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My blogs are being regularly translated in Chinese and posted on the Chinese blog sites. Because of this I am getting quite some exposure and fan following. This opens before me an exciting range of possibilities and I look forward to visiting a lot many places to meet my fans and make new friends. It has an immense scope of giving me a chance to do what I love to do, which is to explore new places, meet the people and write about them, their costumes and traditions, their culture and heritage.


Life has given me a lot of opportunity to go around the world and I have been a curious student of human nature all my life. As a sailor I have circled the globe and crossed all lines of geographical grid. I have jumped dates and seen seasons changing on the same day. I have lived days shorter and longer than twenty four hours. I have seen snows in June- July and January-February too. I have shaken hands with people of and walked on the lands of all the continents. I didn’t know that when I would stop sailing, I would get a chance to see China, a beauty hitherto unknown to most of the people outside China. I didn’t know that I will get to meet the beautiful people of China and befriend them. I am indeed thankful to God for giving me this chance and I want to spread his message of love where ever I go. I draw inspiration from Hindu scriptures and try to follow its tenets. I am sure I will be successful in my ‘mission friendship’


A boy named Shen Yi has written to me from a place called Liupanshui.

So let’s tell you something about Liupanshui

Liupanshui (simplified Chinese: 六盘水; traditional Chinese: 六盤水; pinyin: Liùpánshuǐ) is a city in western Guizhou province, People's Republic of China. The name Liupanshui combines the first character from the names of each of the city's three constituent counties: Liuzhi, Pan, Shuicheng. As a prefecture-level city with an area of 9,926 km2 (3,832 sq mi), Liupanshui had a total population of over 2,830,000 in 2006, making it the second largest in the province, though only 251,900 inhabitants were urban residents. The city is known locally as "The Cool City" or "Cool Capital" due to its low average summer temperature.

Source of the above Paragraph is


Please click on the link to see the location of the town on the map.

一位叫沈毅(Shen Yi)的男孩从一个叫六盘水的地方给我写信。


六盘水是贵州西部的一座城市,市名来自六枝、盘县、水城三个下辖县的头一个字组成。 行政区面积9926平方公里,人口超过283万(2006年),人口排贵州各市第二,不过城市居民仅有25.19万人。由于夏天平均气温较低,六盘水被称为中国凉都。

He says:-

Dear Navneet hello:

I am a Chinese Liupanshui, Shen Yi. My house is located in inland China, I love my hometown. I want to use these pictures to introduce my hometown.

He has sent some beautiful pictures of his home town. I am happy to share those with you.





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This is the city, I live here. I am familiar with her ​​every corner, I've lived here, study here. Soon, I'm going to another city to do college.


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Travel and noisy Food Street. Do you see a graph Uighurs, he is our fellow citizens. In fact, most of the Muslims are good just some of them in the name of religion, to hurt others; law would punish these people. ( indulge in bad activites- I think this is what he wants to say).

Yes I understand Shen Yi. We too have such problems in our country. Most of the people love to live peacefully.



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This is the countryside, in this city of wealth and poverty coexist. There are many poor people, of course, the government is helping them. To provide them with work, but this is can only scratch.

If you want to know more about the Chinese inland, and I can do your online guides.

Thanks a lot Shen Yi for your mail and your willingness to help me. Let's see how and when can I get to see more of China, if at all I get to see.

Tell us more about your country and your people. we would love to hear from.






译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/shenyi-writes-to-me-from-liupanshui.html

Suresh Rao


Great going. I am happy for you. You have lived in China for possibly 6 or 8 yrs (?) and through your lens captured some beautiful buildings, landscapes and smiling Chinese people. It is good to see you have a few fans now even from inland China.

Btw, these pictures from inland China are impressive too. Seems to me China is on a massive infrastructure upgrade with nice clean parks from key cities to inland cities.

Thanks for posting such pictures.




Thanks Sir,
This was one of my reasons for posting these pictures. I have been getting good feed back from many people and the progress is simply amazing.


shen yi

Sir, I read your blog, I was a boy. In September I go to college in another city. I will use my camera to introduce you to that city.



Sorry Yi for making mistake about your gender. I have already made the corrections in my post.




This is wonderful Navneet.
Such people make the soul of a country..
May your travels get you in touch with more wonderful people...




Prasad Ganti

Navneetji, you are becoming a cultural Ambassador of India ! Please keep it up !



Hahaha Thanks Prasad Ji- Let's see how far do I go.


Krishnan Bala

Dear Navneet,
Through this two way dialogue you have introduced a dimension that was hitherto not known to our county men. By developing a contact through people to people the chances of establishing a relationship might augur well for future India- China relations.It is needless to mention that your writing had beckoned them to your page and they have developed a trust in this new found comraderie !



Sailor uncle, I am happy for you. You have got a good opportunity and I hope you make best of it.



Thanks Ashu,
You are one of the most sincere of my friends,


you have become
a chinese specialist among
'our midst..
and you have very interesting
and good things to say about china.



Every time I read in the papers about the skirmishes with China and also as to how they keep provoking and needling us by intruding into our territory I cant help thinking how I wish India and China had friendly ties and it would have been so good for both of us. Imagine the immense strategic value a good understanding between us 2 countries can have in the global political scenario. Wishful thinking on my part? What are your views on this and will both our countries ever be good friends?
Your blogs on China make an excellent read, and I have put you on my bloggers follow list



Hello Thoughtful Reflections- And if you meet them in person or read the earnest wishes of those who leave comments on my posts, you will wonder after all who are the people who do not want peace. We do do not why these incident at the border happen and what is the solution to all this and who provokes? Peace indeed will be very beneficial to both of us. Anyway all that we can do is to spread the message of love and good will. I have been very successful in doing that so far and it seems to me that there are many ( on both sides of the border) who are joining me in my journey. Main akela hi chala tha janibe manzil magar...log sath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya.



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