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原文标题:Pakistan may buy new Sukhoi superjets

巴基斯坦可能购买苏霍伊超级100型支线客机(Sukhoi Superjet 100)



MOSCOW: Pakistan’s Air Indus airline has shown interest in buying eight Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplanes, the Russian manufacturer said on Wednesday.

“The client is interested in purchasing eight new SSJ-100 planes, and get three of them in 2013,” Sukhoi Civil Aircraft senior vice-president Igor Syrtsov said.

Russia will export 10 SSJ-100 airplanes in 2012. The planes will be delivered to Mexico, Indonesia, and Laos in the second half of the year. One plane has been exported this year to Armenia.

The Superjet 100 is a medium-haul passenger aircraft developed by Sukhoi in cooperation with US and European aviation corporations, including Boeing, Snecma, Thales, Messier Dowty, Liebherr Aerospace and Honeywell.

The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 100 passengers for up to 4,500 km.

Sukhoi has received over 200 firm orders for Superjet 100 airliners so far.


苏霍伊民用飞机副总裁Igor Syrtsov称:“客户有兴趣购买8架新的SSJ-100客机。2013年时将接收其中三架。”






dileep kumar
Good pakistan…..soon ur ppl start eating bullets and gun power….and you will become invincible….Keep going bro


Not trust worthy now the Russian made planes. Off late they are having a very bad track record due to several mishaps.


sp (australia) replies to pdasnrb
You are correct. The plane we are talking about crashed today in Indonesia.


KK (India)
It is nice to hear that Pakistan is buying state of the art passenger aircraft. Good for them and the Pakistan International Airlines. It is an encouraging news to see the neighbour’s prosperity. I think prosperity has inherent ability to stabilize India Pakistan relations. Excellent.


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Mumtaz (Texas) replies to KK
We two have hated eachother for so long and still continuing that trend. I know the people of two nations are very smart and intelligent. I have seen both the nations growing in the US and our children are doing so good here in education as well. They are doing excellent in all disciplines. It all shows that if both the countries are given fair opportunities they can become top nations in the world. India is already proving that. Let us join together stop hating each other and prosper together. By hating each other we are destroying ourselves.


KK replies to Mumtaz
Very well said Mumtaz. I agree with you. There is lot of wisdom in what you say. Best wishes.


True people of India and Pakistan are smart and intelligent but the ways that intelligence and smartness is used entirely different.Pakistan uses for dishonest,deceptive and detrimental ways while India for constructive, honest and progressive ways. Indians do criticize and condemn Pakista for the same reason while Pakistanis hate India out of jealousy and radical motivations.Sorry if I have offended in any point and when I say Pakistanis,it refers mainly to politicians/leaders/lawmakers and fanatics.


Naveed (Sydney)
these the same as the Sukhoi Superjet 100 airplane that flew into the side of a volcano in Indonesia today? Hope the Pakistani version has better avionics and/or pilots.


anil sharma
instead of wasting money on arms & amunition govt of india & pakistan should spend on its poor people


Imran (Quetta)
Come on people- these are not army jets. And I wonder, is this news even worthy of being a headline in Indian newspaper. Defo there are several other local stories to cover.


ramesh kumar
Because it shows desperation of Pakistan for friend as even they tend to buy the flight test failed planes from RUSSIA..!!


get yourself used to TOI standards 😛


Shyam (NJ)
Good to hear such progressive news. Buy more such assets, improve your economy, flourish and be happy. Please don’t buy Fighter Jets as they will only burn the fuel burning fuel.


Kitkat (Kolkata) replies to Shyam
It could be because it is a bit cheaper than Boeing or Airbus. Only one accident cannot define an aircraft. Russia have produced many good aircraft earlier (Mig, Sukhoi etc.), though all millitary. So we have to wait and see…!


Then Paki’s will handover these planes to bloody terrorists to carryout another 9/11 like attack.


iyer ramchandran
American will never get out of 9/11. Thats a scared country which has not seen war in their land. People have not suffered inside their geographical area. Long long ago they had a civil war. That is a kid stuff what a mordern war can unleash. Sober head and sober mind should rule that country. Dont fiddle in Iran. Iran is not Iraq, Kuwait, or S.Vietnam.


Dr. V.K. Goenka (Jaipur)
The only thing the Russians have to be careful that this technology does not find its way to China from the Pakistanis. Though this is not lethal technology Chinese have still not been able to produce a reliable jet engine.


RH (Canada)
Where the hell will they get the money from, to buy these jets? By mortgaging portions of their ‘soverign’ lands to USA or to Arabs? or by trading in their females (especially Hindu females) to Arabs or in Europe


Paki (Karachi) replies to RH
Money is not a problem for us yar…. We are number one in the world in printing fake currency.

Poonam (Mumbai)
Then what should i do? Russian planes are like flying coffins.. you know, how polish govt abolished in a creash near moscow, and latest yesterday’s plane crash in Russia.. let then buy it and they should let all Talibans and Terrorists to travel in it…


Yogesh Soni
Good decision by them. One of such plane already crashed on demo flight. And they have decided to buy it.


Pakistan is playing the diplomatic card to mend its relations with Russia


Indian (India)
These planes will crash, as happened to latest Indonesian demo .. 45 people died all total


kumar (earth)
pak will convert these planes to re-fueling planes for their air force.


nice choice pakistan..you might be eying to buy Sukhoi MKI fighters with this deal..but thats not going to happen and also with yesterday’s bad accident in Indonesia, proves its very suitable for pakistan.


Hacker (secret) replies to pandeyshirish
what a inhuman person he is, anybody sitting in plane is human being, what if you sit in plane and get killed, how your family will feel, those killed in indonaisa were also people like you and me


I am not inhuman, if you read my comment properly ‘yesterday’s bad accident in Indonesia’. That means I am not at all amused with that accident as it was really ‘bad’. But if pakistan is buying..then i am amused, coz some Kasab’s and human bomb will die before blasting in India.

Why do u create confusing news headlines? I thought Pakistan is going to buy Sukhoi fighters


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

R S Rahul Nair
Reliability of these planes are yet to be proved… yesterdays crash is proof…


Ariel (India) replies to R S Rahul Nair
Yesterday’s crash was collision with mountain. Pilots asked to descend to 6000 ft in a 7200 ft terrain. Most likely pilot error. If someone crashes a Ferrari due to reckless driving does that mean it is not reliable?

Ani (India)
Why they are going for such unreliable jets for passenger transport? It crashed in it’s maiden flight in Indonesia (like the Titanic). Seems like they don’t care for their own people’s safety.


Bhagwa chashma
This is the same plane that crashed yesterday right??? I hope the russians put up a kill switch which would shut down the engines mid-air :-)..


prashanth (Chennai) replies to Bhagwa chashma
No separate switch required. It’s a built in feature 🙂


Bharat (USA)
MIG 21 Flying Coffins. Killed many Indian Air Force Pilots. Pakis should buy the Civilian versions of the Flying Coffins from Russia: The Sukhoi Super Killer Jets100. Make sure put all ISI agents and Terrorists in them


Arjun (India)
Look’s like the Paki’s are eyeing on the Sukhoi-fighters…


Girish (USA)

But, USA just declined to give further donation. I guess they have to sell out some more terrorists for this deal !!!


PD (Delhi)
Whats wrong with TOI online articles? There is no mention of the Super Sukhoi crash in this article!!


Sunil (New Delhi)
Well Russia is sending the a medium range missile that looks like a passenger airliner! Please do not allow them to fly in cities with high rise towers, we don’t want 9/11’s … Opps sorry pakis only have buildings that are close to the ground anything taller get’s bombed by back pack bombers!