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原文标题:Toxic milk whistleblower thrashed to death in China



BEIJING: The man who exposed the illegal deeds of the Chinese dairy industry, resulting in a countrywide scandal in 2008, and the subsequent exposure of other incidents of milk contamination was beaten to death. The milk contamination had caused sickness to an estimated 300,000 people and resulted in the death of six infants in 2008.

Jiang Weisuo, the whistleblower (44), died on November 14 but the official media released information about his death only now. He was attacked by unidentified suspects on November 2 and succumbed to injuries 12 days later, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.



The attack took place on his way back after attending a meeting at a dairy company in Xi’an city of Shaanxi province, where he worked as general manager.

Police have detained a suspect, but the motive of the attack remains unclear, according to the report. There is a suspicion that powerful people may be involved in organizing the attack because it is unusual for the police to take such a long time to hunt down suspects in a local area.

Jiang began exposing milk contamination way back in 2006 by writing to the local government in Shaanxi. He became well-known in China after the scandal concerning the use of the melamine, a chemical used in the plastic industry, which helped dairies push up the fat content in milk artificially. The melamine contamination caused sickness to thousands of people, who developed kidney complications.





mangomansingh (bananaland)
Going by this news, I think Kejriwal needs to wear vests and helmet next time he goes to any corrupt CONgress leader’s constituency.
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【三泰虎注:凯吉利瓦尔(Arvind Kejriwal)是印度反腐斗士】

Kyon (India)
this is the cost we pay for exposing the truth !! tsch tsch …i happy that kejriwal is still able to move about freely …
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Johnson (Singapore)
He must have been killed and bumped off by the chinese security apparatus for exposing the dirty deeds in China. They never tolerate dissent or bad publicity. Its shameful and disgraceful that such a thing could happen to someone who saved the chinese people from all this bad practices and corruption


catindia (Hindustan)
Greed of money is every where including India too!!! There is no proper machinery or law to control it!. We also need some actions!! May be some whistle blowers. Greedy farmers and milk man add many additives in milk to get more fat. They even inject some hormones on daily basis to cows (so called Holy Mothers huh!) which are very dangers to health of infants.


Dipta Das (World)
I never expected China to become such a dangerous place.
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KK (Hyderabad)
Didnt know that CHINA too is a corrupt and weak state in terms of social security. I personally looked high on CHINESE Govt for building a strong and financially wealthy nation. I wont be surprised to see China crippled down with corruption and mafia in the near future.
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catindia (Hindustan) replies to KK
it happens largely in India too so don’t be surprise with china’s news! we are being pumped in toxic foods, artificial flavors, beverages including milk on daily basis.


Akhill K Singgh (Jazan, Jizan, Saudi Arab)
Any Chinese who raise the finger against inferior products will have the same fate


dv1173 (New Delhi)
Soon CHINA…. technology will be copied in India…. after all we found people making milk with Urea & synthetic materials here….
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Ashish Reloaded (pune)
Chinese Media is strictly censored by government to see that names of powerful people dont come up.Same is with innocent Tibetans who set them ablaze protesting against government but Chinese media didnt give a hint of whats happening in china!


Carrion Eater (MAH)
China is growing ecomically just like Gujarat. Similarly, Gujrat Government also believes “A good RTI Activist is a – Dead One”
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Deepak (Bangalore)
Now these people who thrashed the whistleblower to death are caught, will definitely hang on the gallows very soon!. But in India they will join politics, win elections and finally sit in…….!!!!. What a contrast sirji!
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raj.dada (Calcutta)
China is a huge rotten monolith waiting to crumble…all it needs is a kick at its door.
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Dinesh Prabhakar (delhi)
contaminated milk powder from China is finding way to other countries of world too, like any other counterfeit and spurious Chinese product!


Pallavi (Port Louis)
So much so for the openess of the communist China
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John (chennai)
And they say Communistic China is far better than the rest of the world… Its kinda dictatorship, if am not wrong…. Such a sad state… surprised, such news even come out of the nation…
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Mike (UAE)
China is a country like India of a billion plus population, however, unlike India, ruled and abused by a few, in India, its reverse, we are ruled and abused by many.
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unknown Indian (India) replies to Mike
It is really sad to see China go the India way.. We look upon China as an example, where, even authoritarian govts care for their people and give them more rights than a “democratic” India..


Victor Martel (KALAPET)
Is China going the India way? Crime, lawlessness, politicians doubling as criminals, rule of law violations, human rights abused. I am extremely disappointed to read this.
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Dipta Das (World) replies to Victor Martel
Thanks Sir, you have woke up finally.
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badegg (US)
The suspect is his own wife. Who knows what happened. Indian media should tell the whole story
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Dipta Das (World) replies to badegg
It seems like this, “Kill a man and put the blame of the killing on his wife.”


devadhodhan (Sa)
May his soul rest in peace. is this the fate of anyone who dares to speak the truth.


Kaushik Duttgupta (Sohar, Oman)
Wish more such brave and honest guys existed. Wish someone could expose chinese reverse engineering and their sinister plans to ruin world economy.


Mafia style silencing of dissidents has at long last reached China.


Sushil (Lucknow)
Toxic milk causing sickness to more than 300000 lakh people .I thought the news is about our country & by mistake the name of China have been printed?