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三泰虎1月8日译文,据印媒报道,印度安全部队表示,在过去几个月,中国每14天就侵入一次楚马尔、Rakhi Nullah和Takdip地区。除了12月19-20日侵入楚玛尔德普桑,以及更近的于1月份第一周对Takdip的入侵,印方还于12月13日在同一地区发现了中国人入侵。消息人士称,中国军队只是强化对这一地区的统治,由于天气寒冷,一般呆的时间不超过1小时。虽然最近几个月入侵事件变得更为频繁,但是尚不足以令人担忧。

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外文标题:Chinese troops enter Ladakh every 14 days



NEW DELHI: Chinese troops have been making incursions in Chumar, Rakhi Nullah and Takdip areas in Ladakh almost every fortnight in the past few months, according to security sources. Apart from incursions in Depsang plains of Chumar on December 19-20 and the more recent incursion in the first week of January in Takdip, Chinese incursions had been spotted on December 13 as well in the same areas.

Sources said the Chinese troops are merely asserting dominance in the area and don’t stay for more than an hour because of the bitter cold. Sources said there is nothing alarming in the movements even though incursions have been more frequent in recent months.

The fact that Chinese side has fully developed road network in these sectors helps them to make frequent visits using vehicles.

印度安全部队表示,在过去几个月,中国每14天就侵入一次楚马尔、Rakhi Nullah和Takdip地区。除了12月19-20日侵入楚玛尔德普桑,以及更近的于1月份第一周对Takdip的入侵,印方还于12月13日在同一地区发现了中国人入侵。




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jt9495 (US)
oh no.! stinking chinese tofu and reptile food on Indian soli again..! noo.. send them and their trash back.. ewwwww


rajan loknathan (chennai / trivandrum)
And our people will watch it . How funny? They should be stopped and use of force should have been used to stop them. They probably know that our government is so weak it will not use force.


kk (in)
lay land mines in that area. make it unsafe for anyone entering the boarder.


Sreekumar Krishnan (Kochi, India)
Our politicians are so busy making money they have no time to bother about safeguarding their motherland!


K. ()
Wait for another 3 or 4 months, let Modi come to power in the center, he will fix all these wayward nations. Once a strong govt is at the no one will dare do all these stupid adventures.


Shyam (delhi)
So the government has all the time in the world to support a corrupt diplomat but does not have time or resources to do anything about securing the country’s borders? Shame on MMS, Sonia, Congress and the people who keep on voting for Congress.


Aam Aadmi (India)
Tackling China would need a strong and pragmatic leader. Modi has proven himself in this area by bringing back diamond merchants imprisoned by China. It is difficult to imagine Rahul or Kejriwal in such a role…
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Samajsevak SamajSewak (Unknown)
Ladakh is problem always. anyway how many live there. if it improves relation we can even sell ladakh to china just remain silent n do job. this way boundary also settled.
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ekdesi (USA)
China is testing the consistency of its incursion capability at will. It knows Indian politicians are only worried about their fate in coming elections.
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VIKASH (earth)
When there is a door with no locks or security… than someone will always come and go as they wish!
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Vijay Kale (Navi Mumbai)
Why not Indian troops cross the China border…..and do the same what they do….
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Hindustani (Mumbai )
We need a strong leader like Na Mo to deal with the Chinkies and all these border incursions will stop. India should start developing infrastructure on the border. It is inevitable that a conventional war with China is coming. India should start rapidly modernising its military equipment


Col. Balwan Singh Chauhan (Karnal)
China is a Paper Tiger with a few advanced weapons given to them by their Israeli allies. My Uncle flew MIG-25 over China and Chinese could do nothing. Besides the Chinese are tiny poor fighters see what out Jat boys from U.P. Haryana, Rajasthan, etc. do them in freestyle wrestling. With China have good relations but keep your conventional, tactical and large nuclear weapons oiled.


PSB (Canada )
Has anybody in India stopped to make roads near Ladakh border. Media always say Chinese have done this Chinese have done that. Why media is not pressing to the Govt for our security. Really pity.


Akhil (ind)
insead of buying a submarine every year ( approx 10 k crore) we can lay road for 1000 km or morw
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Shibashish Sarkar (Unknown)
Unbelievable. Do we still have to believe that we have a Border Security Force/ Army and a “Government” in our country?


Prasanth Kumar (Hyderabad)
Don’t they have any other work apart from teasing Indians?


d_kmar ()
India should start planting mines on the borders…


melong Delta (Navi Dilli) replies to d_kmar
Mines are bad as they can kill our people too.


    • Prasanth Kumar (Hyderabad)
      Don’t they have any other work apart from teasing Indians?

      我们的乐趣尽在于此。。。尤其在本坛。。。 :mrgreen:

        • 你懂历史??不懂别乱叫! 啥时候袁崇焕成了带路党了?!袁崇焕是被满人陷害的民族英雄! 清史早在乾隆年间就解密了袁崇焕被陷害的真相了。你现在还在这乱叫!莫非你是由顺治年间穿越来的?

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          • 对袁崇焕印象不是很好。那五年平辽就是扯淡,不考虑变量演化的战略那不是扯淡吗?不过他有句话,特别是后半句,咱特别欣赏“法在渐不在骤,在实不在虚。”

        • 你是猪尾巴的后代吧,还在延续你祖上的谎言,汉人都知道袁崇焕是英雄,所以,请你滚出出,继续做你的猪尾巴!

  1. 中国是纸老虎,不就是有以色列盟友给他们的几件先进武器而已。我的叔叔驾驶米格-25战机进入中国,中国人连屁都不敢放。此外,中国人是小不点战士,来自北方邦、哈里亚纳邦和拉贾斯坦邦等的哥们用自由式摔跤就可以解决他们。印度要与中国建立友好关系,但是常规武器、战术武器和核武器也要处于备战状态。
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. 印度应该在边界上埋地雷
    :mrgreen: 笑喷了,这句有点无厘头的感觉,不错。让人印象深刻。我只要这句,其他评论都留给粪青们

    • 地雷还是很管用的。。。在真实地形上遇到地雷基本上都是有伤亡的。。。地雷是防御型性价比最高的武器。。。只是三哥没胆埋。。。看看云南。。。说起来又都是血泪。。。 😐

    • 对越。。。记得进攻时间到了,但地雷还没排完。。。所以我军趟雷进行冲锋,伤亡很大。。。某些人眼中的愤青用生命捍卫国土,得到的居然是鄙视。。。 😐

  3. 两国如果不能通过谈判把边界确定下来,这种事情不可避免,我们也认为印度经常侵入我们的领土,不过我们知道双方认知有重叠,所以不像阿三那样YY。

  4. 噗!我看到的是一群廉价的劣等黑奴在整天靠炒作来求中国关注!笑死人了、不要脸的粪坑民族简直是亚洲之耻!

  5. 印度万岁,穆迪万岁,这尿性下去一百年印度也还是会这个鸟样,虽然很想吐槽万国牌印度嘲笑中国先进武器只会买以色列,但是还是非常希望印度保持这个心态一直不变,如果真打起来,抓几万印度俘虏去内蒙养牛去

    • 17万而已。。。而且是三哥兵。。。如今的战争人数已经不是胜负的关键了。。。老好人中国动手前还是好好考虑一下如何解决17万俘虏的生活问题吧,毕竟我们一向优待俘虏。。。 😐

      • 抓住这17万三哥俘虏,用青藏铁路押运,再用兔子的高铁+高速在中国大地上旅游一番,看看兔子的生活是怎么样的,然后再用青藏铁路放回去。要是三哥再把这17万人的一部分或者全部重新召回部队,那么不用多久,其余的三哥也就投诚了。

        • 好办法,但成本太大。。。不过政宣是我党的强项。。。我一点不担心。。。 :mrgreen:

          还有三哥是很好面子的,即使见到好,他们依然会想你没让他看见的坏。。。所以还是交给小白处理合适。。。 :mrgreen:

          • 你也多事。。。都送到塔克拉玛干绿化地球去。。。记得把那个被搜身的印度女外交官留给小白。。。嗯。。。小白不用谢我。。。 :mrgreen:

  6. 穆迪先生!你已经成功了一半,为了获得下届总理的职位,你在网络上埋伏的那些水军已经在发挥作用了,不过他们的智商都是硬伤,你应该请点有智商的水军在网络里为你呐喊助威才对!那样你就可以获得竞选了,不过我真担心印度全国国民的智商,恐怕你上台也未必是好事! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  7. 中国是纸老虎,不就是有以色列盟友给他们的几件先进武器而已。我的叔叔驾驶米格-25战机进入中国,中国人连屁都不敢放。此外,中国人是小不点战士,来自北方邦、哈里亚纳邦和拉贾斯坦邦等的哥们用自由式摔跤就可以解决他们。印度要与中国建立友好关系,但是常规武器、战术武器和核武器也要处于备战状态。


  8. 中国是纸老虎,不就是有以色列盟友给他们的几件先进武器而已。我的叔叔驾驶米格-25战机进入中国,中国人连屁都不敢放。此外,中国人是小不点战士,来自北方邦、哈里亚纳邦和拉贾斯坦邦等的哥们用自由式摔跤就可以解决他们。印度要与中国建立友好关系,但是常规武器、战术武器和核武器也要处于备战状态。


  9. 墓地能上吗?希望能,到时候就能看看三哥怎么失望吧!三哥应该和我兔联合啊!商量解决边界,不然以后咱们就和他谈怎么收回德里了。

  10. 三哥让欧美的冥主洗脑洗的让原本就75的智商降到了50!国大党维持一个十几亿人口国家已经是超水平发挥了!中国人勒紧裤腰带付出多少代价才建立的工业体系?几千万工人下岗才调整好结构?8%耕地养活世界四分之一人口不是谁都能做到的!更别说医疗、养老许多中国都难以解决的问题。墓地就算上台能解决一件都是伟大的成就,不过以冥主的印度效率来看这几乎是不可完成的任务!

  11. 该拿回来的都会拿回来,因为军力在渐渐强大,国家也在强大,再也不是当年让人随意入侵的国家了。所以,某些国家的人就不满意了。印度人不满意,越南人不满意,日本人不满意。不满意的人多了去,咱们又怕谁了?因为旧时被入侵的是中国,现在倒叫嚣起来了,中国只拿回属于自己的领土。

  12. 难道印度黑鬼很高大?


  13. 印度媒体,一天到晚的耍弄瘪三P民,不是编造就是夸大。
    印度下层一群群被洗的SB脑袋,使得印度媒体乐此不彼,看来 一时半会还玩儿现不了。