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原文标题:Traitor tag for forced abortion couple




BEIJING: China’s one-child policy came under fire from the country’s internet users when the father of a baby, who was forcibly aborted in Shaanxi province, went into hiding. The incident came as an embarrassment to the Shaanxi government with reports saying the father was beaten up by people angry with his decision to abort the baby. His wife was labelled a traitor.

Feng Jianmei, a 23-year old mother, was forced by officials to terminate her seven-month old pregnancy in early June causing outrage with tens of thousands of angry postings by Chinese internet users.

Internet users pointed out that Feng Jianmei suffered humiliation because of her failure to pay hefty fines. The government policy is seen to be favouring the rich because a family coughing up roughly $6,286 is allowed to have a second child.




What angered local officials were interviews given to the foreign media by the dead baby’s parents. Officials were quick to dub them as “traitors” saying the family was giving a “bad name to the country.”

“We are already heartbroken from losing the baby. How did we become traitors ?” Deng Jicai, the baby’s father’s sister, said. Discussing the interview with foreign media Jicai said the family did not seek to benefit from the story. “My sister-inlaw mainly stated what she had experienced,” she said.

The city government in Shaanxi has suspended the three officials accused of forcing Feng to abort.





siddharthnmishra (Bangalore)
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Dinesh (China)
its not good to call them traitor.
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jijujones (Cape Comorin) replies to Dinesh
then tell me a phrase !!!!


Mark (Chennai) 1 hr ago
One child policy is strictly required more in India. The moslem community with multiple marriages and children are leading the entire community into backwardness. Government should implement the policy for moslems and help them develop and join the mainsteam. Arabic medieval practice islam has brought lot of social evils among indians and government must make effective laws against such social evils too.
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Salil (Mumbai)
What were the parents doing till the seventh month? I do not support the govt body’s actions, but surely people should be more informed and responsible too.
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vs259 (hyderabad)
Good or bad, we need some mechanism to control population. The Chinese have adopted a rather strict method that is largely working, One thing “bad” about it is that the rich can pay and get away. We in India, where everything is largely subsidised right up to the creamy layer can perhaps say “After 2, children, no subsidies will be given for food, education etc.” Slowly this can be reduced to 1. Ofcourse, certain minoority communities where “the more the merrier” philosophy is practiced will have to be brought on board even for the limitation of subsidies. In India, our mentality is “If it is free, give me more”
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jijujones (Cape Comorin) replies to vs259
“If it is free, give me more” wheather this include AIDS or CONDOMS or DATING ?


IndianGuy (India) 1 hr ago
They are traitors of course, Govt has got one -child policy in China for a reason, most of their children now are child labor making shoes, toys etc for all american companies. Why bring a child into this world to make him/her a laborer? I support what Govt did. If they didn’t have these rules, China would have been 2 billion by now fighting for everything. Too sad we don’t have anything like that in India!
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Abhishek (India)
stupid government . live and let live others .


INDIAN (india)
Now we know why China cannot stand before india in a war
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mishapawan (Gurgaon)
Indeed, how did they become traitors? this is most unfortunate for the family…


If this is the case in India…. what happens!!!!!!!
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Umamaheshwaran Krishnamurthy (Bangalore)
Poor couple… a thought from India perspective, what would happen if a fine of $6k slapped for second child onwards…we will have a lot more babies on the dust bins!
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t.shajin (South India) replies to Umamaheshwaran Krishnamurthy
dear friend complete the sentence -Babies in dust bins and women in brothels too..


Samit Mandal (Coimbatore)
Should had become conscious before pregnancy for population control rule.


Indianguy (India) replies to Samit Mandal 1 hr ago
totally agree with u buddy


sandipan banerjee (Bangalore)
The population control policy in China is good. But it should be made a mandate that no one including the rich can have more than one issue. Incase a baby dies, only then they can have another child. Also if the parents get divorced, both the mother and the father will not be allowed to have anymore child. So basically its one child per couple. In this way, divorce rates would also decrease.


bhgs (bglr) 37 mins ago
i think many ppl commenting here have forgotten one thing, population control through policies is one thing and forcing ppl to abort their baby is a completely different thing, i believe population control is required but individual choice / freedom / lifestyle should not be attacked by the government at any level.


“The family was giving a bad name to the country.” LOL. The gov there follows inhuman policies and when people protest, term them as traitors. Similarities with our CONgress???


Deepak Pathak (MIT)
Sometime media presents things with spices. I have seen many events bt m always shocked to read/view the event in media. If they praise some1 they will praise too much, if they want to spoil the name that too they do till extreme. Media don’t care what victims feel. For their TRP they will ask questions which is human..How r u feeling after his/death, whom do u blame, is the victim dalit or not, where were u first raped..these question media ask & almost force people to commit sucide


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Ramyas Siva (Tiruchirapalli (Trichy),)
It’s really arrogant to behave like this.Every mother knows how bad situation is Feng Jianmei’s.Many crimes are gong on in the world.I feel worse that I can’t help that baby’s mother.Sad Regrets to her.


  1. 关于印度朋友说计划生育是利于“富人”的政策,我想说,在一定程度上是的吧。比如闯红灯的罚款一样,总得定一个标准啊,莫非闯红灯罚款也是有利于富人的政策?

    • 我猜过一两年,城市应该允许有第2胎的,,毕竟老年化还不是一个发展中的国家能承受的,所以拖延老临化来临的时间是必然的,城市可以有两胎也有个好处,毕竟城里人经济条件要好一些,送不起孩子上学的几率要少,还有就是城里人没有什么钱一般不会多生,不象农村很多人越穷越爱生,生了又养不起。。所以放宽城市第2胎的限制既可以延长老临化来临的时间又不用当心多出来的小孩读书问题,多好

      • 哥们独生子女过以生二胎的,只要你年纪在30岁以下的,结婚后基本都可以生二胎的。当然如果你不是独生子女那就不可以了,但你是30以下而又不是独生子女那就又出现了一个问题,那就是你就是超生的,哈哈。
        生二胎其实可以的,结婚别办结婚证就OK 了。一直生生到不想生了,在办结婚证。非婚生子女可以办户口的,我听说在广东那边就是这个样子,中国又不是不允许有未婚妈妈。只是很多人都是办完结婚证后还要超生,这样就要罚款了~~要不就强制打胎,反正是两选一,你得选一样~~

        • 你说的是国家微调政策和默认政策,我说的是国家官方正式的政策,两者是有区别的,国家一胎政策是正式的,2胎3胎之类的可以说是微调或者是默认,比如生一个是完全不打折扣,生两个三个四个是有条件的,我四叔有四个孩子现在都5个了,他偷偷的生,国家同样承认,这叫默认,只要你能把孩子生下来,国家也拿你没辙,家里有特殊情况多生几个国家也承认,这是微调,

  2. 媒体有时候会添油加醋地报道新闻。我目睹过许多事件,但总是对媒体的报道和解读感到震惊。如果是要赞美一些东西,他们会赞美过度;如果是要破坏名声,他们也会发挥到极致。媒体不会在意受害者的感受。…他死后你的感受如何;你是要怪谁;受害者是否是达利特;你是在哪里被第一次强奸的….媒体问的这些问题几乎会逼迫人自杀。

  3. 地方政府的行政能力和方法的确需要改进。

  4. 富人可以生二胎?三胎? 好像现在双独生子女就可以,问题是没人愿意生。80后的父母自己都够自私的,哪有时间照顾2个孩子。那样的话,他们还怎么去国外旅游,去化妆享受生活。


    话锋一转,[email protected] 强力推荐 一起视频,讲中印关系的。我觉得受益匪浅。 你们抓紧时间看看。机会难得。



    • 少数民族可以生两胎的,城市里生三胎是不行的。但是如果在少数民族的聚集地,他们想生多少就生多少,没人会去做破坏少数民族感情的事。我上学的时候,同学家如果二个孩子的一定是少数民族,回族,朝鲜族,满族,但都是二个孩子没有三个的,政府不让生第三个,我是哈尔滨人,我们那计划生育搞的比较好。基本上没有超生的,超生的一般也是外地来的,本地人基本没有。一个孩子养着都累,养两个孩子那得疯。别抱怨汉族地位低了,这都是没办法的事,我们要团结56民族兄弟们,我们是一家人。如果你有怨气的话,可以试着给回子喂猪肉,给满族人喂狗肉,不吃就往死里打。让棒子唱托拉机,一次唱两小时不唱就打,那你心情就会好一点了。在东北别惹蒙古族,他们会抽刀砍人,他们腰上都挂着免死金牌~~从来没听说过蒙古人犯法会枪毙,但是幸好蒙古人从来不主动惹事。

  5. 动不动就给人按上卖国贼的帽子,中国个人的权利快被糟蹋成粪了,为了所谓政府和党的名声,难道一个国民就应该接受残酷的引产还不能啃声?人民,人民就是某些人眼中的蟑螂和蚂蚁,可以任杀任欺,为了所谓的狗JB面子,可以践踏人的基本权利?那些说‘卖国贼’的人,你们赢得了在猪圈生活的权利,以后胖了被宰天经地义,可悲的猪。

    • 别生了,现在人口都过剩了,在生下去就像三哥看齐了。现在为了就业问题,很多血汗工厂都不能取消,落后的产能也不能取替,因为这些地方才能消化多余的劳动力。要是人少点农村早就可以进行农场式管理了,现在中国农业落后也是为了照顾农村人口,要不很多地方都可以进行机械化生产,根本用不了那么多的农民。美国一共才几百万农民,中国现在还有七亿农民,所以中国除了东北少数地区农场全机械化生产外,还都是小农经济。如果农村人口只有一亿早就用机械化生产取代小农种植了。幸好中国农民不管多少都有一点自己的土地,这才没造成像印度那样的贫民窑,农民不管赚多赚少,反正不会饿死,能吃饱穿暖也算对付活着了。现在城市化进程主要是为了解放农村劳动力,让农民生活更好些。你要是放开了生,原来三十年的努力全白费了。

        • 生太多不好是一回事,强制引产是另一回事,打出卖国贼这种愚蠢的条幅又是一回事。生太多不好是关系国计民生,强制引产是法律道德执法手段,打条幅是人文素质流氓行为

  6. 双独生子女 意味着 2个人要照顾4个老人。 原来一对老人多的 7到8个家庭照顾。少的也有3到4个家庭。就这样还不一定照顾的好。
    所以未来 中国人口不但会老龄化 而且会不可能逆转的低素质化,和脱汉族化。
    老龄化 导致社会生产能力大幅度下降
    低素质化 导致产能无法创新
    脱汉族话 导致国家凝聚力下降

  7. 陕西镇坪?不就是那个出周老虎的地儿吗?这周老虎才放出来几天啊,又出这样的事情。看来此地妖风肆虐啊!

    • 是七个月的婴儿啊,真不想要谁等到7月才不要啊。没听过七活八不活吗,七个月的已经是可以活下去的孩子。对于女性而言这是一场生产了,没有女性会把不想要的孩子孕育到7个月的。不要老被后期言论牵着走。现在的媒体永远要弄到受害者也是坏人才满意。

  8. 我不同情这个妇女。超生的后果是什么,她早就知道了,但她就是想比别人特殊。还有,如果不是知道怀的是个女孩子,她是不会自己签字同意流产的