原文标题:China says US overtakes European Union as its top export market

BEIJING: China said on Tuesday that the United States has overtaken the European Union as its biggest export market, as the continent's debt crisis has sent demand slumping.

"The biggest is the US and the EU is second," commerce ministry spokesman Shen Danyang told reporters at a regular briefing. "The EU used to be the biggest."

China's exports to the United States in the first 10 months of this year totalled $289.3 billion, while shipments to the EU came to $276.8 billion, according to Chinese customs figures.




Weak demand from both Europe and the US has been a big factor as China's economic growth has slowed over the past seven quarters to the end of September.

Economic growth in the United States remains weak but is expanding, while the eurozone's debilitating debt crisis has dragged it back into recession.

Shen also said the Association of Southeast Asian Nations had moved past Japan as China's third-biggest export market. Japan, which is in the midst of a diplomatic row with China that has hit trade between the two nations, slipped to fourth place.





Saurabh Das (New Delhi)
China should now give up hostilities towards US...


Derrick Dias (Goa)
In other words if the US and Europe boycott Chines goods China's economic activities will come to a near stand still
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Vijay Khilery (Ambala, India)
I think China dumps rejected poor quality items in India. I don't know who is at fault--importer or user.
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Vijay Khilery (Ambala, India)
In Haryana , there are two power plants established by using chinese machinery and equipment and they remain shut down most oftenly. Poor machinery, poor maintenance and repair facilities.
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Vijay Khilery (Ambala, India)
Poor quality Chinese goods. Never buy them just for cheapness.
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Susnatha Nath (Silchar)
If it is true then it is good for a balance in global economy !
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CDRNET1965 (Chennai)
Most of the electronic goods marketed by western companies are now made in China. Soon Chinese products will be everywhere. Everybody will be using them knowingly or unknowingly because most people want cost benifit and nobody can beat Chinese in this area.
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Mr.mars (mumbai)
India have nothing to sell except raw materials.
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snmalviya Narayan (Delhi)
So what. When China is doing export business with Australia, no one is objecting and feeling.
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Let Me Die (New delhi)
Is that any strategy to down China??? They manufacturing ugly products except cloths .
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us exposded (india)
U.S wants to make a military base in kashmir....beware
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Harpreet (Ghaziabad)
Chines export to US stands at number 1 even though it is said that US economy is not strong. Chines sales would grow further during the next 2 months.However, the Trade deficit on Balance of Trade may not be that it looks abnormally high. US would mange things well as it had done in the past by have a recourse to issuance to the world the dollar denominated Treasury Bills.


Mr.mars (mumbai)
One month of exports in China=one year of exports in India.
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Mohan (Patiala)
Total India exports in one year (including IT and BPO services) = 1.5 months of China's exports.
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badegg (US)
Don't be misled by India media. In ASEAN, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mammar, Thailand.. don't have any issues with China at all. The only two are poor Vietnam and Philippines.
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KK Singh (New Delhi)
This is part of the race or competetion to redistribute the world market, as it is captured by the developed countries but there is and wil remain chances for redistrbution and China is very powerful to do so. Where do we stand? USA and now ASEAN wants us to stand up against China but we lack a nationalist Govt and what we have is corruption and non transparancy which does not help us.
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badegg (US)
China actually gain little from Apple's products. China is moving up the value chain because of the companies like Huawei, ZTE, Sany, ZMPC, high end steel products, the companies that builds LNG ships, satellites for exports, high-speed railway systems ..... China's industry is very balanced developed, from heavy to light industry.
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J.K.Ahuja (Jabalpur)
ASEAN group is China's 3rd biggest trading partner, and looking to the recession in Europe,Japan & flat growth in USA , this group of countries will not go against China despite all provocations by USA, Japan & on the sly by India. By 2016-17, Singapore,Bangkok,Phnom Penh, Hanoi will be connected to China's Kunming & Nanning by High Speed Rail, & therefore there is too much at stake for ASEAN to drop China.
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Dr Sap (Mumbai)
Few days back I was on tour to east Asia and south east asia..... Malls there r flooded with chinese goods..... from products like Toilet paper to high end home appliances at one point i was feeling if i am standing in china..... Its true no one can stop china.... we should think why chinese can sell products at a even cheaper price than our production cost (what some indian industrialist claim)..... Its not chinese subsidy for their products which make it cheaper but greed of our middlemen and retailers which makes our product costier..... I am a doctor and can let u know Generic medicines which u buy from Medical store with a price tag of say Rs 24.... the medical store owner buyes it at cost of Rs 3.50 so who is responsible for this inflation..... this thing must be happening with other fields also..... so its greed and corruption of our fellow Indians which have to blame for and not china.
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