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原文标题:US, not China, most corrupt country in the world: Chan

BEIJING: Riled by US media reports highlighting corruption in China , Hong Kong based Hollywood star Jackie Chan has hit back at America branding it as the world's "most corrupt" country.

Chan told Chinese Phoenix TV that China has been bullied by international powers for a long time and started making progress only in recent years. While China had corruption problem, so do other nations, including America , he said, according to a report in the South China Morning Post.



He went on to say that America is "the most corrupt (country) in the world", not China. "Where does this great breakdown (of corruption) come from? It started exactly from the (rest of the) world, the US... If our own countrymen don't support our country , who will?" he said.

He was apparently angry over recent US media reports highlighting massive assets accumulated by some of the Chinese leaders, including Premier Wen Jiabao Chan also said that Chinese people should only criticize China among their own people, and not to foreigners. "We (can) talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders , (we should say), 'our country is the best' ," he advised.




Gummadi Chandrasekhar (hyderabad)
good article
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mailkevin247 (USA)
Lost all respect for this iconic star who is jabbering like a frenzied child intoxicated by ultra nationalism and intolerance to criticisms.
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译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Medecio (Canada) replies to mailkevin247
Just follow a new star, man. Just follow a new star. Whatever you say or do, Jackie Chan will still be my favorite star!
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Bharathi (Hyderabad)
And we thought it was India. Good to know we score better than some on that.
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great (planet earth) replies to Bharathi
something is wrong with the report
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Stone (Austin)
Chan's comment certainly has some merits. Every one knows that that tens of millions (if not billions) dollars are spent each for political lobby - guess where do these money go?
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nikhil (trivandrum)
Matter of fact is countriespeople which criticizes US are just losersjealous. US is much better place to live than rest of the world even though they also have problems. I have traveledlived in south asia, asia pacific and middle east. I lost all respect for Chan, what he has to say now about his movies before HongKong was took over by china.
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janak (England)
I disagree with Mr Chan, he should not be allowed to take away this only badge of Honour modern India carries...Yes indeed ours is the most corrupt Nation on the face of earth! and we are prepared to go to Court to prove our case. Be warned Mr Chan so say all of us. Jai Hind
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G Krishnamurthy (New Delhi) replies to janak
The scale of corruption in India is minuscule as compared to the West and, even the People's Republic of China. However, I do feel that Jackie Chan has a point. These are things to be discussed internally, not to be shouted in the Western media.
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50 cents brigade (Malaysia)
I definitely agree. Only in USA, they can legalized corruption in the form called lobby funding where individual and corporate can legally give out corrupted money to any democratic politicians with impunity from the law. That is why in USA, there are no corruption as it is now legal.
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roger (Bangalore)
We too need to pay heed to what JC has to say. We Indians tend to be very deprecating about India while being completely oblivious of what i happening around the world. Corruption is is very much present across other countries. By being so loud India, we are bringing bad name to India and Indians. Western media loves it.
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Vin Chopra (New Jersey)
Corruption exists in US at very high level, as it does in every other country. But the difference is that it ONLY exists at high level. Majority of Americans spend their lives without giving a single penny in corruption. Day do day living of common people is not effected at all by corruption. It seems like Chan has been forced by the ruling party to put this statement out there, otherwise why would he risk his fan base in US by making such statements? And don't tell me its patriotism as he spends most of his time here working on movie projects.
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译文来源:三泰虎  http://www.santaihu.com

Dinesh Prabhakar (delhi)
Hong Kong based Hollywood star Jackie Cha* must have got a fortune to air this statement!
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KillBill (in your pocket. )
I wish he had said a few things about India also
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Rang (Bangkok)
Jackie Chan's wise words, these comments may put an end to his hollywood career since its american based, but he said it nonetheless.


sumone (india)
it is just an emotional statement , nothing else. US might be corrupt but it is not 'the most' corrupt country. maybe what he wants to say is US is more corrupt than china , which isn't exactly foolproof either. it is not a statement of serious considerations, especially because it is purely reactive.
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Dinesh Prabhakar (delhi)
No country can beat China in corruption, not even India, India can never flood the world with fake and counterfeit goods, the way China does!
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rm (delhi)
They seem to have forgotten a worthy contender in India....This is blatant racism.....;)
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他们似乎忘记了一个强有力竞争者印度......这是公然的种族主义言论...... ;)

KK Singh (Delhi)
USA may not be world's biggest corrupt country but it is expert in false propaganda and lies. Our intelligentsia class including Congress and BJP are great followers of USA, its lies and its culture.
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myalmightygod (India)
We are great fan of yours, but would like Chan to better stay away from international politics.
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mohammadalisheikh (Mumbai)
I wonder how jacke chan exjept china, curruption world wide cancer.
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Ravishankar (Madikeri)
why no one talking about India?????
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RAKESH SHARDA (Panchkula) replies to Ravishankar
The honor of being number one goes to India.
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R.Sid (NRI) replies to Ravishankar
Because every one knows India is corrupt to the core if not number one then number two or three for sure.
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khursheed0001 (dehradun)
It seems a truth. The capitalist are more corrupt. But the corruption of socialists and communists is rarely reported. Mr. Chang can compare both ideologies.


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