《印度时报》报道,有印度“空中之王”之称的印度捷特航空公司主席纳里什·戈亚尔(Naresh Goyal)6月11日称,由于负税过高,印度国内的机票价格比中国高出300%。如果不改变这种高负税的情况,印度航空业将无法发展。不过他还表示,中国航空业的发展对印度借鉴意义不大,因为这两个市场无论是在民众的旅行方式、购买力还是航空公司的运作模式上都完全不同。

原文标题:Taxes make Indian airfares 200-300 per cent higher than China: Jet Airways chief Naresh Goyal

印度捷特航空公司飞机(Indian Jet Airlines)

BEIJING: Air fares in India were about 300 per cent higher than those in China and some other countries because of high tax rates, Jet Airways chief Naresh Goyal said on Monday, asserting that the aviation industry could not grow with such taxation.

"The Indian (aviation) industry can't grow with the taxes. In fact, India is the only country in the world to impose a service tax on their airlines. Do you know that the fares of Chinese airlines are a third of the Indian carriers? Why is it so? Because there are no taxes here. In fact, the Indian fares are higher by 200-300 pc if compared with the world's other carriers, leave alone Chinese," Goyal told media here.

印度捷特航空公司主席纳里什·戈亚尔(Naresh Goyal)6月11日称,由于负税过高,印度国内的机票价格比中国和一些其他国家高出300%。如果不改变这种高负税的情况,印度航空业将无法发展。


Comparing Chinese airlines with their Indian counterparts, he said Chinese airlines were are all state-owned and "have solid government backing, not from now but for a very long time. The Chinese government doesn't tax their own carriers and there is a lot of state support to them".

Elaborating on Jet's expansion plans, Goyal said "we want to go to a few places in Europe and we are looking at those destinations which will make money like Paris, Munich and Frankfurt to name a few".

Regarding joining a global airline alliance, he said "we are in talks both with Star Alliance and Sky Team. Let us see what materialises. That is all I can tell you at this point of time".




Jet Airways was in an advanced stage of joining the Star Alliance earlier, along with Air India whose induction into the global airlines grouping was put off due to its precarious financial health.

Asked about recent reports that his airline was intending to buy 100 Airbus aircraft, Goyal ruled it out saying "we are only planning to induct four more A330-300 aircraft by early part of the next financial year".

To a question on government recently allowing Indian airlines to directly import jet fuel, he said "ATF import is of no use and we are not considering it. When you don't have the infrastructure to do so, it cannot be an option".




Kingfisher, SpiceJet and Air India have taken steps to go for direct import of aviation turbine fuel.

Though he has not favoured government allowing foreign airlines to pick up stake in domestic carriers, Goyal said he would welcome any such policy initiative by the government.

On the tremendous growth witnessed in the Chinese aviation market and lessons for India, the Jet Airways chief said "no, you can't compare the Indian market with the Chinese one. The two markets are different in the sense of the kind of travel that takes place in China, the purchasing power of the people and the kind of carriers that exist here. All are different from the ones in our own country".





arbind (Delhi)
This was bound to happen when three so called top economist are sitting at top positions in the govt.
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RAMESH (bangalore) replies to arbind 2 days ago
Do you mean Mr. Manmohan? This guy is playing some below average school boy economics.
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arundharmarajan (India)
Govt is taking massive taxes in everything, still the country is in debts. Wonder how big the pockets of each politician is...
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Aroop (Kolkata) 2 days ago
The government treats airline travel as a luxury. Till the day when it starts considering air travel as a basic necessity, fares cannot fall. Secondly, it is also important to have adequate infrastructure to manage the huge traffic.
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nagarajan31 (coimbatore)
what is cheaper in India? everything in India is costlier due to exorbitant taxes. for every litre of petrol we are paying around 30 rupees as taxes.
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Tax free Air Travel will be the demand of the common man. To add to the demand of Tax free petrol. Government is now trying to make these tax free and tax Indian people for the food they eat, house they live and clothes they wear, air they breathe, water they drink. Fantastic. When will the final ball be bowled? Nerve wrecking, heart breaking moments....
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ajit (kerala) 2 days ago
tax us to hell. this is the upa's motto. just think of those nations like hong kong and china where taxes are low and growth is high. i for one am sure not going to vote for the upa to power ever again.
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Kuldeep K (Singapore) 2 days ago
This government of India "sucks"
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Poor IT Engineer (Bangalore) 2 days ago
Better stay out of India & become a NRI. The Indian Bureaucracy will lick your feet when you send the dollars. The builders will be happy chasing you buying their premium luxury flats. The automakers will approach you to buy one of BMWs or Mercedes. The Indian companies will like to hire experienced global personalities which can give them exposure. Even today the customs officer is happy to bargain to get a 20$ Dollar note instead of 2000 INR. That's the state of India and Indian currency.
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chandra (bangalore) 2 days ago
That is not true. It is a lie. Even though the fares are low compared to Emirates and british airways, the service is poor. Everyone is scared of the security, aircraft airworthiness. People are scared to go via Mumbai and Delhi, because of the delays and transit problems. It is the airlines greediness that is the problem. It is the airlines unprofessional and insensitive attitude that is the problem. Is the jetairways next to King fisher in closing the shop?
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paul_ani (kolkata)
Tax system is still complex in India....
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Tax collected by Govt. are not being chanalized for right economic growth, Had they done it so, the face of India would have been far better. Therefore, let the private firms be taxed less, so they generate more wealth thereby strengthening the Indian Economy
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sanand_1 (Bangalore)
Mr Goyal, unfortunately, no one in the govt will listen to you. To make money, they will only INCREASE tax on everything. Bloody suckers...
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np (London)
Well they must have to keep the tax rate to do corruption. If they don't tax than from where the money would come for them?
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Mani (Chennai---TAMIL NADU) 2 days ago
Why just air fares? Everything is cheaper in China than in India. Perhaps the only thing cheaper in India than in any country in of the world is human life. The life of an 'aam admi' mind you! Not that of our hallowed hollow third rate politicians and the bureaucrats! Am I wrong?
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J (India)
why not legalise corruption. and start taxing corrupted people for it. atleast that way some of that money will within the country.
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rabi deb (Shanghai) 2 days ago
Someone said : corruption tax. Funny
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kvakutty (palghat)
Raising taxes is the easy route for governments.But where do the taxes vanish
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N.Shekar (Bangalore) 2 days ago
What else can we expect when Air India/Indian airlines suspends operations for 10 days so that the VVIP's can fly free of cost. The cost of the VVIP's travel is added to airfares so that the common man has pay up for that also.
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sanjay (new delhi) 2 days ago
IF Chinese bosses don't tax their airlines and STILL lead royal lives why do Indian netas need the common man's blood money in taxes to grease their you know what?!
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Soumyendu Ganguly (Gwahati , Assam , India .)
This is true not only in the case in subject , this criticism can be extended to all the other items too without any possible exception .
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Oh my God ! It's a news to me and I had never checked it up !!!! Kudos to Indian Aviation Sector !!! Just imagine if private sector would not have been there e.g.Jet, Indigo, Spice or even for that matter Kingfisher, we would have been living in train-era only !!!!
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Desi Indian (India)
Reminds me of my CA friend.....who claimes that 54%of your money spent actually goes in TAXES..!! sounds crazy but true...
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rk (jaipur) 2 days ago
govt wants to remove all eggs in a day,instead of taking out one by one,airfare no exception
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Vishal (indore) 2 days ago
Now this is india......welcome to india.... .
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sam (UP) 2 days ago
The bad thing with this government is that it doesnt let middle class to rise. Be it petrol prices or vegetables prices. The UPA government sucks!!
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by Ajai Jacob on Jun 11, 2012 01:23 PM | Hide replies

What are the airfares in Pakistan? Indian govt. usually looks at Pak for comparison.Comparison with China is ridiculous.China
is a far developed country.


Re: Pak
by aman on Jun 11, 2012 02:44 PM
china is developed only for few cream class ppl ... for rest thier life death has no value for anybody..............


Re: Re: Pak
by Ajai Jacob on Jun 11, 2012 03:44 PM
Aman,what you say is the propaganda of vested,western interests.Anybody can see for themselves by going to China or talking to the chinese who come here.


Re: Re: Pak
by om shanti on Jun 11, 2012 08:40 PM
Frankly speaking,you are ignorant,and thats not your fault..


by Ajai Jacob on Jun 11, 2012 01:02 PM | Hide replies

But in China there is no freedom to shout,rave and rant. In China,corrupt people are hanged.In China,not only airfares,but all public necessities are subsidised and cheap.How can we allow all of this in India?Definitely not.

Indians like to eat,breathe and drink freedom.Starvation, hypocrisy, poverty, etc.are better than losing one's freedom.Let all of us Indians rot in our eternal freedom to do whatever we like.



Trains will not run
by TT GROUP on Jun 11, 2012 12:44 PM

If taxes are low then govt fears that trains may go empty.


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Where the tax payers money goes....
by Suraj Kumar on Jun 11, 2012 12:43 PM

To renovate toilets of government buildings...


is it true?
by Ahi Sen on Jun 11, 2012 12:42 PM | Hide replies

If the information is correct then we should learn from China how they manage it.


Re: is it true?
by om shanti on Jun 11, 2012 12:56 PM

They run airlines company professionally and without any tax.


No comparision with China
by Tuchcha Aadmi on Jun 11, 2012 12:18 PM | Hide replies

what a joke!!
Say a word against Chinese Govt in China and you'll be killed by State. In India you can criticize govt endlessly but State will not kill you. Corruption in China is much greater than India. Poor in China suffer horrible life and people in high Govt positions enjoy. We say lot of things about life and crime in Bihar and UP. But entire China is like Bihar or UP.



Re: No comparision with China
by Ashok Mishra on Jun 11, 2012 12:22 PM
China is much much better than India in infrastructure, development in all field, in space technology, in economics but less than in corruption.


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