Kee in view the massive military modernization of the Chinese military, will they be a global military superpower around 2027?




Peter Kaye


Is China's military modernized?

ABSOLUTELY, they are probably the most modern military on the planet, why I say that, is because they only had the money to build their military properly in the last 20 years, and they have invested a lot of money, scientists and engineers into develo their modern weapons, like the hypersonic missiles, as a case in point, yes for sure all the world’s military will have other secret weapons that we don’t know about, so who has the best NO ONE KNOWS it’s all speculation, but as far as the question goes “ is Chinas military modernised? “ CERTAINLY YES,


当然了,他们可能已经是地球上最现代的军事势力了,我为什么这么说呢?因为他们最近20年里才有经济实力打造自己的军事实力,他们已经投入了很多资金、科学家和工程师来开发自己的现代武器,比如高超音速导弹。没错,世界上所有军队都有外人不得而知的秘密武器,谁拥有最好的武器呢?无从得知,大家都只能猜测,但对于你的问题“中国军队实现现代化了吗?” 答案是当然肯定的。




Paul Mitchell


How much longer do you think it will take the Chinese military to become stronger than the United States' military?

My guess is that it probably is far more advanced and organised than the US believes, and vice versa.

If you asked before COVID as to which country would handle an outbreak better, most people would say the USA because it has all the high tech equipment and the ‘best healthcare in the world’, but when it came down to it, social cohesion and organization from China beat the USA hands down.

A US soldier writing somewhere here on Quora said that he found the US army generally disorganized and that during his time in it, never expected to get the right kit. This sort of fits with what we saw and still see with COVID.








John Tan

If one bothers to look at Chinese history, China has been the world’s biggest economy 5 times in the last 2500 years. And in those 5 times, they have never bothered to be a global military power, but instead just focused on the development of their people & country. Which is why, unlike the West, they have never gone out to conquer, enslave, subjugate, commit mass atrocities in order to steal & Plunder.


An interesting quote by Noam Chomsky

"The threat of China is not military. The threat of China is they can't be intimidated. Europe you can intimidate. When US tried to get people to stop investing in Iran, European companies pulled out, China disregards it. You look at history and understand why - they have been around for 4,000 years, they have contempt for barbarians, they just don't give a damn."



The economic system of Barbarians need a constant stream of war, as well as pillage & plunder. China had not done this even during the Ming Dynaty when it had the world’s biggest Navy & largest ships that brought them to West Africa & some speculate, to North America. & neither did they meddle in the affairs of any countries along the way.

Check out China’s military expenditure, unlike the US, their military is built for home defense, unlike the US which is built for global domination.






Alex Shim

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) does not want the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to expand its military presence globally similar to that of the United States military. The PLA has the second largest military budget in world only behind the United States by one-third of the cost. The PRC has not waged a war for over 40+ years unlike the warmongering United States which have been engaged in endless wars. Since the 1996 3rd Taiwan Strait Crisis, the PLA has been modernizing its military. Being a global military superpower around 2027 is a measure only foreigners would set China to set for. Massive military modernization of the PLA is again to serve one purpose which is the use of military force to unify the Republic of China (Taiwan) if this option is decided.





Richard Kenneth Eng

Yes, absolutely. It ranks behind the USA.

China has been modernizing its military for decades spending boatloads of money. China’s military is very sophisticated.

China has the world’s largest army and navy, numerically. China has the world’s most powerful warship, the Type 055 destroyer. The forthcoming Type 095 nuclear attack submarine is the deadliest.

China is building its own fleet of supercarriers, the first of which is the Type 003 Fujian.

China has the world’s most advanced stealth fighter, the J-20. Compared to the USA’s F-35, it has longer range, higher ceiling, faster speed, and heavier payload.






China has operational hypersonic missiles which even the USA doesn’t have (yet).

China has a rapidly growing nuclear arsenal, currently pegged at 400 nuclear weapons. The Pentagon expects this number to grow to a thousand by 2030, and 1,500 by 2035.

China can deliver these nukes through ICBMs, SLBMs (the forthcoming Type 096 nuclear ballistic submarine is a game changer), and long-range bombers (such as the forthcoming H-20 stealth bomber).

It’s important to note that while the USA has a larger military, much of it is not well-maintained. Most of its weapons are many decades old and corroding.

So despite Western rankings, I personally believe China has the most powerful military on the planet.









Peter Top


Should China be considered the 2nd strongest military in the world?

Considered yes, but actual no. There is a big difference between on paper and in reality.

Nigeria is the most fearsom power on paper in Africa but it would most likely struggle against small battle hardened troops from, Chad, Uganda, Eritrea or Ethiopia.

Russia has a depth of experience the Chinese forces currently lack in direct contact or indirect contact (as the strong arm of diplomacy) with the states enemies and competitors.

While it is fashionable to diss the Russians, they have demonstrated their ability to deliver integrated destruction in Syria via multiple agencies and to change the course of European politics and defence planning in months with very little effort.






When was the last time a Chinese Helicopter team did a hot extraction 1500 km from China or launched an effective missile strike from a naval platform across two nations? Can Chinese pilots buzz destroyers in the South China Sea at close to Mack1 as Russian naval pilots have done in the Baltic in 2016. Russia has had its learnings in Afghanistan, Chechnya, South Ossetia, Moldova, Ukraine, Syria and with domestic terror, not the greatest theatres of combat but any stage is better than no stage at all.

Quality on paper is just that, the ability of your military and plan to survive first contact with the enemy is another.

中国最近一次派直升机队在1500公里以外的地方进行紧急撤离,或者在两国间的海上平台上发射导弹是什么时候的事了?中国飞行员能否像2016年俄罗斯海军飞行员在波罗的海所完成的那样,在南海紧贴驱逐舰飞行?俄罗斯从阿富汗、车臣、南奥塞梯、摩尔多瓦、乌克兰、叙利亚和国内恐 怖主义中吸取了教训,虽然这些都不是大战场,但总归是实战,总能累积经验。





Peter Francis


Is China the world's next superpower?

China is not Japan in 1940s

China is not Soviet Union in 1950s

The old definition of superpower doesn’t work. China want to be who they are though the history - The middle kingdom without the need of expansion

They are lazy superpower that just doesn’t want to be vulnerable to blockade like German in World War I. they can buy African resource by money, without the need of colonialism. They don’t care about Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel…

They would not be typical superpower. If you are not China neighbor, you doesn’t care about them like what you did with the Soviet or American










Nathan James


How powerful will China be as the biggest superpower?

I’m not sure China will ever be a superpower in the sense that you assume. China has no wish to police the world. Its military is mainly for national and regional defence.

So if you think China is going to have hundreds of military bases around the world, or a dozen supercarrier battle groups, no, that’s not gonna happen.

It is not in China’s DNA to become a global imperialist.








China - World Leader.

Frankly one will never get to know. You can only guess.

China unlike the US which boast and show off its achievements both to sell and warn others by announcing its new weapons. Not China. It keeps everything secret hence it can spring a thousand surprises in case anyone is full hardy enough to test them.

You can be certain that even the US knows that even now, if the US attack China, it will suffer such a big setback that it will lose every perceived self made military superiority, that the U.S. will never try. And China will give an eye for an eye. A missile in China for a missile the US mainland. I can guarantee that.

So don’t say I never warned you.





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