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In my last blog I took you to Taizhou from Gaogang. Now let me take you on a tour around the town. Organizers of the Travelogue want a minimum of 750 words of text to accompany the blog and they won’t agree with my argument that each picture that I post here is worth a million words and moreover the decision for choosing the best blog will be thrown open to the readers by Team Sulekha and people peer groups will take over, so I don’t stand to win the prize anyway. 🙂


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Taizhou that I am writing about is in JiangSu province. VSG brought my attention to this in his comments to my previous blog. There is atleast one more Taizhou in China. The name Taizhou may be as common as “Rampur” is in India. I would like to know the meaning of this word from my Chinese friends who read my blogs and whose number is rapidly increasing. I am yet to reply to their comments on my previous blog on Taizhou.


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From the number of two wheelers parked, you can guess that like India most of the people in China have low income


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I know little about the diversity of Taizhou captured in the images at the above site. I have no knowledge of Chinese and get little time to go around. With such handicaps you can hardly expect me to tell you much about the place


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I just capture the images that speak of vivacity of the people, their moods. I capture the liveliness of the places I visit. The expressions on the faces of the people and the facets of the buildings speak for themselves. Each tree, street, plant here says something…yes it does, try to listen, if you haven’t ever.




I am not interested in history. Though history is great but well that should not be all that the people of a country have to speak about.

We live in the present and our present should speak about us. Our eyes should sparkle with dreams of tomorrow and not be dull and listless because of sleeplessness over lost opportunities, over the times lost, over ifs and buts.

I know that I am living in a rich and a prosperous province and possibly deep interior of China is still poor but I see the shape of the things to come.




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Excellent roads, planned gardens, pruned hedges, surplus power, twenty four hours water supply, planned townships and no-nonsense local governments that delivers.

Above all I see happy people, inspired and dedicated. I see the people who love their country and are proud of her.

And why shouldn’t they be.Today, they belong to the fastest growing nation. Their cash rich government is investing heavily in the country and abroad. There GDP index is ever rising. The prosperity is trickling down to every nook and corner of the society.




It seems all the more remarkable when we consider that all this has been achieved in a short span of twenty years.

We can argue that we have more rights in India. Democracy gives us much more freedom of expression. Yes, it does though every now and then we see a fellow citizen put in jail for taking a picture of a minister or for writing about or questioning about the assets of others and their kins or for writing against bringing a city to a halt mourning of a leader’s death.

It also gives us right to spit and pee anywhere we like to. It also gives us rights to murder and gang rape. It also gives many a quick ride to riches all the while donning ministerial garb and maintaining a humble demeanor with hands joined eternally in thanks giving gesture.




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I remember once one Greek Chief Engineer who worked with me as my man Friday in Piraeus told me that India probably is the freest country in the world. He was saying it because of his personal experience which he related to me. He said once he got off the ship without documents because of a dispute with the captain, He then stayed in India for two months and flew out of India with fake documents.

Some of you might have read Shantaram by “Gregory David Philips” who was a criminal and a fugitive. He stayed in India for twenty years and worked for a Mafia don in Mumbai.


也许你们中有人读过了Shantaram 的故事,他是一名逃犯,在印度呆了20年,在孟买为一名黑手党卖命。

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      • 美国自己的城市玩破产,银行玩倒闭。。。还跳过联合国打叙利亚,看看阿富汗,伊拉克,利比亚。。。自己意淫总比出去惹事害人强。。。我们也就比美国靠谱一点点而已。。。如果你不是在繁荣安定的中国而是在利比亚,你肯定不会这么说。。。 :mrgreen:

  1. 这个水手大叔,我最讨厌了。每天吹捧中国。真希望他说:中国太烂了,到处都是shit.让阿三们永远活在民主的梦里。战略忽悠局应该派杀手做掉这个水手大叔。

      • 肿么办 我听说印度的航母已经快了 世界还有谁能阻止他们 虽然我已经被迫做了三个通宵的苦力 我不停的搬石头 后面是警察 一旦我们谁有不规矩的举动或者反动言论他们就会把我投进监狱,我更担心我7年前曾经偷偷在朋友面前抱怨过政府和领导人,万一谁告密了我连这份可怜的工作都没有了。那么我家里五六个孩子还有许多其他人也会因此挨饿的,我也会被投入监狱做更辛苦而且没有报酬的工作,最糟糕的是我可能会被判死刑,天啊,千万不要告密啊 !不过我更担心炸弹落到我家房子上, 到时候美国人不会帮中国 日本也不会 也许俄罗斯会!我可以指望他们吗 但是就凭俄罗斯可能无法抵抗印度这样的大国 肿么办啊!谁来救救我们 :mrgreen:

  2. 我对历史不感兴趣。虽然历史很棒,但它不应该是一国人民该拿出来吹嘘的。



  3. 都是些城市没有什么好看的,除楼就是楼,还是去看看我们少数民族吧,那才是中国特色,与众不同,

    • 😳 有句歌词说“感谢大哥一巴掌”。但从社会现实说,几乎没有人是被打醒的,至少很难被骂醒。伤人自尊的话,只是在伤人自尊,而已。触龙说赵太后,因为尊重对方的感受。狂士以切切,不若夫子以谆谆,是之谓也。

    • 是啊。

  4. 这老头是不是有自虐妄想症,说在中国,警方知道他的一举一动。以前还说或许中国警方截获了他的邮件,警方闲的蛋疼花大力气去监视你?

    • Naveet是有点拿自己当盘菜,自以为是重要人物而被中国警方监视。大街上的摄像头是用来追缉逃犯的,没做过亏心事的人何必在意?

      • 印度人因在1962年中印边境战争中惨败而仇视中国,却对殖民掠夺印度逾三百年而致其穷困的英国毫不介意,甚至有点感恩戴德。印度人的逻辑能力让人跌破眼镜!

  5. 种族性留言比比皆是



    和平崛起 任重而道远

  6. 三锅最大的骄傲就是自由,尤其是自由地随地大小便….我多想飞到三锅的空中随时播撒几颗“地雷”洒下一片“甘露”呀…