is not to be found in any part of the World. We are the ones, who have passed on our knowledge to the neghbours in our golden days. Let’s not forget our past.




by rexberry (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:39 PM | Hide replies

if we had to travel between mumbai and bangalore by these chinese trains then the travelling time would have been around 5 to 6 hrs and today it is taking 24 hrs … the problem is railway is always taken care by either minister of bihar or bengal who have done nothin for there own ppl… i am not blaming the ppl but the politicians…


Indians respect each other
by ekvira gupte (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:35 PM

woh! so beautiful, clean and neat and our Mumbai Railways. See their Platforms so clean. How the cleanliness is maintained. The Railway Minister can call up for vacancies for poor people who can earn good income as well as help Indian railway to keep clean the platforms and trains too. We need to compare and try to improve ourselves and try to get ahead of China. First every Indian need to respect each and every Indian. How chinesh care for every chinesh like American.


by samson aseervatham (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:34 PM

Transport and communication are the nerves of an economy.India is no exception .If the govt is serious in improving in our economy it must elevate our railways on par with the railways of developed countries .The entire railway track must be electrified to bring the cost of operation and also railway tracks should be multiplied then it can easily speed up and save the time of travel. It will improve the economy and also bring down the inflation.Track stability is also weak in India due to poor maintenance.These are the major factors for the slow running of trains.Electrification will reduce the smoke pollution and save a lot of foreign exchange due to saving in consumption of diesel.


its our culture
by Kumar S (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:29 PM

We are the best in world china is a country of those run on stick & bullets , india ruined by opposition not by rullers,oppostion always support group of unsatishfied ppls we called unions, all organisation full of curruption & its unions are supported by oppostion party , how many chiese how many time burn railway coaches, how many time we heard strike in china, we donot want to work we want accuse & abuse, mnc know how to run stick on employees and how to fire, sotware/it /or professional work like a slave for non indian country for money


We deserve these stupid looking trains…
by Michael DSa (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:21 PM

The way our trains are getting damaged by the maoist and naxals. Good looking or expensive trains would bring more cost on such damages….so we deserve these type of trains..thanks to our poor political system


by GENTLETALK (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:18 PM | Hide replies

Guys, please stop comparing INDIA and CHINA! CHINA is way ahead of INDIA in all the fields. The Indian Politician is only interested to save their seat for the 5 years and make as much money as possible in that time, nothing else.
Chinese Politicians are thinking way ahead and marching ahead according to their plans. They will be on the top within a short span.


Railway Minister
by sriram meenakshisundaram (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:16 PM

We appraise our railway ministers for not raising the railway fares for passengers being a frequent traveller iam happy. But we are trailing in the railway sector. Though we speak, prepare separate railway budget Our politician show a very less interest in R & D and improving the infrastructure of railways. Our India has lot of reources, ideas everything except initiative to achieve which made us to trail china.


Kumar Lamba
It seems to be a dream for India
by Kumar Lamba (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:07 PM | Hide replies

Chinees are very hard worker, sincere and devoted people. When the whole world was saying that it is impossible to connect the Lhasa (Capital of Tibet) with rail network, they took it as a challenge and made it possible. So far as India is conceren, there is correption in Everywhere. Railway is also fully involved in it right from top to bottom. We just saw that Railway Selection Committee Chairman suspended couple of day back. so how can we dream for all that.


Re: It seems to be a dream for India
by C W (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:23 PM
Please do not talk about hard working attitude. Hard workers are there all around the world. The main and only difference between these two nations is China is a People’s Republic and India has a 3rd Rated Government by 3rd Rate People for the 3rd Rated People.


China’s amazing railway
by Ajit Birdi (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:06 PM

To make railways or any other system as good as China,France,German,UK,USA etc.
The very first thing to do is to arrest all MPs and close their Swiss accounts recover all the ill gotten cash.
the next thing to do is to cut hands of any one who tries to bribe or take bribe especially in government.
With few people walkig minus a hand (just like in saudi arabia) others will soon get the message.
Only then perhaps only then India might progress forward like china and others are doing.




Railways???is only the government responsible
by ANAND BAJPAI (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:02 PM

True with lot of people in the forum saying Why to creep on china’s growth?There is a basic difference between China and India,one-They haave a definite policy of country’s growth and we have politicsinlieu of that.Can u imagine what will happen if we place our legs in anyone others shoe.It aches and the pain is only felt by the person wearing it.We are wearing the wrong shoes.

Can any of the railway minister of the recent past tell anything about railways,its problems ,the strategies for growth.True every country has its growth procedure and ways.But at least railway authirities the governing body should treat every passengr like its customer even if you see the que on enquiry counter and if somebody asks second time for his train railway people deal him sobadly.At least some sophistication can be learnt.

I happened to be there at station waiting foe a train after 15 min.of delay from set time i went on toenquiry to ask the postion they said it’s running right time.OOOOOOps 15 min.after scheduled departure and still right time.It happens only in india Great.Can we the common people come together to help government improve this.Lets play our role if yes there is no limit to growth and improvement.Lets join hands friends…




china rail
by thoudam singh (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 04:00 PM | Hide replies

I travelled Gungzhou to Kunming by rail.From sea level GZ to Kuming 1890 m above sea level
the rout is amazing.How many tunnels have we
crossed,half the distance pases hills and almost every ten to 15 min. we travel thru a tunnel.At every station the cabin attendent locked the toilet.The dining car has a
bar. Travel comfortably and safely that is
China rail.Enjoy a train ride in China to know
what is a travel by train!

Kunming is at 1890m




原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

I often travel thru these bullet trains
by om shanti (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:59 PM | Hide replies

Normally its time saving and pleasant to travel thru bullet trains which travels at a top speed of 242 km/hr from Shenyang to Beijing. Now,a maglev(magnetically levitated)train line is being constructed from Harbin to Dalian,the top speed will be 550 km /hr.The project is slated to be completed in 2011.With such long distant trains which run at great speed Chinese people are able to save lot of time and having the opportunity to enjoy world class travelling. Similar maglev train also connects SHANGHAI PUDONG airport to Shanghai city.

Seeing the local trains in India,people in developed countries will be horrified.In such countries,nobody can hang on the footboard and travel,nor does the doors remain open in any train !

In China,one can enter the platform only if he has a ticket,just 10 minutes before boarding. Toilets are kept locked in train stations,these are opened only when the train leaves the station.

Almost all trains are Air conditioned.No body can loiter in the railway platform except for boarding.In China train and bus boarding is also like plane boarding.Extra people or vendors or beggars cannot roam around in platforms.So,people’s life is safe and railway cleanliness is excellent in China…





by somnath deb (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:40 PM | Hide replies

Just give it to TATA and see the change.It has to be used like a corporate. Not a charity centre.


Not fair
by Paattal Utkado (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:37 PM | Hide replies

A few days back rediff came with an artical on China’s “Amizing” brigdes. Today its come with Railways..Tomorrow it’ll be highways…Why this comparision with India ?


Chandran K
by Chandran K (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:34 PM

India will not be able to match China in Development even in 50 years because we are a democracy! Here in India each and every decision is taken on the basis of how many votes will be lost and gained by taking a decision. As long as politicians want to stick to power by means of hook or crook at the cost of development, no way we can surge ahead!


rediff now -a-days obsscesed with china and Rahul gandhi
by Dhruva kumar (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:25 PM | Hide replies

When you say china railways one of the best in the world, so many countries behind china including developed countries. Don’t worry, they have money, they can do it, for everything no need to crib and critcise ourselves. We have our own pace in developement, no development can be monotonous, there will be some dead end.


chinese train
by dhiraj kapoor (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:22 PM | Hide replies

its seems good .when india will have so clean stations and fast trains


Re: chinese train
by Chandran K (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:35 PM
NOt in our life time, dear friend!!


lesson learnt
by Neville Mistry (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:21 PM

it will take time for india to learn lesson because most of the times we spend energy fighting in parliament


Chinese railways
by Inder Chadha (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:21 PM

Good piece of information.
Hope that The railways Minister, Board and other officials can learn something from it.


China !!
by Sunit Kumar (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:18 PM | Hide replies

I think China is a like on DREAM DEVELOPMENT right now !! compared to that India is like Bihar !!


India can learn NOTHING
by iota (View MyPage) on Jun 21, 2010 03:17 PM

because Indian Railways is very advanced.

1. Railway Minister with LOUD MOUTH disease.(does china even have a railway minister?)

2. Indian Railways is a Employment Bureau for Unemployed. It is FOREMOST for the benefit of its own Employees. Passengers and Railway are Incidental (Just like Police, Govt. Steel Plants, Judiciary – all fast asleep).

3. Except for Konkan Railways (recently) – almost NO MAJOR tracks have been laid in India after independence. We are still running on British Era Infrastructure.

4. In India if you steal, take bribes, use caste games – YOU WILL BE PROMOTED. In China, you will be SHOT DEAD.








  1. 我不明白?你们印度人对你们的政府这么不满,腐败严重,发展停滞,民众愚昧。既然你们都看得很清楚,导致印度现在这个状况的原因,为什么你们不发起革命?为什么还在无休止的争吵?你们还认为不用革命也能改变印度的现状吗?

    • 印度人是深受圣雄甘地的“非暴力不合作”方式的影响。印度当今较有名的反腐斗士安纳·哈扎尔也是甘地主义者,他的反腐败方式就是绝食抗议!

    • 民族自豪感这个东西很重要.它可以在关键时刻拯救一个国家.印度的问题是他们没有充分认识到他们拥有的,并在当今社会加以更好的发挥.

  2. 你不觉得我们也需要革命吗? 哪裡需要? 中國目前的領導團隊是正確的

  3. 我觉得两国的发展速度之所以不同,是和民族性格分不开的。

  4. 其实和国内一样,印度也有公知和五毛。不过印度在某些方面,五毛较少,公知较多。[批判统治阶级就是公知,为统治阶级洗地的就是五毛。]

  5. 白痴,这个时候革命正中美国等的计,国内乱会使国家停滞毁坏。我们越乱人家越开心,所以才有出钱在网络上发表分裂民族的言论,不知道你是不是。个人觉得现在还不适合革命。

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  33. 印度不具备暴力革命的地理条件,印度全境没有高山,最多只能算少数丘陵,平原上怎么面对政府军队的围剿呢?如果跑去喜马拉雅山的话,尼泊尔人会直接砍死他们的,尼泊尔不凶悍也不会那么大点地方就独立于印度存在。

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