原文标题:US has underestimated China's military growth, study says


WASHINGTON: The United States has underestimated the growth of China's military as policymakers have taken public statements at face value or failed to understand Beijing's thinking, a study said today.

The report prepared for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said the United States had a mixed record on predicting the rising power's new weaponry, including largely missing the emergence of more advanced submarines.

As for the speed of military modernisation, the study found "identifiable cases of miscalculation" with China developing anti-ship ballistic missiles and stealth fighter-jets earlier than the United States expected.




US analysis could have improved if more experts read Chinese or even looked at open publications such as academic technical journals, it said.

"US observers should not take at face value statements from the Chinese government on military policy, as they could either be deceptive, or simply issued by agencies" such as the foreign ministry "that have no real say over military matters," it said.

The staff report was prepared for the commission, which was set up by Congress in 2000 to assess security implications from China, and does not represent the view of the body or of the US government.





Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha (Clinton, USA)
12 hrs ago (04:07 AM)
Under this adminstration our foreign policy is a joke. President Obama and the State Department's foreign policy is failures, apologies and now misjudgment of another nations' power. India can have the US as her ally. While Sri Lanka already is allied with China which unlike India or the US has already commited a 50 billion dollar investment in that island nation.

For God's sake I hope Indian will not sermonize me about China swallowing up Sri Lanka. Please keep in mind that for a thousand years while Hindu India was fighting off the Muslim invasions Buddhist Sri Lanka and Buddhist China had a strong relationship.
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Pratik Das (US) replies to Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
10 hrs ago (06:10 AM)
Perhaps you haven't heard of this little place called Tibet. So much for camarderie between China and Buddhists.
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Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha replies to Pratik Das
10 hrs ago (06:26 AM)
Pratik Das, Have you heard of Singapore, South Korea, and the Asian Tigers? they all have one thing in common. Their biggest trading partner is China and they are not slaves. Sri Lanka is not Tibet. China just invested 50 Billion dollars in Sri Lanka more than anything the US or India could even come close to doing.
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Pratik Das,你听说过新加坡、韩国和亚洲四小龙吗?他们都有一个共同的特点,即最大的贸易伙伴是中国。他们不是奴隶。斯里兰卡不是西藏。中国在斯里兰卡投资了500亿美元,比美国或者印度的投资要远远更多。

bala srinivasan (saginaw.mi.USA) replies to Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
11 hrs ago (04:57 AM)
You are incorrect in both of your remarks.American failure&Sri Lanka's alliance.Even your conclusion about buddhist china is imbicilic at best since China is a declared communist state with religion has no role.Your name is not suggestive of buddhist faith based&your anti american sentiments&pro chinese leanings are unhealthy at best.
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Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha replies to bala srinivasan
9 hrs ago (06:29 AM)
Bala Srinivasan, So why is India having a 75 billion trade with a nation that is claiming so much of India's land and has part of Kashmir too? Why are all the Asian Tiger nations doing business with China and why has China is set to invest 50 Billion in Sri Lanka?
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Bala Srinivasan,为什么印度和一个对如此多印度土地声称主权和占领部分克什米尔的国家之间存在750亿美元的贸易?为什么所有亚洲四小龙都和中国做生意?为什么中国将在斯里兰卡投资500亿美元?

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha replies to bala srinivasan
10 hrs ago (06:06 AM)
Bala Srinivasan. If you are in the US then you are a blind Obama worshiper. You know quite well that under his administration our foreign policy is apologetic, flawed (Afghani war) and deep in debt to China and the debt continues to deepen under this Socialist President. He just insulted the Supreme Court. I do not like his administration, but that does not translate to my love of the USA.
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Bala Srinivasan,如果你在美国,那么你是奥巴马的盲目崇拜者。你非常清楚,在他的管理下,我们的外交政策是谦卑和有缺陷的(如阿富汗战争),深深陷入对中国的债务。在这个社会主义总统的领导下,债务继续加深。他刚刚侮辱了最高法院。我不喜欢他的管理,但这并不影响我对美国的热爱。

Raj (Delhi) replies to Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
7 hrs ago (08:39 AM)
US economy will fail under any GOP president like it did when George W Bush was the president.Atleast Obama pulled up US economy to certain level.
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bala srinivasan (saginaw.mi.USA) replies to Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
11 hrs ago (04:50 AM)
Bernard doesn't sound buddhist but oppurtunist&apeddler who is willing to peddle his country for sale for few silver.China if buddhist won't be cruel to tibetans or uighurs so don't pretend to be sanctimonious.You sound more like a used car salesman who is ready to sell any thing to any one for self gratification.
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Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha replies to bala srinivasan
10 hrs ago (06:03 AM)
Bala Srinivasan, Speak for yourself. Your act of "projection" is apparent. It is India that has treated Sri Lanka as her "back yard" and her Tamil population were under the illusion that Sri Lanka is their second home. Just because India has treated Sri Lanka poorly does not mean China would. You are also very ignorant for all the Pacific rim nations biggest trader is China. That also goes for many Middle Eastern nations and none feel like a slave to China but Sri Lanka has been used by India. You sound like your leaders, full of hot air but no logic or common sense.
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Bala Srinivasan,随你怎么说。你的“推测”行为是明显的。正是印度把斯里兰卡当做“后院”。印度的泰米尔人有这样的幻觉,即斯里兰卡是他们的第二家乡。仅仅因为印度对斯里兰卡不好,并不意味着中国也会那样做。你也非常无知,因为所有太平洋周边国家的最大贸易伙伴是中国。许多中东国家也是如此。没有人感觉自己是中国的奴隶。倒是斯里兰卡被印度利用了。你听起来像你们的领导人,夸夸其谈,但是没有逻辑或者常识。

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gerry faulkner (USA)
9 hrs ago (06:46 AM)
Wrong news. We never underestimate any enemy which is why we have never faced defeat . Whatever China is or is not, is less important than the fact that the USA has never faced defeat. No country comes even close to matching the USA in is military might.
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Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha (Clinton, USA) replies to gerry faulkner
8 hrs ago (07:55 AM)
gerry faulkner, where were you when we lost the Vietnam war? how about the Afghani war? and we did not win the Korean war either. It was a stalemate. I agree with your concluding sentence. But our might is only realized if our military is allowed to use it. The 7 rules of engagement both in the Vietnam and Afghan wars contributed to us losing them.
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gerry faulkner,当我们在越南战争中失败的时候,你在哪里?还有阿富汗战争呢?我们也没有赢得朝鲜战争,这场战争是一个僵局。我同意你的结论。但是只有在被允许的情况下,我们的实力才能展现。交战7项规则导致我们在越南战争和阿富汗战争中败给他们。

lemmingwittig7 (india) replies to Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha
7 hrs ago (08:45 AM)
i cnt say abt d vietnam war but dis afghan war cannot be won by united states or by any country coz in my opinion dis war is against an ideology & an ideology can neva b fought.
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SP (Mumbai)
3 hrs ago (12:59 PM)
China is using his powerful tool,to misguide and confuse the rival.The greatest asset of Chines leader is full fledge use of common sense.
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Manmohan (Delhi)
2 hrs ago (01:29 PM)
There is urgent need for the US to start looking the fast changing things all around realistically and with open eyes.China is the holder of about $3 trillions of US Govt. securities and it is under estimating it.
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